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TSA confrontation leaves grandpa's ashes on floor

Discussion in 'Political Issues' started by Ruble Noon, Jun 26, 2012.

  1. JFrame


    May 29, 2001
    Mid-Atlantic, US of A
    TSA might well be the most disorganized, confused, and undisciplined mess of reactive morons currently assembled by the FedGov -- and we all know that's saying A LOT.

    My wife and I flew this weekend, and she put a gift glass-vase ornamental solid candle (about pint-sized) in her carry-on because she didn't want it to break in check-in luggage. That freakin' candle got flagged by TSA, and we were detained for about 15 minutes while they scrutinized the candle, and felt compelled to run it through the scanner twice.

    So remember -- that warning about packing carry-on liquids now means that solids are liquids... :upeyes:

    Freakin' morons...


  2. Jerry

    Jerry Staff Member Moderator Millennium Member

    Dec 21, 1998
    I'm still trying to figure out how one would kill someone with fingernail-clippers or a little plastic Glock key-chance fob. :dunno:
    Last edited: Jun 27, 2012
  3. JFrame


    May 29, 2001
    Mid-Atlantic, US of A

    Jerry -- I have one of those TSA-legal nail-clippers with the file missing. :upeyes:

    To see what is wrong with the statist mindset, one needs to look no further than TSA.

  4. tyesai


    Nov 12, 2005
    You're missing the point. The TSA is doing a great job of slave training the American people. If you'll put up with them groping your wife and kid what won't you put up with? Now give me those nail clippers while I get the pedo priest to pat down your 8 year old daughter.....It's absurd....When I PCS out of Spain it will be the last time I fly commercially.....