Tula or Wolf?

Discussion in 'Black Rifle Forum' started by Walk Soft, Oct 7, 2012.

  1. I'll pm you my address. I'll pay shipping.

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  2. Same here bud-- I like the M855 ammo. I was lucky enough to get 3x 840 round earlier this summer when it was still $360 each with shipping--hope those prices return

  3. not necessarily--there should be a range that it functions with. I personally use mid length gas system on the 4 rifles I built, 16 in FN barrels with PWS 556 FH/comp ,Spike's tactical T-2 buffers, standard buffer spring- and it recoils really soft in my opinion.
    The carbine gas system is supposed to have a higher gas impulse than the mid-length gas system. I had read on AR15 web forums that they can be overgassed, but I have only shot one carbine with carbine gas system. kick was a little harder, don't know specifics on the gun though (just shot one at the range).
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    I got a cmmg .22 drop in bolt. Much cheaper than either :)

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  5. I don't shoot enough to justify the cost of the conversion. If I was able to go out plinking more I probably would
  6. It's possible to get one out without a ram, depending on how bad it is. I've done it with a hung Wolf case in a Colt barrel by pulling back on the charging handle and mortaring the stock.

    Not always.
  7. Ive shot Tulammo in a 6920 and a midlength PSA upper with no issues. I shot 200 rnds of wolf in a stag model 3 when it was new no issues and then had a tulammo stick in the chamber after dumping a couple 30rnd mags. It was smoking hot. I popped it out with a cleaning rod when it cooled down and then shot ~100 more rounds without an issue.
    I shoot Tulammo in 9mm,.40, and .45 without a problem.
    It smells really bad tho.
    I only use for range and plinking. WOULD NOT depend on it for defensive ammo.
  8. For those having problems w/ stuck cases, check your chambers for size.
  9. In my case(heh), it was caused by a case mouth failure. Had another one 10 minutes later in a different gun from the same case of ammo.
  10. Matthew Courtney

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    Generally Silver Bear > Wolf > Brown Bear > Tula, but different rifles have preferences. Folks have seen improvement after cleaning and polishing their chambers, changing BCG's, and changing shock buffers.
  11. Im not an ammunition guy at all. Is it possible to get a lot w/ thicker cases from the norm which would cause this issue w/ in-spec chambers?

    I've had two issues w/ Silver Bear and Tula has been awesome in my experience.

    Changing buffers can make a difference. Carrying a couple buffer of different weights is a good idea when trying out different ammunition.
  12. The biggest thing is cleaning when switching between brass and steel case. I've shot some brass but mostly tulammo steel through my AR and after several hundred rounds I have yet to have any kind of malfunction. It is however a bit dirtier than most brass ammo, hence the more frequent cleaning.

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  13. I have heard this a lot but have experienced it not to be important. I've purposely loaded magazines w/ mixed brass and steel cased ammunition, hundreds of rounds at a time in one range trip. I did the same at a class this weekend. I never clean just lube.
  14. The problem with steel case isn't the gun, it's the ammo. The steel case doesn't expand like brass, allowing spent gases and powder residue back into the chamber, instead of out the barrel. This builds up quickly on the chamber walls and bingo! ... casings get stuck. I've heard mixing 1 brass round for every 9 steel ones (3 brass rounds per mag) will help this problem, as the brass will gather a lot of the crap that's built up on the chamber walls and take it out with it. Just a trick I've heard/read.
  15. WInterWizard, explain how people can go thousands of rounds w/o cleaning or issue w/ steel cased ammunition while some get cases stuck?
  16. though not directed toward me--there are a lot of variables from rifle to rifle, even from one manufacturer of lower parts kits to another.

    cleaning and how well it previously maintained.

    probably most crucial in this thread is the chamber of the barrel and headspacing. Also to this thread with reliability of low powered ammo would be the gas system--carbine would be best for lower powered ammo reliability
  17. also different chamber types --there is Wylde, 223, and 556.

    another thing is that from what I understand tulammo and or wolf have changed from a lacquer/shellac to a polymer/plastic coating to reduce hangups in the chamber--so even the age of the ammo could change things drastically
  18. I've run thousands of rounds of tula through my bcm middy with zero malfunctions, but I always run the standard weight buffer with steel case. Running an H buffer increases the likelyhood of malfunctions to occur, for the obvious reasons, even in a 7" gas system.

    Also, stay away from monarch steel case. It keyholes badly, and even in properly spec'd rifles too.
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    yep.. I have been seeing this since 98-99 and its the reason I do not use soviet stuff in a AR.
  20. I second this, if you look hard you can get it for $6 a box. But $7 is pretty dang good...

    check luckygunner.com, sportsmansguide.com, ammotogo.com

    I'm sure others can give you some more suggestions.

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