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Discussion in 'The Snubbie Club' started by GlockSupremacy, Mar 19, 2011.

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    Does anyone else get there finger pinched while pulling the trigger?

    Using my first knuckle on the trigger i pull it and the back side of the trigger is 90 degrees and pinches my finger against the frame! (and no i do not have fat fingers, i am a skinny guy lol)

    I think I might have to round the back side of the triggers edge.

    Has anyone else done this modification?
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  3. DJ Niner


    Yes, I had the same problem many years ago with the Ruger Security/Speed/Service-Six revolvers I used to shoot in competitions. After a while, I would automatically round the rear edge of the trigger (both sides) as soon as I bought a Ruger DA revolver, to prevent the problem. I'd remove the trigger, clamp it in a padded vise, and use a strip of emory cloth or other abrasive cloth in a back-and-forth shoe-shine motion on the rear edge. Then I'd lube it heavily to prevent any corrosion from taking hold in the newly exposed metal. Sometimes, I'd also modify the little bump on the frame where the narrow trigger guard flares out to meet the wide frame at the rear of the trigger guard; that little bump would occasionally cause the same troubles during long shooting sessions.

    Never had this difficulty with S&W, Colts, or other brands (mid-size and larger frames). I ran into it every now and then with the small J-frame S&Ws, but I no longer shoot those very often.


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  4. Chup

    I bought a Dremil for my SP101 DAO. I narrowed and made the trigger thinner. The standard trigger gave me a blister after long shooting sessions. After reshaping I can shoot all day.

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