Two recent shooting involving .22 round to the head. Not effective at all!!

Discussion in 'Caliber Corner' started by BIGGUNS911, Mar 18, 2013.

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    The sternum would likely stop them.

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  2. Who is person in the picture?

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    I certainly do not know. :upeyes:
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    rahman-headbutt-holyfield-6-2002.jpg Hasim Rahman

    I click to save the image and sometimes the pictures are descriptively named. I wish everybody that posts pictures would descriptively name them. Usually it's gibberish.
  5. Don't know the .22 round details but used to know a guy who'd tried to commit suicide twice in front of the same woman...aimed it under his chin straight up. He survived both times...he'd been bald and had two craters in the top of his skull where the .22 bullets exited....and he didn't think very clearly anymore..
  6. For all we know the ammunition used was Colibri from a .22LR SNS revolver with a 1/2 inch cylinder gap.

    Even if it was a decent pistol with CCI Mini Mags, there are plenty other freak incidents with larger common calibers.

    You have to take into account the angle the bullet hit, the position the head was in, ect. From my experience, the .22LR with decent ammo is pretty good penetrator. Even from a 2.5 inch barrel CCI Mini Mags blow through a 2x4 like it isnt even there.
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    The cranial vault has kept out bigger rounds than the .22lr countless number of times in shootings. Any pin shooter will point out that anything less than a good solid hit straight-on can fail to knock the pin over due to its sloping surface...same with skull and especially so when soft lead RN bullets are involved.
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    I can tell ya what happened to it "because" that is my hand, and my gun in the pic ! Why Wil Ufgood posted it here I do not know.

    I do not mind I guess, but goes to show that folks can take your stuff off the internet any where and do what they want with it ! haha.

    Simply.. It blew up while shooting WW Silvertips.. Hit search for any more info on it, i really do not want to go through the whole story, and it is on GT a cabillion times, and folks have posted it on other forum a cabillion times, and i seem to be the only one that knows how, why, where, because it is in MY hand and was MY gun ! :supergrin:

    Be safe !

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    Hey hoss. Where did you find my hand and my blown gun this time ?

    It seems to be popping up all over the internet..

    Hilarious the ammount of NO information, to bad information, to "wrong" information, concerning MY gun that kaboomed !

    Now it's on a " .22 " thread. :rofl:

    I need to start getting royalties off my pic ! :whistling:


  10. He did not think very clearly before the shooting!:faint:
  11. Here's a short article on the subject:
  12. A friend of mine was shot with a single .22. It entered his chest cavity through his right armpit, it pierced the top of his right lung, then the valve on top of his heart then the top of his left lung, it stopped against a rib on his left side.

    He was able to walk under his own power into the house and collapsed. The surgeon told us his heart stopped 3 times on the operating table. They were able to keep him alive, but the damage to his heart required them to put in a pace maker.

    He was 27 years old at the time that he was shot. He died a few years later due to complications from his injuries.

    You never know how a round will affect someone, no matter what caliber.

  13. Google search Glock Kaboom. Your G20 is famous Bro.

    Can't believe that happened with Silvertips, kinda sucks.
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    There's no doubt that .22s can kill. But drop an armed and murderous opponent? Not likely.
  15. They were doing it wrong
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    Yeh i know amigo... I did not mind ya using it, that was not the point.. I just found it amusing that every where on the net i go.... "There i am ." ! haha.

    It does get me how folks post that pic and "make up some dang story," or they post it and misquote the real story, or use NO story at all, or make it their own !

    I had this happen with some of our ranch pics with our horses, "our ranch itself," me, the game cam pics we have of a cougar dragging off a big buck deer by the throat, and "many, many more.." Man I am getting famous as you said, but all the tribute goes to most of the whack jobs posting our stuff as if it were theirs ! :rofl:

    Internut ! Whatta gonna do man ! :dunno:

    Glad you liked my misfortunate Kaboom ! haha. ;)

    BTW.. for the OP.. I know that 22's kill, and 22mags kill, and even out of the NAA 1 5/8" barrel, 22MAGNUM, when a head shot "can be made", even from this small barrel, it is "rare" that instant death does not occur.

    Ok Wil Ufgood, have fun with my pic ! send your check or money order later... haha.

    Be safe amigo !

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    Thank you so much for that! :thumbsup:

    The above is a REAL WORLD example of what I’ve spent so much time trying to explain (without much success :supergrin: ) to all of these C-1 carry, ‘Glockeroo Cowboys’, here, on Glock Talk. (This, also, parallels my own REAL WORLD life experience; and, ‘puts the lie’ to much of these always popular, but, largely pseudointellectual remarks about the presumed vital necessity for C-1 carry.)





    If someone sporting a carry pistol lacks the proper training, as well as ALL of the above physical and psychological prerequisites then, as far as I’m concerned, that person is no better than just another dangerous social goofball with a loaded gun who’s, out there, walking around in public - A goofball who constitutes himself as a viable potential threat to everyone with whom he comes into personal contact, including himself.

    (I doubt, though, that I’m going to garner any, ‘merit badges’ for continuing to point this out!) :winkie:

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  18. That makes no sense lol Yes, it can kill but only if it's not an armed and murderous opponent? So a .22 round has a different effect on that type of opponent? The article posted just proved otherwise. I have an article here, that shows an large intruder was killed with a single .22LR shot while a 100lb teenage girl took 4 rounds from 230gr 45 (ball ammo) at point blank range and not only survived but walked two blocks to a bus top to call 911. I guess those 45 are only for armed and murderous opponents :supergrin: The point of the article was calibers can have a different effect on a body depending on what the bullet hits. The .22 round above entered the mans chest, deflected off bone and into his heart. Died very quickly.
  19. That's what 22Magnum is for! Seriously though, 22mag uses real jacketed bullets not copper plated or copper washed. From a short barrel loaded for short barrels, 40 and 50 gr. 22mag out-penetrates 85 and 90 gr. 380. First hand tests in water jugs, five gallon buckets of wet & dry sand and sheets of plywood. All FMJ. This is from a 2" S&W 351 and 3" Kahr P380.

    EDIT: I see the 380 was actually 90 and 95 gr. not 85 and 90.
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  20. I've never met you CM but you're too cool and too 'real' (even on the interwebs) to be FOS. We need a CM pic thread to sticky. Take care brother.

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