Underwood's expanding their 10mm selection...

Discussion in 'The 10 Ring' started by post-apocalyptic, Nov 15, 2011.

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    Kevin is the man for sure. But I question the materials statement as so many other ammo suppliers claim "scarce" as their reason for not having any available. I'm thinking Georgia arms and other 'low cost' ammo makers.

    You can gernally find 180 grn. Even then shopping online I find few options at anything less the top dollar $1-2/shot, anything 200 or over at good speeds are all over $50/50rnd or more when they should cost the same as .45.

    Is it really scarce? or simply not enough market. Was Double Tap always this pricey or did it go up as they gained brand recognition?

    Avoid the "fully supported chamber" rounds in the 29 of course. You will be happy.

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  2. post-apocalyptic

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    Have you not noticed how much more popular 10mm has become in the last couple years? Popularity means sales, which ups production and drops prices. That's why the other service pistol calibers are so much cheaper than 10mm, (even the watered-down stuff).

  3. SolidBrass

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    I hope you are right. I think gun people will see the logic of the 10mm in time. They love the 9mm and the 10mm turns it up to 11. ("most amps only go to 10, these go to 11" - Spinal Tap)
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  4. Alright people, move along, nothing to see here, move along, keep moving.:whistling:

    Payday ain't till Friday and I want some ammo still in stock so I can get some geeezzz.
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    Cool, we get the idea.

    How about cleaning up the language?

    It's not dirty if I can't spell, doesn't work.

    Family friendly site and all that.
  6. arushus

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    haha, maybe if stocks start getting low we should start a thread talking about what crap ammo it is...save it for those of us that know better :whistling:
  7. TreyG-20

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    LOL no kidding im in the same boat as you except i cant my order till next friday. Everyone hush up for a couple weeks. If they make the 135gr noslers i plan on buying every box they have
  8. TreyG-20

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    I agree under wood ammo is CRAP!!!:whistling:
  9. Why do you say that? I shoot Swamp Fox's hottest stuff (200gr @ 1325 fps) in both my G20 and G29. Underwoods stuff is not that hot. I see Underwood as being a nice compromise -- price vs not-as-hot stuff.
  10. I ordered six boxes of in-stock ammo. Then I ordered two boxes of the 135gr Noslers. Didn't want to hold back the other boxes because the Noslers were on backorder!
  11. SolidBrass

    SolidBrass Against Shiny

    "fully supported chamber" means just that, not glocks stock barrel for the 29 which leaves a good chuck of the casing exposed. I bet those 200gr rounds leave some pretty good 'Glock smiles' on the brass in a stock barrel. I would use and aftermarket barrel for anything that powerful.

    As to the ammo being 'hot' or not. Nobody listens to facts. You can see it proved on youtube. drsjr1969 is the guy on youtube who has crono'd close to 70 different 10mm rounds.

    His top 10 rounds in AVG Energy are as follow: All shot from a completely stock Glock 20

    Elite Ammunition 175 GR STHP = 715 ftlbs
    Elite Ammunition 200 GR CMJ = 713 ftlbs
    Buffalo Bore 180 GR JHP = 705 ftlbs 1,327 ft/sec
    Elite Ammunition 65 GR JHP = 685 ftlbs
    Underwood Ammo 180 GR JHP = 679 ftlbs 1,303 ft/sec
    Underwood Ammo 165 GR JHP = 666 ftlbs 1,348 ft/sec
    Double tap 130 GR NozzlerJHP = 612 ftlbs
    Reed's A&R 165 GR.............. = 606 ftlbs
    Reeds A&R 135 GR............... = 604 ftlbs

    Since you can't buy any of the Elite Ammo online (that I can find) and Buffalo Bore cost 2-3x as much. I'll stick with underwood. Lots of "fancy" brands don't even crack 500 ftlbs. :tongueout:

    At the end of this video the guy post a spead sheet of his ammo test.


    Swapfire looks great, but is priced for the 1%.
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  12. I shot some Underwood 180 grain hollow points. Seems ok. Gave a detailed description of my testing but the post would not upload. So be it.
  13. My question was rhetorical. See my sig line. (I'm fully aware of fully supported chamber barrels.) I also stated (after my question) that I shoot Swamp Fox ammo 200gr XTPs @ 1325 fps (780 ft/lbs if I remember correctly). (I also shoot his 135gr Noslers which are over 800 ft/lbs.) Those are hotter than the Underwood offerings.

    Thanks for the concern though. :cool:
  14. SolidBrass

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    Those numbers would put swamp fox at the top of the list. Do you have any way of backing up those numbers? What gun were there chrono'd on? Video proof? But I wouldn't considereing the major bands mostly rate below 500 ftlbs I would still call Underwood 'hot'.

    More importantly to me is that swamp fox is twice as pricey as underwood. Would you rather have 500 rounds of swamp fox it or 1000 rounds of underwood? For those on a budget that is often the choice.
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  15. Yup, it sure does. Swamp Fox (I believe) is the undisputed king of new manufactured 10mm ammo.

    As far as backing up the number, no I have not chrono'd anything myself (don't own a chrony). I have never read anything to say his numbers aren't accurate though. If you ever shoot his stuff, you will understand.

    Have you been reading this forum much? You seem to be unfamiliar with Swamp Fox ammo...

    As far as price, yeah it is expensive. Not something I use at the range for target practice, but it is bad-ass!
  16. Wow that's cheaper than I can buy cci blazer. I am going to order about 6 boxes to try it out.
  17. Depends...if my life was on the line I would rather have 10 rounds of swamp fox vs. 1000 rounds of anything.
  18. arushus

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    I agree, well put. I was just about to write something similar. He must not have done must research into their product. Swampfox has the kind of reputation around here where he doesnt have to prove that his numbers meet their stated velocities anymore, that has been gone over time and again. YOU have to prove that his numbers dont add up, not him...
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  19. Not me. I'd take the 1000 rounds. Or even 16 rounds. A few hundred fps isn't as important as shot placement. And if the gremlin is shooting at you, you might need more bullets as you shoot on the move.
  20. post-apocalyptic

    post-apocalyptic magnifi ba$tard

    I'd rather have 1k rnds of even Prvi Partizan Serbian 10mm, (.40 S&W strength), over a mere 10 rnds of SF or anything else.

    Regardless; if my life's on the line, I'd prefer a long gun over any pistol in any caliber. ;)

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