UC Davis pepper spray cop gets $38G worker's compensation settlement

Discussion in 'Civil Liberties Issues' started by TBO, Oct 26, 2013.

  1. My original post was only the third reply in the thread. There was no original course of conversation that we deviated from in a "course change". My post by no means prevented anyone else from offering their own original thoughts and commentary.

    I don't mind standing alone. Excluding Civil Rights topics from GNG definitely stifled the dialogue in that area though.

    The suggestion that law enforcement be excluded from participating in any forum is ridiculous. I find myself in vigorous debate most often with LEOs, neocons, and liberals (although liberals are somewhat rare here). It is the people we disagree with that challenge us the most, and make for the best learning experience. This is why I think the concept of an ignore list is ridiculous. It is the internet equivalent of plugging your fingers in your ears and saying "lalalalalala".

    You know its funny you say this, because I feel the exact same way about the law enforcement side. Whenever an incident gets posted in civil liberties, any critical thing that could be said is generally met with the argument that we are dealing with incomplete information, and making any judgement whatsoever is armchair quarterbacking, and that whatever happened must've happen for a good reason. I simply don't buy it, not all the time anyway.

    I am only human, & I have a natural desire to be correct, but I assure you I am capable of honest self reflection and a change in my own beliefs and attitudes when necessary.

    This is where the script gets flipped. I did not equate spraying college students with pepper spray to gassing jews. If you read my original post carefully this is clear.

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  2. Yes those are the incidents I was referring to, there are many others I could have used as an example is well.

    I have seen you do this before. Focus on minutia, ask multitudes of questions on tangential details, and obliviate any real discussion on the original topic.

    Back on topic--

    On balance.... weighing his actions vs what he went through, and with the knowledge that what he went through was a result of his actions, do you think it's reasonable that the UC Davis cop collected 38000 from l&i?

  3. RussP


    It was the third, yes, but only the second relevant.
    The original course of conversation:
    That is not what I said, not even close.

    Your "extraneous statements" in the original post: police violence against peaceful people, "the kind of stuff that makes good raw material for jokes, or comedy skits," the Nazis gassing Jews ( about which you later said, "When discussing a police use of force incident on GT any comparison must always come back to the Nazi's. You know this right?")

    In your continuing posts...well, you know what you wrote, but this one stands out:
    Did you believe that would go unanswered? And you continued that thought later...
  4. RussP


    Contrary to your understanding, and that of many others, of the original intent of GNG, now The Okie Corral, it was not opened for discussions of Civil Rights/Liberties.
    Just the officer who committed violence, sprayed the peaceful protesters with pepper spray then suing the authorities who ordered him to is as funny as "a German soldier who was in charge of gassing Jews sued the German high command over the stress of hearing the screams of people down in the gas chamber\shower."

    Following it later with, "When discussing a police use of force incident on GT any comparison must always come back to the Nazi's. You know this right?"

    Of course you were not comparing the two...
  5. RussP


    What are your complaints about those in the fire/rescue services?
    Questions are asked only to explore and clarify points raised and left open by others.
  6. RussP


    What are your sources for this information? Better we use the same sources.
    Provide your information sources. We'll see if there is sufficient fact to decide the reasonableness of the award.
  7. RussP


  8. I didn't really consider there to be much to say.

    What are my criticisms about the Fire Rescue Service you ask? A while back I created a thread titled "firefighters can be jerks too", about a fire captain who unnecessarily treated a member of the public like garbage ( but you already were aware of this thread) . I have had other private critical moments toward my own profession, but this is Glock talk, not nozzle talk, so the platform just isn't here for me to be critical about a bunch of marginal Fire Rescue incidents... Even though, rest assured, they do exist.
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  9. I simply asked for an opinion on somebody else's part. What I got was smug condescension. Along with the typical strategy of focusing on minutia, asking multitudes of questions on tangential details, to obliviate the simple discussion at hand.

    See you at the next thread.
  10. *ASH*


    this is all you will get lol??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    all you will get is a question with a question . search the forums you will see . also pm sent
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  11. That's usually what happens when there's a discussion going on and one party has no idea what they'd talking about but presents their "opinion" as fact, even though it is based on no training or experience.
  12. RussP


    Ollie, you asked a question that included facts which I did not have. I simply asked you to share your info so we could talk using the same information.

    You go on asking for a discussion about
    Again, I do not have the details surround the grounds for awarding some sum of money to a State employee.So, I ask...
    Another simple request for information I did not have.
    And the 'somebody' asked for the same information you used to form your opinion.

    To be real honest, what was in the linked news stories, that did not scratch the surface of facts needed for in informed opinion. They were barely superficial.

    I was hoping you had found an internal info source, perhaps pych reports on the effects of the death threats, reports that would have been part of the State hearings to determine the value the officers pain and suffering.

    Then there's the police reports on the threats. DO you have those? They would be part of the initial claims package. They ill definitely be in the settlement package, at least a summary.

    See what happens when you ask for an opinion?

    I don't know what information you have. Don't know what info you used to form your opinion. It isn't enough for me to form an opinion to publish on an open forum.
    Those questions, that minutia provides substantiation for my opinions. If you cannot, or just do not want to provide them, just say so.
  13. *ASH*

    didnt you read your sigline :rofl::rofl:

    and trust me you dont have alot of either . and its not rocket science . :wavey::wavey:
  14. Continuing your baseless insults and child like demeanor I see.

    For a guy who never has anything of any substance or intelligence to add you're quite mouthy. But I digress, you did get a PM from me which you cowardly chose to ignore. Either way, I'm not going anywhere so you can either stop crying about it or put me on ignore.

    You're right, it's not rocket science. It is a much more tangible discussion when discussed by guys who have BTDT.

    I've never participated in "riot control" save for a few training exercises. We don't let things get out of hand like that.

  15. On its face, the award seems good to me.
    Can the man work anywhere else?
  16. RussP


    Perhaps not in law enforcement. I believe one of the State's stipulations in such cases is that the psychiatric injuries must be career ending. Thus, by accepting any settlement, the State employee would be unemployable in the field.

    Without knowing how the threats against the officer were categorized and the resulting disability rated, other than "medium", if the state did not stipulate to "career ending disabilities," he might be able to work.

    Would anyone hire him? That is another question...
  17. *ASH*

    who is crying ?:dunno::dunno: i never said i want you to go anywhere , dunno where you got that idea, your diatribe posts are therapy for lots of gters . im happy you are here it would be boring without you my friend :wavey:
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    Patchman Florist

    Hey ASH, always remember that Santa is checking if you've been naughty or nice. :supergrin:

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    that he is my friend . that he is :cool:

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