Trayvon Martin's Family Calls For Arrest Of Man Who Confessed To Shooting

Discussion in 'Carry Issues' started by TBO, Mar 9, 2012.

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    TBO Why so serious?

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    Even considering the source (HuffPo) it sounds like a questionable shooting. Unless the 17 year old went wack-a-doodle and started assaulting the "block captain" or what ever his title is. Gut feeling is that was not the case, but rather you had a young guy who wanted to play cop.

    Like I said, just a gut feeling. Could be wrong. Too bad that there weren't any witnesses.

    Problem with cases like these is that they both had an equal right to be walking on that block. But both seemed upset that the other one was there. :dunno:

    This is a perfect example of MYOB. . Especially when carrying a gun.

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  4. I can't find any other news stories about this that says anything differently than what was posted. That being the case, it really sounds like a REALLY bad shoot. If it is determined to be so, lock the wanna-be Dirty Harry up!
  5. Left out of the Huff-n-Puff's account by the "writer":


    IMNSHO, referring to anything on the HuffPo as a "news story" is a significant stretch. The writer had an obvious point of view and was not impartial in any way, shape, or form.

    Also discussed here:
  6. FL Airedale

    FL Airedale Dog Breath

    That's an extremely important part of this story.

    The "captain" still made a bad decision by ignoring the dispatcher's advice. Just because one is armed is no reason to go looking for trouble.

    He saw what he considered suspicious and did the right thing by calling police. It is their job to deal with these matters and they are trained to do it.

    The only way he should have gotten further involved is if someone's life was in imminent danger.
  7. My prayers to the family. I can only imagine what it would be like to deal with the loss of one’s child. I too would want answers. I’m afraid the entire truth will never be learned by those involved though.

  8. RussP


    Sanford Police Chief Bill Lee:
    • There is some physical evidence and some testimony that would corroborate some of that story

    • The 911 tapes haven’t been released because it has critical information and detectives don’t want it to influence the testimony of prospective witnesses

    • residents upset by the lack of an arrest so far should wait until the investigation is completed, as soon as next week.

    • The State Attorney’s Office will then decide whether to present it to a grand jury.

    • “I understand the emotions and the response from the community ... based on the limited information they have,” Lee said.

    • “We just hope they would allow us the time to conduct a thorough and fair investigation
  9. RussP


    This is from the subdivision's February 2012 Newsletter:
    Neighborhood Watch —
    The Sanford PD has announced an increased patrol within our neighborhood. In addition to the extramarked patrols, Sanford PD has initiated random bike patrols of both the front and back yards of our community and random unmarked vehicle patrols with increased patrolling during peak crime hours.If you’ve been the victim of a crime within the community, after calling the police, please email us, so we can be aware and help address the issue with other residents.

    The Neighborhood Watch is looking for additional members to participate and become a block captains. We are open to all residents. Meetings are held the third Tuesday of each month at 6:30PM inthe clubhouse, 30 minutes prior to the scheduled HOA Board meetings. Please keep your eyes open.If you see something suspicious or out of place, report it! You can make an anonymous call to theSanford PD Non-emergency # 407-688-5199 or 911 and help keep our community safe. Email us for more information.
  10. steveksux

    steveksux Massive Member

    I would hate to be that guy, and plan on avoiding questionable situations, as well as escalating them. Pretty much the opposite of what this guys plan seemed to be.

    So which is it, did the guy have a squeaky clean record, or was he arrested for resisting and battery on an officer? (the shooter) Charges were dropped, would like some background on that incident before passing judgement.

    Did he confront an off duty cop in the same sub and start an altercation with him too?

  11. steveksux

    steveksux Massive Member

    387 like you have the wrong Trayvon Martin. Must be a common name...

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  12. RussP


    Folks, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, before posting, verify your information.

    Yeah, I know, it takes time, it's a whole lot of trouble.

    Just do it.

