Underwood's expanding their 10mm selection...

Discussion in 'The 10 Ring' started by post-apocalyptic, Nov 15, 2011.

  1. With the 10, our options are somewhat limited. Your coming in at the right time as the 10 seems to be increasing in popularity. And your price point is murdering the competition.:thumbsup:

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  2. I had a couple of rounds of the 180 gr JHP with the primer dented but they didn't fire today out of my G20. Anybody else had this problem? I have never had this happen with my G20 with any other ammo in the past or any other ammo I shot today. I want to love Underwood for the price but this has me worried!

  3. arushus

    arushus Biggest Member

    Never heard of this before with Underwood. Did you try firing it more than once? A second strike may be all they need...I would contact Kevin Underwood about this...He is very customer oriented and very good about rectifying any issues regarding his ammo and any manufacturing defects they may have.
  4. dooga

    dooga New to Glocks

    You guys are making me ache for a 10. 20 or 29? I am thinking a 20 for hunting? 29 for CC? I am leaning toward the full size service pistol. Maybe I will wait until I either become rich or have space to reload.
  5. I haven't. I've fired a bunch of his 165, 180, and 200. In the past, it's been my experience that lite primer strikes are the fault of the gun, not the ammo. May want to check the gun over really good.
  6. I wrote you a response in your open thread, but want to mention here as well, if you have time to give me a call in the next couple days at your convenience - I'd be interested to talk with you about the issue you described and get to the bottom of this. Never heard of this happening.
  7. I'll try to give you a call later. I'm hoping it was just a fluke set of circumstances and doesn't happen again. I've never had a problem with either gun before. I keep both guns clean and didn't notice anything weird when I cleaned them after the last range session. Hopefully it never happens again! I've got another box of your 10mm and 9mm ammo to try sometime soon. I'll let you (& fellow GTers) know how it goes.
  8. Lee-online

    Lee-online Mul-ti-pass

    I ordered 12 boxes today, with only $17 shipping it looks like I found my new supplier.
  9. SolidBrass

    SolidBrass Against Shiny

    You are lucky. So close to WV you probably have them already.:wavey: I'm on the 5 business days delivery schedule. At least I'm close to Lone Wolf...

    Did you mix it up, or buy all the same loads?
  10. Lee-online

    Lee-online Mul-ti-pass

    I got 6 of the 135 and 6 of 180. I will get some 200 when it is stock.
    Should be here tomorrow but the tracking shows it left town and is now heading away from here. Possibly put on wrong truck???

  11. Naw, the UPS guy is my uncle and I bribed him into diverting those 12 boxes to Iowa.:rofl:

    I'm just hackin on you. Don't worry they'll make it.:wavey:
  12. I took my brother to the range after Christmas and sent about 300 rounds of Underwood downrange. Not one malfunction.

    Also shot some DT 9x25 Dillon.

    In all, it was a great day shooting. Hats off to Underwood (again) for his full power 10mm ammunition.
  13. Has anyone heard if Underwood plans to make any hardcast 10mm ammo?
  14. Lee-online

    Lee-online Mul-ti-pass

    I got the ammo today, looks like I'll be a the range this weekend. :cool:

  15. Sure...that Uncle of mine was never very good at following directions.:dunno:
  16. **Sending this email out to our customers who signed up for the newsletter...giving you guys the first look and the big news - WE CHANGED HOSTS! New website, now works in Google Chrome, etc...**

    A quick note to our customers:

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    I'm expecting that the transferring will cause slight hiccups in the site as we get used to the new setting. We absolutely want to try and inconvenience as little customers as possible. If you experience any issues with the new site, please notify us immediately.

    To thank you for your understanding and continued support, we have a coupon code to offer you.

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    Again, thank you for your business!
    Happy New Year!
    Underwood Ammo
  18. 10-acious

    10-acious A Perfect 10

    The site is much smoother. Great job!

    I also just placed my first order.

    Thanks K.
  19. arushus

    arushus Biggest Member

    Oddly enough, Im having trouble getting on the website. My browser is acting as though it isnt even there...somebody call the national guard, fema, department of homeland security, I dont care, just get somebody down here to fix this! I need my daily underwood ammo website fix!!!
  20. Today I talked with Kevin on the phone and he assured me that his new website was secure. I made an order for 11 boxes of 10mm ammunition using the new website while talking with Kevin. I was one of the hacker victims because of a previous order and had to get a new credit card. Kevin is in my opinion a very decent person and will do everything he can to satisfy customers. I have chronographed his 10mm ammo twice and his advertised velocities are very acceptable, and I am very picky about my ammo! I have shot boards, phone books, and other various objects to satisfy my curiosity with what the bullets with do. Bottom line...I sure as heck would not want to be shot with this ammo! 10mm ammunition from Underwood Ammo is the real deal. I have been shooting 10mm ammo for 25 years and this is the best you can get for the money.

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