Trayvon Martin's Family Calls For Arrest Of Man Who Confessed To Shooting

Discussion in 'Carry Issues' started by TBO, Mar 9, 2012.

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  1. RussP


    While parents and family want information, the police need to make a thorough investigation using facts collected from untainted witnesses. Withholding critical information insures witnesses' recollections will not be swayed by what others say.

    That's the way it works in the real world, SpringerTGO.

    I've posted here before that I just went through a self defense shooting with my best friend. It took 8 1/2 months to complete the investigation and go to the Grand Jury. My friend was never arrested. The GJ no billed the case.

    The family of the man shot also wanted to know about what was happening with the investigation. They also went to the media. They also introduced false and misleading information in their interviews.

    This is not CSI television where you get to see the work that goes on behind the scenes as it happens.

    What the family WANTS is not important to the investigation. The fair and complete investigation IS what's important.

    You keep saying, "...if you were the parent of the teenager who was killed..."

    How about the parent of the person claiming self defense? Do they not deserve a fair and thorough investigation without chance of errors being made resulting in a rush to justice.

    Yes, everyone, what took seconds to happen will take months to resolve.

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  2. RussP


    Is what's in bold the logic you refer to here...
    How do you get what's in bold from Warp's "staying in the car"?

    I do not see it.

  3. I was speaking in reference to PAGunner.
  4. ditto

    And to summarized,

    All of the hassle he is in, to include trial by media, cost of a lawyer, hiding in fear for now and potentially the rest of his life. For what..............................?

    A kid who happen to be black that he thought was suspicious, but not committing a recognozable crime at the time this rope was starting unravel by Mr.Z. Nor was TM placing Mr.Z or anybody else life , into a condition of serious bodily injury or harm.
  5. Russ,
    I am not saying that the parents of the teenager who was killed are right. What I am saying is that it is human nature to want answers immediately.
    And Warp... everyone here is saying that it would take months before the police (right or wrong) would be able to release complete information.

    Funny how this forum is working. I have said repeatedly that I believe Zimmerman is innocent until proven guilty. But so many people here have made up their minds about Travon's guilt, but Zimmermans stupidity.

    Russ, Misty, and Warp..... you are all way better people than me, if you can patiently sit back and wait for months for answers as to why your kid was killed.
    I have no respect for the way the media has handled this and turned it into a race war. But only on the 'net can people sit back and complacently say how much better they would handle their kid being killed, and how ignorant others are for questioning (or understanding) how others might deal with it.
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  6. Warp


    I feel I have missed something.

    Would you please quote the posts of mine you are referring to/talking about here?


    See Russ' post above. As well, would you rather we live in a dictatorship where one was summarily hung or shot without a thorough investigation of the facts merely to be "expedient" and to calm upset parents?

    I recommend the movie "The Oxbow Incident". Rent it. :wavey:
  8. Neighborhood watch is not allowed to be armed. Neighborhood watch is not supposed to approach suspicious people. That is because they are not police. They don't want untrained people out there acting like cops because incidents like this happen.

    Whether he sneaked up behind him or approached him with a marching band does not matter, he allowed him to reach the distance to strike him. If he would have had a knife Zimmerman would have been dead. Do you think bad guys always attack from in plain sight? I had a friend who was shot by those thrill killers a few years ago in Phoenix. He was out walking the streets at 2:00 AM. He did not deserve to be shot for that. But it was stupid to be out walking around then.

    My post was a reply to another poster responding to a previous post where I said he probably did nothing illegal but was not very smart. I also said Martin was not very smart also.

  9. It is actually a matter of life and death, likely your own. Is any property (yours or others) worth your life? Zimmerman got lucky!

    Even inside our own home, if it weren’t because our grown boys and grandson sleep on the other side of the house, we would hunker down in our room during a burglary, call the police and let them handle it. The only reason we leave our room is because there are others at risk, otherwise it would be unlikely we would go investigate things that go thump in the night.

    You have to evaluate what is at risk versus what is there to gain at all times. If you take that evaluation a few steps beyond the “right now” and “what you actually know” you’ll come to the conclusion that other than the lives of your loved ones (or your own) little else is worth the risk.

  10. You would be incorrect with such an assumption. I would be just as impatient (if not more). I would do everything in my power to learn what is going on, by being there and helping (rather than obstructing and becoming a nuisance) you get to find out more than you would otherwise, you get to be present during conversations that are not meant for your ears (but if you’re discrete and pretend to be doing something else you’ll get to hear). You volunteer to be their secretary, maid, delivery person (pick up lunch), whatever they need. You become as unnoticeable as their wall and as helpful as the best assistant they’ve ever had. Find out at what time people have lunch, show up with sandwiches and coffee, don’t drop them off and leave; find a way to sit there with them and eat yours too, ask some questions but not many, let them talk, listen to what they say to each other. You still will not be allowed everywhere and you won’t be told everything, but you would know a lot more than by demanding and becoming an obstruction they have to work around.

