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T'was The Day After Christmas

Discussion in 'The Lighter Side' started by waltlb, Dec 26, 2006.

  1. Something I wrote for Christmas + 1 . . .


    The Old Man With The Bag has come and gone,
    Sentenced long ago for some terrible wrong,
    To fly housetop to housetop with heavy pack.
    Ne’er seeing glad child, sad crimson Cossack;
    Doomed to flee the cozy-happy scene of families,
    T’baccy yellowed teeth and flying red pajammys
    Fast leaving human warmth beneath the sleigh,
    Under fell penalty of days in tenebrous umbrae
    If he but pause to light his cold pipe

    What was’t made Herr Claus’ life to be so marred?
    Did he discreditably invent jokey Christmas cards
    And so sinfully give rise to Mad Ave shill types,
    Dulling the feast with poesy from minds pinstriped?
    Was he mean to the elves, down hard on Mrs. Claus?
    Drink up all the nog, tread on Rudy’s tender paws?
    No, not for these is SC denied the hearthside glow
    T’is that Santa was History’s original crooked CEO,
    He who first learned the stock-ings swipe.