University of Akron PD shooting recorded on body cam

Discussion in 'Cop Talk' started by ronduke, Oct 26, 2013.

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  2. Patchman

    Patchman Florist

    Some random thoughts...

    It's always good that there is a positive conclusion to the investigation and the BG's motivation is uncovered (in this case it appears to be a suicide by cop, as related by family members).

    Otherwise, the regular GNG band members of the USS TitanticallyAntiLEO would be calling for the LEO's head and slandering.

    Also, I'm surprised so far we haven't heard the "It's only a BB gun" and "couldn't the Officer just shoot it out of his hand."

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  3. Good for the aunt to come fwd with the information she did.

    The officer did not (appear to) reload after emptying his weapon, understandable considering his tunnel vision and spiked physiological arousal. Understanding 'train how you fight, fight how you train' this is why at every range outing - with every lock of the slide I rip and ram a loaded mag, and with every holster draw I execute as quickly as possible.

    He might have been in trouble if the BG was still viable.

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  4. I just don't get the folks that want to commit suicide, but just don't have the courage to do it. That hesitation to me is the reason to live. So, instead, some unknowing individual now has the experience of having to do it for him and possibly the weight on his conscience.
  5. Am I missing something? I didn't see him go to slide lock.
  6. Looked like he fired around 15 rounds of the 16/18 in the weapon.
  7. Patchman

    Patchman Florist

    Do they still teach tactical reload? IDK.
  8. U get the video is unavailable. Must have been pulled.
  9. Still up for me.
  10. Patchman

    Patchman Florist

    I just played it again on post # 1.
  11. Seems like it would have been a good place for it, huh?
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  12. Works for me.

    Anyone else see the cross-fire issue at 3:05? Being picky, I know, and I've never shot anyone, so maybe I should keep my mouth shut. But if the driver had reached for the gun again, that could have ended badly.
  13. It's really important to train the way you fight. IMHO, too much emphasis is place on qualification and this emphasis could needlessly lead to preventable death and injury. If in qualification magazines are staged for the COF, its reinforced that the gun is reloaded only when it runs dry and not during a loll. Additionally, I don't know if the officer ever conducted a "safety circle" but it is wise to incorporate the "safety circle" into the routine as multiple bad guys could be present. Lastly, @ around 3:14 in the video, it appears that at least two of the "backup" officers are in the line of fire of the primary officers pistol, watch out for setting yourself or others up for a cross fire situation.
    All in all, the officer did a great job responding to the situation presented to him. I feel any errors made are indicative of systematic training issues.
  14. No, you're right - didn't run dry and lock so he must've had one left in the pipe. I counted 16 shots and figure he was out, that maybe he rode the lock (which I've done on my MP) and the slide dropped on empty mag.

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  15. collim1

    collim1 Shower Time!

    I practice them in the hopes that I would do it under stress. Once he back at the car and the threat seems down would be a good time to do one.

    He did a great job, he shot like he meant it.
  16. It works now for me. I agree with the other posters on the reload or lack of.
  17. When the subject said, "I hate to have to do all this", that seemed to be a clear indication of what might unfold next.
  18. txleapd

    txleapd Hook 'Em Up

    I know he was carrying a Glock, but we can't tell which model. If it was a G17, that's 17+1, so it would explain the slide not locking back.

    A reload would have been appropriate, but I'm not about to criticize a guy who just went through that.

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  19. He could have also had a +2 extension as well.
  20. lawman800

    lawman800 Juris Glocktor

    My first thought too, tactical reload after unloading all those rounds. I was talking about that last night as a matter of fact, that it is important to do a tactical reload during any lull if you have a gun fight to make sure you have a full mag ready to go in case you have to go again.

    Otherwise, my prayers to the officer, any OIS is a life changing event and especially more so if the suspect is dead.

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