TriStar T-120 9mm

Discussion in 'General Firearms Forum' started by Bernie Link, Jan 12, 2013.

  1. Hi Friends, Today I got a new TriStar T-120 9mm. Traded a Rossi Rio Grande 30/30 which was almost new for it. I'd never heard of the brand but saw very good reviews online like this: "I read about the Tri-star (Canik55) in Cambat Handguns magazine and after the favorable review and the very reasonable price, I thought I'd give it a try. It seemed to be a good way to try the CZ-75 platform without spending the extra $150-$200 for an actual CZ. I've had the gun for a while now and if anything , the magazine article undersold it. It's just wonderful. It's my new favorite handgun and I like it much better than my Springfield XD-9." So what do you guys (and gals) think??? Anyone ever shot one, did I make a good trade, what about reliability, or any comments? Thanks, Bernie

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  2. Congrats! :cool:

    There are many good CZ 75 copies available. Its a great platform indeed.

  3. I have its little brother, the Tristar C-100. It is a great little pistol about the size of a G19 with an alloy frame. The slide rides inside the frame like a CZ. Mine runs great. Accuracy is great if I do my part. It is DA/SA. Trigger is very good. Can't beat the price either. Looks like it will be very durable.
    Mine looks like a CZ 75b Compact and I think yours looks like a CZ 75b, at least if it is the same as the one I saw in the store. An internet search will turn up up many great reviews. They are made by Canik out of Turkey. There are various other models available under the Canik name.
    Enjoy shooting it. Give us a range report.
  4. I got a Tristar C-100 (made by Canik55) from Academy Sports for $300. I really looks like a well made gun, but I have not got to shoot it yet. I think the SA trigger is great as is. I was not happy the paint on the sights and bought some Metprolight night sights at a discount on Ebay. I managed to install them myself. I think I am really going to like this gun.
  5. Papershoot, just like mine without the meps. Great deal on yours. We don't have Academy around here; otherwise I would own another at that price. My price was $360.00. Get out and shoot it; as you anticipate, you will really like this gun. Give us a range report after you try it.
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  6. Mine is the 4.7" blued it was listed for $410 at a local gun store. Shot it yesterday "Sweet". I'm thinking about a "flash light - laser combo" for it. Anyone have opinions about what I should buy? Barska has one with a red laser, and another with a green laser, both have a flash light with 200 lumen. The red laser is $59 and the green is $159. Does anyone know what the difference might be?
  7. Bernie, sorry but can't help you with the flashlight laser combo. However, it leads me to the question of whether yours has a rail. Does it?
  8. Yes. Built in, under barrel.

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