Underwood to duplicate the USBP load!

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  1. I had emailed Mr. Underwood last week asking him if he would consider duplicating the hot Border Patrol .40 load. It would involve a 155gr JHP (not a Gold Dot, but a cup-and-core JHP) cranked up to ~ 1250fps.

    He emailed me back this morning and said he already had plans to do just that and was waiting on supplies to do so.

    Yeah baby! Just like his 125gr Sierra 357Sig load he has out now this will be a must-buy for me personally.

    IIRC the only cup-and-core 155gr bullets are either Winchester, Hornady :shakehead:, or Remington (the original BP loader). Sierra and Nosler are 150gr offerings. Hopefully he won't use Hornady, and might actually get some Remingtons.

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  2. Sounds nice on paper. Hope you, your glock, and your fingers make it out okay. I'll stick with my good ole HST

  3. Agree, the bonded loads are nice insurance that they will remain intact through the toughest barriers.
  4. What is a cup and core JHP ?
  5. Look, I would recommend/carry the 180gr HST as a second choice to this load if Underwood comes through. I've tested it in meat through denim and it worked great.

    I would fire enough to ensure reliability for CCW (no, not 200 rounds worth).....maybe a few mag's worth to test feeding and cycling performance. Then it would be every 6 months or more and I'd fire the carry ammo up and renew with fresh stock. Not too worried about the thousand + rounds per year of training/qualifications as an LEO agency would do. I'll remain proficient with "practice" ammo. i.e. I'm not overly concerned with wear and tear on the weapon.

    I think my trigger finger will survive......
  6. I know a few members on here have tried the 357sig Sierra load from underwood with much success. I know it's been coming in over the advertised velocity. I like hot loads as much as anyone but I just want something that I KNOW isn't over pressure. I don't reload so I don't know all the ins and outs of how to put a powerful load together and yet have a safe load. I would love to dive into underwood ammo with a full head of steam but until they turn it down just a notch I'm not there. Again just an opinion without any reloading knowledge behind it but I think some of their loadings are a bit over the top.
  7. I'm with you on this one ! I know a lot of guys who use underwood, my bil orders by the case for 10mm, they have kick ass customer service but I don't feel the need to max out everything I shoot. I reload in the middle of the road and I don't buy overcharged rds. I can't see putting all that extra stress on my weapons every time I pull the trigger. the extra few FPS is not worth it to me. Spend enough time around LEO gun ranges and you will see the end results of hot rds. When you have 30-35,000 psi ,40,000 with a 357 sig that's a lot of force being exerted on that weapon every time you pull the trigger. That's one reason I like the 45 acp. They average about 21,000 psi. Maybe I'm getting old but damn, how many FPS do you really need to kill a bad guy ? :dunno:
  8. I fire enough to ensure reliability (to me) and familiarity and then use the rest for CCW. No, I don't fire 200 consecutive rounds of carry ammo for reliability. Several mags with ZERO malfunctions is adequate for me-----generally 30+ rounds or so. Then when I refresh carry ammo every 6-8 months I'll shoot up what's in it and reload when I'm done. I use "plinking" ammo for practice and to maintain proficiency.

    Bottom line is that you won't see thousands of rounds of my carry ammo fired, A) because what I buy usually ain't cheap, and B) I feel confident in maintaining familiarity with the good stuff and maintaining skills with the fodder.

    YMMV, just my personal take on it.
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  9. I see a 20 pound RSA in your future.

    I run one on my G20 for the heavier loads.

  10. Why? Modern ammo is/will be perfect for decades to come. I agree on discharging rounds that have been chambered a few times, but other than that it's not needed in today's day & age and you're just pissing away money that would be better spent on range ammo (handloaded or factory), especially with today's shortage of and exorbitant prices for quality carry ammo. :dunno:

  11. Good point, especially when my CCW piece isn't left exposed to extremes of heat or cold (comes in the house with me). I guess that theory about every 6-8 months comes from when I used to leave my CCW piece in my truck. Then one Sunday morning last summer when I went down to bike for cardio there were 3 cars broken into at the trailhead parking lot where I ride from. Cured me of that!
  12. HKLovingIT

    HKLovingIT Resident Evil

    Aside from chambering the round, is there any degradation of the ammo from being out in the humidity or carried in the holster, sweat, etc. I don't think it would really get bothered by that but thought I would ask.

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