Uncle Mike's IWB?

Discussion in 'Carry Issues' started by Old Junes, Jun 15, 2011.

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    No, hardly the same thing.. but glad you've got it worked out.

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  2. A lot of people make the claim about the suede damaging guns. I have used them for a number of yrs without issue. The concealment issue is directly related to which mounting system u use.

  3. IndyGunFreak

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    Totally agree.
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    If you carry it every day in an uncle mikes #5, you'll probably have to replace it in about a year.

    They are fine holsters, but keep your eyes open on the interior fabric liner - my sights used to rip that up after a while and then it makes the gun stick a little - which is obviously unacceptable.
  5. I have a few crossbreeds. Also, not sure if you guys know but if you pay an extra $25 you will get it within 2-3 days instead of 6 weeks. It's sort of a "skip the line" fee. ;)
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  6. You may think it's comfy or concealable now, but get back to me in a few month's.
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    I have the Black Hawk copy of the Uncle Mike's IWB. Honestly I don't know which company made their version first, but the two are pretty similar.

    Mine is a Blackhawk nylon Inside-The-Pants size 5 for my G27. I only use it as a cargo pocket holster, and for that it works awesome. I like how thin it is and how the muzzle end is closed - great attributes for a pocket holster.
  8. This is where a sarcasm key would be helpful. I am not nearly as lost as you seem to think. But as I said, thanks for your thoughts.
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  10. I carry G30 in an uncle mikes IWB holster. It fits the gun well, it is a chore to get the fabric to enter the trigger guard while holding the gun in the holster and trying to pull the trigger. I have used this holster for 1.5 years or so with no problems. Prior to that A Pro sized Kimber was ridding in it.

    There are other more expensive options out there. Use what works for you and look for something that gives better retention for the weapon, not all choices break the bank.
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  11. Horrible holsters. Not bad for a cover in a drawer, but not suitable for carry. When I was a novice and these were all that was available, I tried one. Briefly.
  12. The Uncle Mikes seem to wear the finish off of the gun if you use it a lot. Your gun is not that secure and it moves around inside the holster "polishing" it the whole time. My buddy bragged on his UM and how it was a bargin, until I pointed out his gun was buffed shiney.

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