Trigger bar question on Gen 4 19

Discussion in 'General Glocking' started by John R., Jan 7, 2014.

  1. Can I use the G17 smooth face trigger bar (glsp00357 part #) in my Gen 4 G19?

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  2. Yes. I put the Gen 3 one in and it feels even better.

  3. It does feel better but you will lose a little bit of disengagement on the firing pin safety. This could cause light primer strikes, the bump on the gen 4 bar keeps the vertical extension centered on the safety ensuring a clear path for the firing pin. I'd stick with the smooth gen 4 trigger. # SP03608

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  4. All of my Gen4's have a Gen3 smooth trigger installed. No issues at all. Never heard of the light primer strike claim before either.
    Nothing to worry about, it works fine.
  5. Gen3 trigger bars on all my gen4 pistols. No problems.
  6. What is the benefit of swapping it out with the 17 trigger/trigger bar???
  7. There's only a benefit for those of us who prefer smooth-faced triggers to the standard, serrated trigger faces that come on the compact and sub-compact models.
  8. Ahh ok, thanks
  9. I for one have always liked the serrated trigger better, even after running a smooth one on a G19 for awhile. Funny how those that swap in a smooth trigger are the ones to do a stippling job on the grip.
  10. I believe this to be an over-generalization...
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  11. He's right. I had a early model G17 Gen 4 that I did this to. Was real smooth, but started getting light primer strikes. Replaced with Gen 4 trigger smooth trigger version that I ordered from LWD and no issues after that... :whistling:
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  12. The bump on the gen4 trigger bar causes the trigger pull to be heavier. Gen4 pistol with the dot connector and gen3 trigger/trigger bar is the perfect carry trigger IMO.

    Engagement on the firing pin safety is exactly like it is with the trigger bar in a gen3 pistol. Slightly off center.

    I have heard the real reason for the bump is if you switch the magazine release to the right side of the pistol. I haven't looked in to that so I have no idea if it is true, but if you prefer your magazine release on the right side, I would check it out in detail first.
  13. TexasPOff

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    That is the correct answer, the 4th gen trigger bar was designed to maintain alignment with the striker block if the magazine release is switched around for left handed shooter.

    If the 3rd gen trigger bar, with out the bump would have been an issue, Glock would have changed the design long before the 4th gen pistols. The new trigger bar design would be in all new Glock if it was a design issue.

    FWIW I run 3rd gen smooth triggers in all my Glocks, 3rd and 4th gens and have never had an issue.

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  14. The last Armorers course I did that was the explanation given. The bump keeps the trigger bar from flexing so you get full disengagement when the striker is released. You can see the Gen 3 bar flex as your pulling the trigger if you shine a light up the magwel. The bump just keeps it consistent everytime.

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  15. I like the Gen4 trigger bar..If anyone wants to get rid of their Gen4 trigger I will gladly take it off your hands. My Gen3 would love to have it.
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  16. The bump was first put there on the GAP models originally as on some guns the trigger bar was bypassing some .45 cal. plungers thereby not allowing it to disengage, so the theory was.

    It should be made a sticky that there are TWO different smooth faced 00357 trigger bars and that Glock does NOT differentiate between the two. One has no "bump" and has the Gen 3 trigger spring angle. The other has no bump and has the new Gen 4 trigger spring angle. You have to actually physically look at the triggers to tell the difference. The mail order houses won't do this to the best of my knowledge. Luck of the draw. For a Gen 4 gun you want the trigger bar with the new improved Gen 4 trigger spring angle.
  17. Man this is getting more confusing by the minute. I picked the part up at a gunship, they had a whole section of Glock parts. I have no idea what the different angles are.
  18. Nismo

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    So, is there a reliable source that will guarantee a gen 4 smooth face trigger?
  19. Yes, only stocks the latest and greatest. If you have questions call and talk to the owner, Dave. The new bars both Gen 3 and Gen 4 have the relief cut and contour for the trigger spring.

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  20. Here is a picture of the newest version.

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