Underwood's expanding their 10mm selection...

Discussion in 'The 10 Ring' started by post-apocalyptic, Nov 15, 2011.

  1. All relatively true.

    But Double Tap specifically is out of line in that right on the box flap it shows that the velocity claim is based on a G20. For example, the following is what it says on an older box of DT 10mm 135gr -

    135gr. Nosler JHP
    1608fps / 4.6" bbl.
    50 cartridges

    Therefore I'ld say DT doesn't have the "5 inch barrel" excuse to use. Not to mention that the DT velocity claims are a whole lot more than a "little" off regardless.

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  2. SolidBrass

    SolidBrass Against Shiny

    Mormon country. What do you do?

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  3. I've bought some of DT's ammo and it was good stuff. I didn't chrono it, but I doubt I got the speeds advertised on the box. I also doubt he's making those velocities the same way they are being tested on youtube. The ammo I"ve bought all went bang and it's available locally so that's a big plus. One thing to remember...he was offering 10mm stuff when almost no one else was bothering with it.

    I'm not necessarily defending his claims, but I'm not shocked that someone would be less than truthful in advertising. Next you'll be telling me that politians lie.:faint:

    But since this is an Underwood thread let me make it crystal clear. Kevin's ammo does meet his claims at about half the cost. I'll repeat that last part...at about half the cost! Until that changes, Underwood Ammo gets all my business.

    And finally I've got no dog in this fight. I don't make ammo, nor make claims of velocity on such. What I can do is vote with my wallet. I vote Underwood.
  4. 10 fan

    10 fan 10 fan

    That was an eye opener,I had never seen any of the videos on you tube.I only watched one as it took an hour to load(I'm in an rv park in Pahraump with very slow wifi) I'll dig more when I get home but don't expect anything different. Even worse if the felt recoil is so much greater with the DT how low is the other stuff I have been shooting.I will be getting a chrono very soon to check all of my ammo. Thanks for pointing that out.
  5. A chrono is on my short list as well. It never hurts to know what your actually shooting and I think that for reloading it should be a standard tool.
  6. Glockz0r

    Glockz0r 10mm is best mm

    I just put in an order for a box of 180 and 165gr JHP at Underwood. I'll be shooting these out of a stock G20 Gen3 when time and weather permits me. While I do not have a chrono I will be checking function and brass with these loads.

    Update: It only took one hour from order confirmation to an email with UPS tracking #....Nice! :thumbsup:
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  7. Yeah well some piece of trash hacked my credit card so now I'm awaiting a new credit card so I can validate it and place an order. 10 business days so they say. The little thieves are nothing but large piles of camel dung!:steamed:
  8. Glockz0r

    Glockz0r 10mm is best mm

    I'm sorry to hear that. Hopefully, people will leave some ammo in stock for you to order when you are able. :whistling:
  9. I'm thinking you don't realize that DT ammo DID used to meet the claims...than a couple years after opening for business...:shakehead:

    I'm also thinking you're not aware of the bullet switch-a-roo DT pulled on us a while back without changing any info about the loads on the website. When you think you're getting Gold Dots or XTPs....and a little later Montana Gold bullets show up at your door step.....yeah, NOT good.:fist:
  10. dryfly

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    Any word on Underwood developing a 200 gr hardcast in 10mm ?
  11. SolidBrass

    SolidBrass Against Shiny

    I've been hoping but no word yet. The 200gr is a new offering but only in the XTP. Is a cool round but not really what I'm looking for. (I bought some anyway)

    Mine was hacked too on Nov 27th.
  12. Found my first smilie last night. Was doing some reloading and ran one up the die. It wouldn't go in all the way so I looked at it. It had the beginings of a smilie on it. I forced it all the way through the stroke, (Rockchucker press) to see what would happen. It wasn't pretty. All my brass colored brass is Starline from Underwood. I've also got several hundred nickel cases from Remington. Thought I'd reload those up while I'm waiting for my Frame from Cold Bore Custom and my new Credit Card cause my old one got hacked.:crying:

    In no way am I saying anything bad about Underwood Ammo. My stock Glock barrel bulges every case, that's why I bought a Lone Wolf barrel for my 10. It'll make reloading the cases easier. And I'm all about easy.:cool:

  13. My credit card was compromised recently as well. First fraudulent charges started on Nov 27th. I wonder if this is just a coincidence.

    The funny (not so funny really) thing is I just got a new credit card... so the list of places I have used this card is very small. Less than a months worth of charges. Never used this CC company before so unless it was an inside job at Capital One (credit card company), and I have no reason to believe it was, this was compromised by one of the merchants I have used in the past month.

    What bugs me the most is I have no idea what merchant did this... so I may get compromised again because I go back to the same place and use my card again.

    The other pain in the rear is setting up my auto bill-pays all over gain. Arghh!
  14. SolidBrass

    SolidBrass Against Shiny

    Well it's so hard to tell. I'm in the E-com business and part of my job is as primary fraud order detector. I've found that US credit card companies and bank are not helpful or proactive AT ALL when it comes to stopping these crimes. In fact, even if they detect the crime, they don't let the retailer know right away to stop the sale/shipment. They do send you 'charge back' paperwork months later that you just lost a bunch of money. I can see what country, bank, IP address, and lots of other info that helps in finding out if the deal is legit or not.

    If someone stole your CC number and used my store, I find out by doing some online identity research that this is stolen card and call your bank to tell them they will say, "I'm sorry I cannot do anything as you are not the card holder. "

    They don't say it but what is omitted despite argument is, "I will not contact them to ask if this sale is legit"
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  15. 10 fan

    10 fan 10 fan

    Just ordered a Pro Chrono Digital today so I can check all of my ammo. I have always thought if they print it on the box it would be pretty close because they must know someone would check.Now that my head is out of the sand I'll check myself.I have spent alot of money at DT, time will tell if I spend any more.I'm new to this site and haven't heard of underwood or swampfox.How long have they been around?
  16. _The_Shadow

    _The_Shadow Ret. Fireman

    10 fan, unfortunatly and suddenly Mike or Mudrush as known here on the forums, the owner of SwampFox Ammo past away recently and the company has gone with his passing! R.I.P. We lost a great friend to the 10mm community!:crying:
  17. SolidBrass

    SolidBrass Against Shiny

    Another Brand that Hickok45 shoots is Georgia Arms 10mm. Thy have been out of stock on some +P stuff in the past, but it looks like thy got lot's now. SADLY NO HEAVY LOADS.

    [EDIT] I misposted and was quoted below. I didn't try to 'add to cart' and find out it's back ordered as usual.
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  18. From work: the best I can do is direct you to 10mm ammo on facebook. From there go to his YouTube site. He's chronied a ton of 10mm loads. Double Tap and Underwood as well. He's also a member here. Kevin of Underwood is also a Member here as well. I shoot his 165 gr. JHP. It's moving near 1400fps and is an awesome round. Going to be ordering some of his 180 and 200 gr loads soon. Google Underwood Ammo and you'll find the site.

    Luck to you.
  19. I'm still showing that as out of stock, as is most of Georgia Arms stuff.:shocked:
  20. SolidBrass

    SolidBrass Against Shiny

    I'm sadly wrong. I still don't see a better bear defense round for the 10 mm than the Underwood 180 FMJ. Am I wrong? The total power is better than any other option. Nobody chrono's more power and it should penetrate better than anything else. No?

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