Two different mags with new 23

Discussion in 'General Glocking' started by bennie1986, Feb 16, 2013.

  1. A few days ago i bought a new 23. It came with two mags but they are different. One has the 2 down by the glock symbol and the other does not. I was under the impression that the gun was NIB and the actual firearm looks like it was never fired. The other thing is that the gun has grease on it thats not the copper stuff from the factory. What do yall make of this?

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  2. Why are you asking us & not the person you bought it from?

  3. Forgot to mention it was a LGS and they are closed.
  4. some of my mags were marked the same on my Glocks that I bought new I think the number is off a mold or something ??? as for the grease?? the LGS could have thought they did you a favor and put a coating of grease on it ??? LOL
  5. I can see the grease thing but I would thing the factory would put the same mags in.
  6. Glock is known for using copper grease from the factory. As for the different magazines the dealership must've swapped...
  7. It is not the copper grease, its black and its ******d everywhere
  8. Are both of the magazines 13 round mags? I believe the ones with the 2 are gen 4 mags that will work with the release on the left, or right side. The others will not.
  9. Yes both are 13 but regardless you would think they would ship the same mags.
  10. Is the gun a gen 3 or 4? If they are both factory Glock mags I wouldn't worry about it.
  11. Can someone direct me to a thread on how to attach pictures because all the pics im trying to upload of this are to big.
  12. Try or
  13. Well i did the photo bucket thing and i cant get that either.
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  14. What's the first part of the serial number?
  15. The first 3 are Pvn.
  16. All new glocks have copper grease. All....
  17. IT IS NOT THE COPPER GREASE!! dont want to yell but at least read the dag gum post before you reply!
  18. Sorry RICHARD.
  19. You lost any assistance offered.
  20. I would be concerned, that could be some kind of return from another customer which may have tried his hand at some gunsmithing. between the different mags and no copper grease something is up. there was a thread started a while back when a gun went off without pulling the trigger. it was believe that it was a return if I'm not mistaking.

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