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Tuckable - Kydex or Leather

Discussion in 'Carry Issues' started by Rustyaxecamp, Mar 9, 2012.

  1. Ready to buy a tuckable for my 23. Looking at the Crossbreed SuperTuck and the American Holster InvisiTuck.

    Pros/Cons to Leather vs Kydex?

    Big question is retention of the leather after a few years. Will it be like my pancake holster for my Ruger SP101 and be just as good, perhaps better, after it shapes to my side?

    Sorry if this is a common question. Tried to look through the archives, but didn't see what I wanted..
  2. I like the hybrid type. Just a single piece of leather than can be changed if it rots or stretches too much. Another single peice of kydex that's thinner than leather that would be this rigid. I've seen 100% kydex IWBs, that look aweful!

    +1 for the kydex/leather crossbreed. I made mine in the same style.