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    Some family hierlooms that aren't leaving the family. One was my late fathers who died in 1997 at 55. The other was one he bought for his mother. She died in '03 at 98 years old but had given me hers shortly after my father died. My mother called me one day in '07 because she found the other one up in the closet. I had been looking for it since my dad died.Grandma's was still in the box with the reciept. It was bought new June 15, 1972 for $125. My mom seemed to think they were bought about the same time.

    Gram's was all original and dad's had a set of Pachmayrs on it. I put the Hogues and Clipdraws on and bobbed the hammers myself. I kept gram's and my brother has dad's. (pics to follow)
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    I remember those days! I picked up a couple of S&W M41s back then. IIRC I paid $225 per copy.

    Nice set of 60s!

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