    Always keep clear what your goal is and find the most positive way to attain it. It is up to you to create an atmosphere where they want to help you and keep you informed. If they don’t trust you, you’ll get what you’re entitled to, which isn’t much if you truly have a need to remain informed.

    Why do people assume they’ll get the results they want by demanding them rather than working for them? I’ll never understand that.
  11. Bren

    Bren NRA Life Member

    I consider just the principle of not letting others mess with my stuff to be well worth risking my life for.
  12. More than a few of my neighbors fall in the “loved ones” category. They are people that we care about and would do everything in our power to help. After the 2005 hurricanes, we became even closer. If they need someone to take them to the doctor, pick up medicine, do some grocery shopping and the like, we are there. If there is someone breaking into their home when they are not home we would call the police and let them handle it. Heck, if I came to my own home and suspected there were burglars inside I would call the police and let them handle it. When there were strange people in my neighbors back yard we called them, they weren’t expecting anyone to do any work and called the police. They didn’t ask us, nor would we have agreed to go there and try to prevent anything.

    Personally, I wouldn’t join a neighborhood watch (even if you paid me). If I see something wrong I’ll call them. If I can’t get a hold of them, then I’ll call the police. If I suspect they are in danger, then I would have other decisions to make.

    Pick your fights and know which are worth you risking your neck, in the big scheme of things, few of them are.

  13. East River Guide

    East River Guide Glockaholic

    There are different levels of analysis. If you look at it as a chain of causation or tactical error, yes there are ways to say getting out of the car was wrong, just as you can say some girl shouldn't have been walking down a street late at night alone in a short skirt or bad things wouldn't have happened to her. But I am still not eager to create legal or criminal liability for simply getting out of the car to investigate what could be a threat to your neighbors.

    And of course in retrospect there was more risk there than I'm sure GZ wanted to take on. But really, there are plenty of people who go outside to investigate if they hear or see something suspicious on their property or maybe thier neighbor's. I'm not prepared to make them criminals for doing so, even if they could have stayed inside.
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  14. SpringerTGO, I went through one I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy. It took many months of suffering I cannot even begin to describe. The detectives involved were incredible, and that is based on what I knew, much more went on behind the scenes that I didn’t even know about. At the end of the day they even obtained a hand written confession. His defense attorney claimed it was obtained under duress (lies), the confession became inadmissible; once the confession was thrown out witnesses started to back out. Witnesses consisted of children that had gone through hell for the many months the investigation lasted and I can’t blame the parents for backing out. The entire case evaporated right before our eyes and the guy walked.

    The world and others in it owe you nothing. The police have a job to do, you can be an obstacle, demand all you want, and you’ll get nothing. Work diligently with them and you could still get nothing, but your odds suddenly get a tad better.

    You think I’m a better person than you are? Hardly, I’ve just had the necessity to learn the hard way and always kept sight of what my goal actually was. It still didn’t work, but not for lack of trying.

  15. We can agree to disagree on that one. Nothing I own is that valuable.

  16. I don’t believe he did anything illegal by leaving his vehicle. A girl walking alone at 2:00 AM is doing nothing illegal either. Neither is criminal and each should have the right to protect their life if the need arises. There is a huge difference between stating those actions are illegal and stating they are not wise or recommendable. Also keep in mind that there are times that doing something that is not wise is necessary, like women that are out alone at night walking toward their vehicle when they get out of work.

    There are things you have to do in spite the risk; there are others you don’t have to. It is up to us to learn the difference.

  17. RussP


    This one?
    PAGunner is still only talking about the single point of Zimmerman, or anyone, exiting the vehicle.

    Okay, is it this part that you're having trouble with?
    If one takes that as a standalone comment, notwithstanding the earlier established "did not get out of his car" context, then your post makes sense, good sense.

    People should be involved. They should, however, know how far to take that involvement.
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  18. Peace Warrior

    Peace Warrior Am Yisrael Chai

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  19. Peace Warrior

    Peace Warrior Am Yisrael Chai

    Here is the URL for Sanford's brochure on neighborhood watch. I see no where in it where neighborhood watch participants are forbidden to be armed.

    Please give me a cite or reason to believe that neighborhood watch participants are not allowed/should not be armed. (Remember, this is Florida, not Arizona, so the two may be different.)
  20. Peace Warrior

    Peace Warrior Am Yisrael Chai

    Still waiting on when the Police advise they agreed they didn't give out NEEDED information as opposed to information WANTED by the parents. (And understandably so by the way. If I were a parent I would WANT the information too.)

    Are you sure the Police Chief didn't step down due to the actual "leaks" to the media/public and or the fact that Z was not arrested that night, or AFTER THE MEDIA, with the help of infamous racists, decided to play it up as a gun control issue instead of what it actually was/is?


    I am simply asking you to provide me with independent information which supports your claim(s) as I do not recall anything being mentioned or publicly released that backs up your assertions. In fact, it seems you are simply making "facts" up in order to under gird your own, individual suppositions about this entire event.

    Look, you're not writing a newspaper article with a purely stylized entertainment value based on emotionalism in order to endear the masses to your point of view. Capisce?

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