Underwood's expanding their 10mm selection...

Discussion in 'The 10 Ring' started by post-apocalyptic, Nov 15, 2011.

  1. So 135: home defense
    180- deer
    200- bear, sasquatch, boar

    Where does the 165 fit ?


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  2. Carry..

  3. The 165 comes the closest to the Winner of the 1987 FBI tests. It's more of an all round weight. Better barrier round than the lighter ones in case you have to shoot through a windshield or automobile panel. Back then they showed the 170 Norma round traveling about 1300fps to be superior "overall" in the testing. They shot through auto glass, plywood, layers of sheet metal, and different densities of clothing and still penetrate ballistic gel a minimum of 12".

    This is my main round.
  4. I would like to get some hot gold dots in 165gn for carry this winter, anyone know if underwood can do custom loadings?
  5. I saw your review on the Underwood ammo site. I will be purchasing some 165's from them in the future. Are you running the 165's with the OEM Glock barrel?
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  6. I am! Brass came out fine. I did buy a Lone Wolf barrel and will test that with them too. My Glock barrel leaves a pretty good size bulge in all cases I shoot out of it. The Underwoods were no different. Since I reload some too, I wanted a tighter chamber so the brass would last longer. There were no smilies in any of the cases from Underwood.

    Also not sure about custom loading Gold Dots since they already have the 165 gr. Golden Saber round.

    I need to order some more and might throw in some 180 or 200 if they get them done in time so I can shoot a deer with it.:supergrin:
  7. We're working on adding Gold Dot to our entire production line. 10mm will be the first to get them.
  8. Mr. Underwood, you are making some very good and long term friends here on the 10 ring. Again, welcome to the forum.
  9. Outstanding!!!!! I can not wait to get my noslers. I have to say you ship extremely fast, I ordered last night and they went out first thing today. Thanks again.
  10. I gladly stand corrected. The gold dots will be great. Although I'm certain the plain old Winchester JHP will stop any street monster I come across. The bonded bullet is just a wee bit more insurance especially if shooting through a barrier.

    Oh, and Mr. Underwood...my wife is going to hate you eventually.:wavey:
  11. No Wife here but I will say the same thing about underwood ammo that I said about Guitar center the first time I was ever in one....I can see this place draining my bank account very quickly.
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  12. 10 fan

    10 fan 10 fan

    I practice with 180gr. FMJ and BVAC at 100fps less is alot cheaper than underwood. 500 for 175$ I have had no problems with the last 9 or 10,000 rounds. Does anyone know of a better training ammo?
  13. I guess I have a different outlook. I don't shoot a lot at the range with my Glock 20 but when I do, I want to shoot the same ammo that will be protecting my life so that not only will I be familiar with it, but, I can also develop a trust in it. What Mr. Underwood is charging for premium ammo, it is a small price to pay for what could mean me or my wife living or dying. If I wanted to shoot a lot at paper, to save money, I would get a .22 long rifle.

    PS: At 55 yrs. old, training for me was a lifetime ago. At this point and time, it is just a matter of me keeping in tune every now and then. So my views could be that of a crusty old dude.
  14. post-apocalyptic

    post-apocalyptic magnifi ba$tard

    I've run more than a few 165gr JHP Underwood 10mm rnds through both my stock '20 barrel and my 6" Glock Hunter. All functioned flawlessly and only some of the fired casings have any discernable hint of a "Glock smile". On those casings; the "smiles" are barely visible, not easily photographed, and have little to no effect on reloadablility... i.e. the 165gr JHP Underwood rnds are loaded to the original full-power, (or full house), 10mm specs, as all Underwood 10mm rnds are.

    They're currently my favorite rnd to shoot, (I won't get my 135gr nosler JHP Underwood rnds till Friday ;) ), very versatile and extremely damaging to anything they're fired at... although the best rnd, (of the various factory 10mm I've fired), for turning cover into concealment is Underwood's 180gr FMJ, (>1300 fps)! :50cal:
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  15. 10 fan

    10 fan 10 fan

    My edc ammo is DT 180gr. bonded defence at 1305fps. Draw from IWB and a shoot controlled under time pressure I dought if most could find or feel the difference including POI,bullet rise or drop ,recoil control,target aquisition on second shot.
  16. Are you sure that double tap isn't more like 1100 fps...just sayin.
  17. post-apocalyptic

    post-apocalyptic magnifi ba$tard


    It depends on when he bought it.. sadly. :laughing:
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  18. As far as if there is anything cheaper...georgia arms has some for like 17.50/50 or if you reload you can make it even cheaper
  19. Well, like I said, I'm just a crusty old dude and it is only my opinion. I just don't believe that Major League Baseball players should have batting practice with whiffle balls. I believe that if you are going to "practice" at saving your life or someone else's life, it would make sense to use the same exact identical tools that you plan to use in a life saving event.
    Also with the proven inadequacies printed on Double Taps boxes concerning velocity, I can see why you think there is no difference in felt recoil from the cheaper ammo. Everyone has an opinion, and I respect yours. I just don't see the logic or common sense in it from my limited point of view.
  20. Angry Fist

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    Fan-friggin-tastic! Swampfox dropped off the face of the earth, and damn near a month later, I still ain't got my ammo. Pretty much saw deer season go to **** over it. :upeyes:

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