Tula or Wolf?

Discussion in 'Black Rifle Forum' started by Walk Soft, Oct 7, 2012.

  1. I get so confused. I have never had a stuck case using steel cased ammunition. In fact I have had only 3 issues w/ steel cased ammunition in thousands of rounds (2 short strokes, and one failure to feed w/ a HP round. What am I doing wrong? Have I just been extremely lucky? Someone help me understand.

    What manufacture of AR are some of you using when having issues w/ steel cased ammunition?

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  2. Because for the most part, it's not an issue. Also remember, not every gun is identical, not every shooter maintains their rifle the same, and not every shooter shoots the same amount of steel case ammo in one outing. Get it...?

    Consider yourself lucky that you don't have an issue. But if you are implying that steel case ammo doesn't cause problems and everyone is imagining things or lying, then you've got issues, my friend.

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  3. So where's the variation? I never clean, I treat my rifles like the tool they are. I let them sit out in the rain all day this past Sat. I've done the same thing w/ 7 different ARs I've owned w/ the same results. Everything from Spikes, DD, BCM, LWRC, and personally assembled using DD BCGs and higher end barrels. I run steel almost exclusively. You'd think if anyone had problems it would be me. Don't you think?

    I'm saying anyone is lying. I'm saying people may need to take a closer look at the equipment they are using. I'd like to know what rifles are having issues.

    Not busting anyones chops, just confused as to why some do and some don't have issues. And why some insist it's the ammunition and not the rifle when some can run the ammo 99%.
  4. Some rifles with tighter/properly/improperly cut chambers, ammunition manufacturing variations from lot to lot, etc. Tolerance stacking can be a bear.
  5. Well, there are .223 chambers and 5.56 chambers. Chrome-lined chambers and non-chrome-lined chambers. Clean guns, dirty guns. Etc, etc, etc.

    I am not saying if you run steel ammo you WILL have a problem. I am just saying it CAN happen. And there really is not much rhyme or reason as to what rifles will be affected.

    As I said before, you haven't had a problem. Good for you. Shoot cheap, steel-cased ammo to your heart's content.
  6. It can happen w/ any ammunition.

    This is what I'm questioning. Please explain why when in my experience the issue seems to be in rifles from manufacturers who are known for having out of spec chambers. Blaming the ammunition appears to be a cover up for those who own or sell these ARs. Just like some manufacturers void warranties if steel cased ammunition is used.

    And I'm not the only one who uses steel cased ammunition w/ no real issues. There are guys using 5-10k a year w/o issue.

    There has been a lot of talk on this. I keep thinking there was a recent article where a guy w/ help from friends ran through a pallet full of wolf w/o issue.
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  7. TangoFoxtrot

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    Tula or Wolf?
    NEITHER! :whistling:
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    I love Wolf in my rifle,I can cm at 250,kinda like that.'08.
  9. I always figure you get what you pay for.
    I pay $4.97/20 at walmart for Tulammo and thats about $2 cheaper than any brass case I can find.
    I think its worth the chance of a stuck case every now and then. Although it seems very rare.
    I had a bad round last week. Tried to fire 3 times and
    primer never ignited.
    When I want the best odds for flawless function I use the
    now more expensive brass case ammo.
    Only had a stuck case in Stag.
    I shot Wolf in the same rifle when it was new and it never failed.
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  10. Thing is, when you buy individual boxes of ammo, you don't always know how it was stored or transported so moisture could be an issue. That is why I always buy spam cans to ensure that the ammunition is not compromised before I put it into the gun.
  11. Hour13

    Hour13 Tah-dah!

    OP, like Plank mentioned, try a little of each, see what it likes. ARs are like snowflakes when it comes to steel-case, and some just flat-out don't like steel.

    Cabela's "Herters" steel(re-boxed Tula), has run wonderfully in my PSA, Stag, RRA, and BCM rifles.

    The carbines run H-buffers with the hotter quality ammo, I swap in a standard buffer when I'm going to blow steel at the range.

  12. My M&P15 runs Tula great. I've fired probably 700-800 rounds with no issues. I haven't tried Wolf.

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  13. Only shoot brass case in that colt! If its the 1 in 7 twist then its close to precision...tight tolerance....you'll get a steel casing stuck with hot carbon. JMHO!:wavey:
  14. Currently preparing to clean my ARs for the first time since this time last year and only because I'm going to try out a new lubricant. A year, thousands of rounds of Tula, no cleaning, 3 failures to feed. How was I able to make it through? :dunno:
  15. I got rid of my last Colt barrel 2 years ago. My only current AR is built on an LMT 10.5" upper.

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