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  1. The site was designed by a company here in Charleston, WV from the ground up - a lot of what we asked be incorporated in the website meant them writing and designing software specifically for us, which is why it took so stinkin' long to get it up and going. I've refrained from mentioning them by name as a gentleman, but the potential damage this is doing (and could further do) to our reputation as a secure site has been very sternly brought to their attention. I can, however, say with confidence that any breach in the security is not an inside job. Just some low-life hacker.

    Any specific information or suggestions you can give (from working in the field) would be greatly appreciated. I'll gladly pass it along to my "team"...

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  2. arushus

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    Thanks for taking this seriously kevin, and not just brushing it off as "better you than me".

    Your handling of this has only bettered your reputation as far as Im concerned. Youve proven, more than once, that you are more than willing to help with any issues whatsoever.

  3. SolidBrass

    SolidBrass Against Shiny

    I spoke with Kevin today. Good news is things are now fully secure. A good guy who spent quite a bit of time talking to me about what transpired.

    He is :steamed: and :embarassed: but is making a real effort to make things right by there customers. If your CC was compromised you should send him an email.

    Since I too am in the web industry. My conclusion is he has done a good job at addressing this issue. We talked about blocking IP address from foreign countries (where the hacking might have occurred) as he only ships within the US anyway.

    I only hope it doesn't hurt his business to badly. If I were a hacker, I don't think ammo companies would be my target, lest the hacker becomes a target on his own.
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  4. Dec.3 I was notified that my CC was being used as well. I had purchased some Underwood Ammo. This must be the common thread.
  5. Again, pleasure to talk with you.
    To let everyone know...after running several tests, spending an incredible amount of the past 2 days on the phone and scanning everything in site - my web team found how this snot-nosed dirt bag was getting in...from the Philippines, no less. Unfortunately for me (but fortunately for him) we don't have a name or address for this loser, but we found him. Jerk. We also were able to watch him try (in vain) to continue to access the site in the same way he'd gotten in previously and was defeated.

    Chalk one up for the good guys.
    After 3 days of panic and headache I finally have the answers I want and the security I was promised from day 1. Breathing a big sigh of relief.
  6. arushus

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    Good for you kevin! Glad to hear you guys figured it out!

    You coming forth and admitting there was a problem, and taking the necessary steps to correct it, both on your site and with the customer that were affected, speaks VOLUMES about the type of person you are, and the manner in which you operate you business!

    Even though I was targeted, I am coming away from this with a smile on my face, feeling very pleased and satisfied.

    Guys like that jerk-off deserve a special corner of hell...
  7. SolidBrass

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    Dang!! I forgot to ask him for a 200gr hardcast 10mm while I had him on the phone.

    ** Update: Google now deems the site safe.

    It's also https: for the whole site, the way all the big boys are moving.
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  8. Another update...
    Some of you may notice that when attempting to visit our site, your browser gives an error message. If you use "www" before just entering underwoodammo.com it will take you right in. Sorry for yet another inconvenience.
  9. Kevin,
    I've discovered yet another problem with your website. It says your out of MY favorite round...the 165 gr. JHP.:wow: First it was hackers, now it's pirates. Or maybe even worse?????:shocked:
  10. I just fixed that problem!
  11. Hopefully the third time is a charm. Placed an order on my brand new card. I'll know by tomorrow or Monday at the lastest if it was hacked. It'll be the only charge on there.
  12. arushus

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    Im thinkin that may not be possible after all the work kevin has put into this!

  13. I'm praying that all goes well. Kevin is an ammo maker, an excellent ammo maker. He bought a service from a web page developer to build a web site, make it operational, and maintain it. It is them that I don't completely trust.:shocked:

    I'm also fairly certain a line has been drawn in the sand. If problems don't go away...the web developer will.
  14. SolidBrass

    SolidBrass Against Shiny

    But Chrome is the #1 browser on the web in the US. I won't blame you for being careful and Chrome is not as privacy friendly as firefox or even IE.

    Just placed an order with my new CC. Needed some hot FMJ's. These should help "break in" the G20 with sadly to few round threw her. (She's not named yet, any thoughts?)

    No need to waste JHP for plinkin and range work. It's also probably a better bear defense round that any other 10mm Underwood offerings anyway until his 220gr hardcast comes out. (hope, hope)
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  15. Received my order, no problems with my credit card. A BIG THANK YOU to Kevin.

    PS...any news on my Werewolf ammo?
  16. If web developers are blaming security breaches on a browser they should be fired.

    Their system and data store is/was not secure. Perceived browser flaws are/were not the problem.
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  17. SolidBrass

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    I like to carry the G20 in the woods. Is your 180 FMJ 10mm your best offer for bear defense?

    ** And yes, I'm going to keep asking :)
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  18. Either the 180gr or the 200gr would be my recommendation.
    Currently, the 200gr is sold out, waiting for my bullets to come in. We have Hornady XTP 180gr JHPs that should be up on the website sometime in the next 24hrs if you'd be interested in that. Putting a LOT of hours in on the website here recently for some big changes and massive improvements. Thus my lack of posting in the last week or so. Stay tuned.
  19. arushus

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    Mr. Underwood,

    Just out of curiosity, is the 10mm your fastest growing cartridge in terms of sales and product expansion?
  20. Without question.
    We've got quite a few "best sellers"...but even there, 10mm remains #1.

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