truglo tfo?

Discussion in 'General Glocking' started by vmann, Nov 5, 2013.

  1. vmann

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    i am going to install some of these on my 27, going to get yellow/green, but cant figure out which number to order, there is an option for low or high, can anyone give me the exact number to order

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  2. For the 27 the low sights are the correct ones. The high set is for the .45

  3. TG131GT1Y on my G27.

  4. vmann

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    perfect, can i see a side view of that....
  5. I have the Tru-Glo TFO sights on my 3 glocks. I love them.
    I have all green. You have the best of both worlds (Day & Night) Best to have the gun shop install for you they usually do it for free if you by from them. Or get a Glock sight press.
    I think your really going to like the TFO sight!! :wavey:
  6. vmann

    vmann Controller

  7. I'm going to have some green/green TFO's installed on my 33 this afternoon.
  8. How accurate are these sights, and how durrable? I'm thinking about switching my pro I-dots
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  9. I have them on my g36 and love them the only thing is I have to float the front dot over the target instead of holding at 6 o'clock. But they sure are bright!

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  10. I use them on my G17, G21, G27 with plans to eventually use them on the rest.
    Are they good? They are great! Are they as durable as small plain iron sights, no, they can't possibly be. As you add features and complexity, the durability has to go down. They are bigger and that makes them more likely to get hit, pushed, bumped. I think the bottom line is that under normal use they can be as durable as any other night sight. I think the most likely to get in trouble would be the front sight. No big deal, if I mess it up, I'll replace it and move on. In the balance, I think it is a great sight, I have been using them for a few years on my EDC with no problem and they are cheap on
    High for G20/G21 low for everything else.
  11. Lt. Donn

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    About 2 years ago, I lucked into a G-19 "Gillie" on Gun Broker with a set of the Tru Glos installed ( green/Green)...have been very durable ( this is a range/training gun) has been dropped several times during demo's and by students, no problem with the sights...I believe that fiber optic sights are the (older) mans best friend!
    I feel confident that you will appreciate them once they are installed
  12. Here are the green/green on my G33. You can see how they'll look from different angles.

  13. Does anyone who has these find that the front Green sight washes out in bright daylight? I would like to get a set, but I know that an Orange front sight is much easier to pick up in the sun.
  14. I noticed these have a set screw on the rear sight to keep them secured I guess. Is a sight pusher needed for install or do they slide in by hand and lock down with the set screw?
  15. I have mine installed for free where I buy them. I've never attempted by myself but I would say a sight pusher is needed. Some others have had luck D.I.Y tapping them in with just a punch and hammer, using a vise.
  16. I've put a set on my G20 and G27 and they were both tight. I used my pusher and they are tight enough that I really don't need the set screw.

    I forgot to tighten it on my G20 and I shot about 150 rounds before I noticed and the sights hadn't moved a bit.
  17. The fiber optic shows up really well in sunlight and will be very visible.

    They don't shine very well under medium fluorescent lights. The fiber optic doesn't seem to catch fluorescent light very well, but the tritium still glows.
  18. SCmasterblaster

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    What Glock is that?

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