Uh oh... Here comes Tuco...

Discussion in 'The Okie Corral' started by Huaco Kid, Feb 15, 2014.

  1. ... I'm still on season one.

    I've got season two and three still in the wrapper.

    (I've seen season one on TV years ago. Still, I'm a noob.)


    Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding!

    (At least until Trejo's head blows up on a tortoise.)

    No spoilers!

    OK, I don't care.

    It surely can't get any better than season one!

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  2. Funny that I'm watching the DVD's (season 3) as I read your post. This show beats the hell out of The Walking Dead.

  3. ChaseMyWake

    ChaseMyWake AutomatedSystem

    You're still on season 1? Get off GT. Go watch the rest of it before someone spoils it for you.

    It gets lots better.
  4. Just about everything.

    Op, try not to miss work next week. lol
  5. Dennis in MA

    Dennis in MA Get off my lawn

    Spoiler - Walt has cancer and Jessie is a moron.
  6. I've got four day weekend.

    I've seen season one. I watched it tonight/this morning, just for good measure.

    Season two and three are still in their original packaging. I could sell them on ebay, or watch them.

    They will be, totally, watched.

    Maybe when I wake up tomorrow. Or Wednesday. Maybe.

    Tuco's a *****.

    Trejo's the MAN!

    (until his head blows up on a turtle)

    I didn't direct that part.
  7. G29Reload

    G29Reload Tread Lightly

    Every season as great as it is, is better than the last.

    Its better…when I say its better. :rofl:
  8. Walt has a wicked good pork-pie hat.

    Jessie has a hoodie. What a loser dick, he is.
  9. You need to spend a lot of time with a Netflix subscription and a list of shows to watch if you're using Walking Dead as a measuring stick.
  10. Spoiler

    271 people die
  11. ChaseMyWake

    ChaseMyWake AutomatedSystem


    Lydia is sexy.
  12. Just watched S2E8. My new guilty pleasure.

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  13. costanza187

    costanza187 I like Macs

    Great show! :wavey:
  14. Dennis in MA

    Dennis in MA Get off my lawn

    I'm half way thru season two. I can take it or leave it. 2 is better than 1 by a mile. But it isn't enough to get me to stick with it more than 1-2 episodes a month.
  15. G29Reload

    G29Reload Tread Lightly

    Dennis. How can you say that after Tuco? Or that stanley kubrick gallows humor...the bottom coming out of the bathtub? The bicyle lock? Youre kidding me right *****?
  16. Dennis in MA

    Dennis in MA Get off my lawn

    Too much family drama.

    The brother in law is fun. Hank. They should have done the show around him.
  17. G29Reload

    G29Reload Tread Lightly

    Oh spare me. I hated him in the first season. Too much of a blowhard. The party scene was painful to watch. Trying to impress people with your gun at a party while drinking? Jesus.

    He was better later, more depth.

    The family issues were to help depict the double life walt was living. All the sneaking around and s#$%.

    It gets better. Every.Single.Season. Trust me on this one. Keep watching.
  18. G29Reload

    G29Reload Tread Lightly

    Um…hate to break it to you but...:whistling:
  19. happyguy

    happyguy Man, I'm Pretty

    Who is Tuco?

    Happyguy :)
  20. G29Reload

    G29Reload Tread Lightly

    you need to catch it from the beginning. He shows up in 105.

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