    Thanks!! :thumbsup:
  13. steveksux

    steveksux Massive Member

    Desire to be a hero can be a powerful motivator. Thing is, cops have better options, quite a few more non-lethal options to go to, they have backup, they have reinforcements, they have training and experience. They have much better legal and civil liability protections when mistakes are made, and when they are not.

    Its all to easy to find yourself confronted with nails if all you have is a hammer. Avoidance is a lot less sexy, it doesn't soothe the ego. Smart things are often less sexy than stupid for some reason.

    Observe and report. Stay out of it unless you have to. Really have to. Not "ooh this is my chance to play a cop" have to.

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  14. RussP


    The term, "Gated Community" has been used many times in the stories. "Gated Community" implies secure, limited access, right? Well, maybe not...

    The gates at Retreat at Twin Lakes control vehicular traffic. The walls along South Oregon Ave, the east boundary, and Oregon Ave, the north boundary and the route Martin probably used to get to and from the 7-11, do impede pedestrian traffic. HOWEVER, the Oregon Ave wall ends 390 feet west of the north access gate to the community. It is open pedestrian access at that point. (Use Google Earth, search for Retreat View Circle, Sandford, Fl.)

    It's possible Martin used the northwest corner of the property to go to and from the 7-11. When he returned, Zimmerman might have witnessed him coming onto the property from between buildings.

    Add in this element:
    In the same article this is reported:
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  15. Bren

    Bren NRA Life Member

    Yeah...if you write for Huffington Post, that's the part it's important to leave out.
  16. RussP


    That was back in 2005.
  17. RussP


  18. RussP



    Chief Lee:
    • By Zimmerman's account, he followed Martin to get an address to give police.

    • Zimmerman was trying to keep Martin in eyesight.

    • Zimmerman told the police that Martin noticed that he was being followed and asked, “what’s your problem?”

    • That's when a physical confrontation ensued.

    • Moments later, Martin was shot.
    This occurred at night during halftime of the NBA All Star Game. Did Zimmerman have his headlights on or off while following Martin?
  19. In addition to all that, kids do some unnecessary and stupid things at times, especially boys. One of mine got a pretty nasty gash on the back of his thigh (right underneath his buttocks) when he miscalculated the height of our chain linked fence (the top ends on metal open V). As his brother was explaining how he had to pull him off the fence and he heard the short tear right before all the blood started pouring out, the only question I had of them “why did you jump the fence? The gate door was open!” Their response? “Oh, we just wanted to see if we could jump it!” (or something to that effect)

    They were 11 and 8 at the time; the little one was the one bleeding all over the place. For a second, I considered letting him bleed out for doing something so stupid. Yes, they still do stupid things ever so often in spite being in their 20’s. Like the night they decided to dress with all their gear to practice (their name, mine is play) exterior home defense and protection. My only comment being “if a neighbor calls the police because they believe something suspicious is going on, they come here and arrest you…. don’t expect me to open the door and say I know who you are and don’t waste your only phone call in calling me!” (just in case, they told the 3 or 4 closest neighbor what they were going to do).

    At 17 you should have some sense (maybe), but a boy is still likely to think about jumping that fence, just to see if he can. Possible evidence to that effect is that at least one of the stories I’ve read mentioned he had the skittles and the ice tea in his pocket. Why would anyone put ice tea in their pocket unless they needed their hands free?

    I have no clue what actually happened there, or who was the original aggressor, but I wouldn’t discount the possibility of a boy doing something really stupid that was completely misinterpreted by someone else observing.

  20. My initial reaction is that the shooter is a wannabe cop loser who went too far and ended up gunning down an innocent man. On further reflection, however, getting out of the car and "playing cop", while stupid, didn't automatically negate Zimmerman's right to self defense. So, depending on how things actually played out, I suppose it's entirely possible that the shooting was justified.

    That said, even if he dodges criminal charges, I would not want to be in his shoes in civil court.

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