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Turkey hunting can offers some interesting situations

Discussion in 'Hunting, Fishing & Camping' started by noway, Apr 25, 2005.

  1. I whent out turkey hunting for our season closer this weekend.

    Saturday I had a FL whitetail try to play chicken with me. I had just turned on the access road to the hunting ground when all of sudden with no warning a deer jump on to the road. I slammed on my brakes and at the last sec, the deer bounded across the road, but I do believe I got a leg/foot or rear-end as he jumped out of the way. I did see him running across the adjacent pasture, due to full moon light. NO damage to my vehicle, so I guess all is okay.

    Now as I was going to my ground stand at 5:00 hours, I had 3 hogs cut across my trail. I guess that thing with a redlight on his head and sloshing thru water/mud was confusing for a hog. Thee 3 hogs where easily with 2-3yards before the darted out. One even ran at me and if I didn't jump out of the way, it would have ran straight into me.

    Now at the blind location, which was using a fallen oak for the rear and a ameristep 5panelblind, for the front. After the first wave of hens walked thru my decoys and actuallybump the hen/jake combo that I had placed out. About 30mins later, I lookup to my far-left and I had about 10 or so hens walking down a trail 180degs to my left. I barely had time to get ready and had no warning that they where comming. They all stop behind me and where scratching in the leaves. So I decide to get off my stool and look and them to see if any had any beards. In so doing so, I stepped on a dried palmetto palm and all of the turkeys stopped and started to Putt----Puttt-Putttt.......

    About 3 sesc after this all happen, once again out of the middle of nowhere a brownish hog came running * snorting thru my decoys, and to my left and thru the flock of hens that where standing behind me. They didn't run away but kinda scatter once they seen what this animals was. It was kinda funny and scary at the same time. So after the hog had pass, the hens regather behind me, and stayed about 5yrds or less away from my backend of the blind. I had one hen eyeballing me from the back side of the fallen oak and this is the 1st time I've been within 5yrds of a turkey. The whole time she was looking and stretching her neck trying to figure out what I was. But she never alerted and didn't run.

    I was 100% sure she was going to put 2 +2 and come up with 4 and conclude that I was a dangerous. But it never happen. they stayed behind me for a good 10mins or so before slowly walking off. My heart was beating like a jackhammer doing this whole scenario.

    Yeap this weekend was some of the strangerous and wonder turkey hunting I seen.

    Sunday, I had a shot on a jake at 17yrds but pass due to the others hens that where in the way. The tall grass that covered their breast wouldn't let me treuly ID which one had the 2-3" beard. So I pass and let him lived to hopefully be killed next year. ;) I saw over 30 turkeys on sunday and just teh same for saturday. 2 Had beards, but only one was in range.

    I have this area marked and I will be back during fall turlkey season.
  2. Roger C

    Roger C

    May 9, 2000
    VA, USA
    Cool experience, that's what it's all about, isn't it?

    My buddy & I had a couple of deer walk about 10 yards past us last weekend while out for turkeys. It's a real kick to be able to just sit still and watch them as they slowly work their way along, nobody really bothering anybody. Have to remember that spot this Fall.... ;)

  3. yeap turkey hunting for the 5 weeks down here gives you the oppurtunity to see the other animals in a less spooky format plus the added fact , even less hunters are around. I use this time and make mental notes of possible areas to explored on my off season time.

  4. Michigun

    Michigun Miss Michigan?

    Mar 1, 2001
    Michigan, USA
    Funny you should bring all this about chief... one of the guys in my R&D department was out turkey hunting this past Saturday (The day before we got 12" of snow!) & had an adult doe literally block his shot at a nice tom only 35 yards away... he said just as he moved his finger from flicking off his safety to the trigger this doe jumped out in his shooting lane between him & the tom about at the 15-yard mark. (He had no idea she was ever even there!) He said he tried to get the doe to spook off by waving his hand at her, but she still stood there for a bit longer snorting & doing the 'ol "foot stomp". By the time she finally ran off waving the "white middle finger" at him the tom had moved out of the shooting lane to go pursue some other hens... he said he just sat there dumbfounded at what had just happened! Apparently the doe hadn’t bothered the tom in the least through all of this.

    Needless to say I had a good chuckle at his expense. ;f