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U.S. / French citizen currently living in Switzerland

Discussion in 'Introduction Forum' started by calmfab, Jan 27, 2013.

  1. Hi there,

    just wanted to introduce myself, am a gun enthousiaste from the U.S. / France and currently live in Switzerland. I love the forum, very informative, learned a lot from you guys, so thank you. can't wait to come back home (Florida), you wouldn't believe here in Switzerland how expensive guns are. Just to give you an idea, I wanted to order a Glock 29, price here is 1100 CHF (swiss francs) which is about $1200. Almost 3 times the price of the U.S.! I don't get it, Austria is literally next door! and top of that, the store tells me he has to order it and it takes about 1 month! oh, and the last but not the least, Gen 4 models are not out here yet... isn't it amazing???
    Ammo is about the same price but nowhere the versatility of the U.S.
    oh well, I guess I'll wait until I come back home to shoot again :crying:
    I the mean time, I'll keep reading you guys.


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  4. Welcome to the forum!
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    :welcome: Enjoy GT....................
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    Welcome to the forum! Wow, that's really horrible pricing...
  7. yea, horrible pricing. it may come from the fact that there is no poor people in Switzerland. Every single citizen here own a firearm, basically from 18 years old to 40 something you are entirely part of the military system and go for a 3 week course every year until you are discharged, so you keep your assault rifle at home, also because several times a year you have to go shooting at the range to re-qualify. Very unique system they have over here.
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    Welcome. Love Switzerland. I visit often with friends in Geneva. Target shooting is a big sport in Switzerland and yes high standard of liveing. Everyone has to go into the military and then the reserves. Something they should do here!
  9. A quick question, I guess I am not in the right section but maybe someone can redirect me to the right one:
    I am coming back home in FL for a quick vacation in 2 weeks, I am thinking of buying a couple of mags and bring them back to Switzerland since everything is overpriced there. Could it be a problem in a plane even if I check them in my luggage? Are empty mags considered parts of a gun even if the gun is not present?
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    Tina Turner?
  12. I Wish. If I was Tina Turner I wouldn't have any issue with everything being so expensive over here... :whistling:
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    Checked luggage you should be fine in the U.S. I have no idea about the international laws on magazines. I guess it would depend on what route you take and what countries you fly into. Yes, magazines are considered parts of a gun. You may have just as much trouble finding the mags here, let alone at a decent price.
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  15. Finally I couldn't wait to come back home to shoot, so I got a G30 SF directly from Austria. It looks different than the one I had in the U.S. actually, not only the printing on the grip is different (obviously it doesn't mention Smyrna, GA) but also the finish on the gun - frame and slide - seems different, kind of "darker". Maybe they are using a different material? anybody got any input on that?