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TRS follow up

Discussion in '1911 Forums' started by Honor Bound, Nov 13, 2010.

  1. Honor Bound

    Honor Bound

    Sep 15, 2004
    Hello Gang,

    A quick follow up report of my experience with the recently new Les Baer TRS. I also have a question at the end.

    I didn’t like the slim wood grips that came stock. There wasn’t enough for my big hands to hold on to. So I purchased and installed a set of VZ Elite Tactical Carry grips in Olive Drab. I am very satisfied. They feel good and look great too. Not to take anything away from the classic wood laminated grips and black frame, but I think these really look sharp. Thank you to those that suggested VZ. Picture below.

    Next I was dealing with the thumb over the safety grip. Though I had my doubts, I was linked to some Rob Leatham clips and saw how well the thumbs high and forward grip served him. After a trip to the range it proved effective and not as awkward as I expected.

    Moving on…

    I believe that all my guns are working guns. As said before by others on GT, there are no safequeens in my house.

    So, how many rounds need to go through my extremely tight Les Baer before it’s deemed a reliable carry gun?

    I have about 660 rounds of range ammo through it now. Had a total of 2 FTLs with the stock Les Baer magazines. I have since picked up some Wilson Combat mags with no issues. I plan to put through another 200 rounds plus use up my current stock of aging Self Defense ammo this Monday.

    I’ve been able to trade for a very nice Bommeland Max-Con V from a fellow GTer and am looking forward carrying it soon.

    As always, thanks for you comments.

    Honor Bound

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  2. PlasticGuy


    Jul 10, 2000
    You've got enough practice and carry rounds through it to make me feel comfortable carrying it. I waited until I had a couple thousand through my Premier II though, because although it was 100% reliable it was still too tight to do effective press checks. My Concept VII broke in much faster, and was truly ready to go at the 500 round mark. My chrome TRS was purchased slightly used, so I can't use it as a reference for that.