Underwood's expanding their 10mm selection...

Discussion in 'The 10 Ring' started by post-apocalyptic, Nov 15, 2011.

  1. Glockz0r

    Glockz0r 10mm is best mm

    I am a decent shot with a G19 and G22 so I'm thinking the combo of 10mm recoil and larger frame is my issue. I am willing to drop the $$$ on full power 10mm to practice with because this is the reason I traded for a G20 in the first place. :supergrin:

    Aftermarket barrels are in the cards for the future but for I also have my eyes on a G29SF so I might hold off till I have my ducks in a row till I decide what barrels to get for which gun.

    A large majority have a line. :crying:

    But I am not into reloading so other then potential sell/trading value its not a big loss on my end.

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  2. Those won't reload worth a darn. That's the reason I bought a lone wolf barrel. You could see if Underwood would reload them for you, but I tried running some of mine that look like that through a RCBS rockchucker single stage and it just crushes them.

  3. TYVM for sharing, and with great pics!

    Would have been great if you would have a chronograph for some velocity comparison to Underwood's claims, then again, since your shooting needs a little work maybe good you didn't just yet for the off chance you may have had to replace some chrono parts.:)

    To all you 10mm reloading specialists out there, what say you about the primers in the pics? Flattened? Not bad? I've got some DT nickle plated cases that have flattened primers in them but don't feel I've looked at enough to make judgement on the ones in the pic from Glockz0r. Thoughts?
  4. On the phone most of today with my web-designer/host of the network... I'm not a web developer and am not completely savvy with all of the terminology, but to the best of my understanding the problem is this...
    Our original website was not "secure" and had no real reason to be being that there was no shopping cart or any kind of information to post, upload, etc. Had any of you bookmarked the previous site (which was the same web address) and had it on your favorites to revisit? They are telling me that is one way in. That with the new site being secure the bookmark coding would allow the old links to come in through the security. Also, that it has already been updated and resolved so that way is no longer possible

    Again - I'm not a computer wizard, so my phrasing and terminology may be off here, but I hope you get the point. Any other information you can give me would be appreciated. The amount of disappointment I have in the company I hired to design this site cannot be put accurately into words that are fitting to be posted on a public forum.

    If the three of you (arushus, post-apocalyptic, rcd567) and any others experiencing similar fraudulent charges - could also private message me, or email the business account I do have a bit of information for you. My deepest apologies for this headache!
  5. Glockz0r

    Glockz0r 10mm is best mm

    I took a look at the brass again, and after googling what to look for, I have to say the primers are indeed flattened. All 165gr that I've fired have flat primers while the 180gr are half and half. I also observed that the 180gr brass has very minor smiles or no smiles at all while the 165gr is almost all creased.
  6. Thanks for the update and clarification between the two different loads. I meant to ask about the two different loads possibly differing but forgot when I submitted my last post.

    Here are DT 135gr loads showing 2 primers flattened to different degrees compared to a new unfired one, the 2 shot from my G29 (100% bone stock). Most of the cases didn't have flattened primers noticeable to ME, just a few out of 100. More and more lately I'm keeping a close eye on pressure sign type stuff.

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  7. post-apocalyptic

    post-apocalyptic magnifi ba$tard

    Speaking for myself, thank you for your prompt attention regarding this issue. Talk about fantastic and responsive customer service. Bravo, Kevin! :thumbsup:

    I will PM you to share details soonish... right now I am partying my gringo a$s off in the Dominican Republic and my internet access is "fair" and infrequent at best.

    I'll be back in los Estados Unidos in less than a week.
  8. My malware/anti virus protection and web browser won't even let me go on their site. I sure as hell ain't ordering anything online, but would like to make a purchase over the phone if possible. Unless Kevin is the culprit...just kidding.
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  9. post-apocalyptic

    post-apocalyptic magnifi ba$tard

    Ha..ha. Not funny, man. :eyebrow:

    Underwood Ammo's been a godsend for me, since I don't reload and want decently priced full-power 10mm.

    What anti-malware program and browser do you use?
  10. arushus

    arushus Biggest Member

    I agree! The customer service their is great! Other companies should take a cue from him!
  11. Im new to the 10mm .I have some underwood ammo but havent recieved my G20 back from Glock so I havent actually shot it yet . .I understand about the smilie face on the case but can someone explain a flattened primer
  12. dryfly

    Platinum Member

    Kevin emailed me last night telling me no problems no worries ordering over the phone...just have to have an account on his site that gives him name address shipping info....Yes great customer service ! Kudos...
  13. 10 fan

    10 fan 10 fan

    Do you know why there is a difference between the two loads? The calculated recoil is about the same. I too would like to know the reason for flattened primers.
  14. I tried browsing the website last night for the first time. But my laptop advised me that the site was unsafe.
  15. cant wait to shoot my ammo form underwood , No problems with my CC so far
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  16. arushus

    arushus Biggest Member

    I had bookmarked their website sometime before september 22, and when I purchased ammo from them thislast time I went inthrough that old bookmark, apparently there is some way for hackers to get in since I bookmarked the page before their new website and security was up...
  17. I sincerely appreciate the understanding shown here.

    Still hashing things out - in fact, all today our web developers were running tests trying to find ways into our site to make sure the security is working. Mind you, at this point, I'm not taking their word for gold and am still holding their feet to the fire with this, but they are working on it.

    I have also been informed that they have corrected the issues with the old bookmarks being used to access the site - that is no longer a way to breach our security. Thankfully.

    I'll be sure to keep all posted.
  18. SolidBrass

    SolidBrass Against Shiny

    I keep posting this but the ARE online on youtube. drsjr1969 posts videos of all the 10mm rounds he can get his hands on.

    Underwood is the only brand I've seen him shoot that has beat the speed posted on the box.


    *But I agree his website has been compromised

    Major websites and indeed 99% of web $'s are processed by very large card processing companies that are not likely suspect. (targets and victims at times but not suspects) I would guess some malware is at work.

    I've notice the ammo industry in general has lots of ''corrupted' ' site when I browse for ammo info. Why are they targeted more than others?
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  19. I'm very well aware and have referenced that data numerous times. I am still interested to see if things change over time as they have with other ammo manufacturers. But thanks.
  20. SolidBrass

    SolidBrass Against Shiny

    I know he has a standing offer, send him 5 rounds of anything he hasn't chrono'd he will do it for you. Or he swaps some federal (I think) in 50/box sizes for anything to chrono. He hasn't shot the 200gn or the 135 Underwood so that would be an option.

    *I'm sure he will re-chrono the entire underwood line in one video if anyone want's to donate 5 rounds of each 10mm. But I believe his underwood chrono was just a few months ago.
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