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true story...

Discussion in 'The Lighter Side' started by revel8, Jul 24, 2008.

  1. revel8

    revel8 hedgehog

    Jun 17, 2008
    my local shop is having a big sale because they are moving their store. gun accessories are 30% off ! wow. so i go in looking for a glock 26 or glock 19 mag. I ask the guy, do you have any glock magazines left ? sure he says, right over here on the rack. great. So i follow him over to the rack, and its a magazine rack, you know like READING magazines.

    " no, " I said. Im looking for magazines for BULLETS. " oh. he says. "

    some of the other guys working in the shop and i got a good laugh. I felt bad, I think the guy was pretty embarrassed. anyway i thought this was funny but you had to be there. this ever happen to anyone else?
  2. AlphaTea

    AlphaTea Silver Member

    Yea similar thing happened to me,
    Back during the gun ban I bought a G17 hi-cap (preban) on gunbroker. It was shipped UPS in a padded envelope. My doorbell rang and by the time I answered the door the BBT was getting on down the road. I picked up the envelope off the front porch and there was an OBVIOUS hole torn in the side. The MAG was not inside. In the claims process I had to talk to some chickadee on the phone. She could not grasp why a handgun magazine claim would be so much. We went back and forth for a few minutes and the conversation was strange:

    What was the title?
    You know, the name on it?
    Oh, Glock and it has 9mm printed near the top on one side.
    Do you know the date on it?
    Not sure, but pre 1994.
    How many pages did it have?
    Say what?
    Front to back, how many pages?
    Lady, this is a Glock 17 handgun MAGAZINE, not a catalog.
    So is it more like a comic book?
    I know some of those are collectible.
    No, no, no! This is the kind of magazine that goes INSIDE a gun?
    Yea right, OK, who is this? Did Taquanda (real name) put you up to this?
    I don't know any Taquanda and I already gave you my name and address and you checked it against the tracking number, remember? Lady I just want to file a claim for a Glock handgun magazine, you know, the thing that hold the bullets, right?
    I thought you were talking about a periodical.
    A what?
    A magazine, SIR! One of those things with pictures and writing and advertisements.
    Nope, It was one of those things that holds the bullets that goes into the bottom of a pistol.
    Oh, you mean a clip.
    Yes, yes, yes!
    Why didn't you say it was a clip? I think I have enough info now, I forward you claim ASAP.

  3. Ranger.357

    Ranger.357 NRA Member

    Aug 22, 2007
    WA State
    I'm surprised he didn't show you a magazine on ballistics :supergrin:

  4. :rofl:


    Nov 18, 2005
    the official ups handbooks say use the term clip:upeyes:
  6. kinda gangsta if you ask me:dunno: