Trayvon Martin Continued

Discussion in 'The Furball Forum' started by RowdyatHeart, Mar 29, 2012.

  1. Alright since has Martin vs. Zimmerman has been relegated to fur ball status, can we continue? I will start.

    I went into this first thinking Zimmerman should have been arrested. The more I checked into this story, the more I believe Zimmerman broke no laws. I concede I let the media and emotion get the best of me.

    Is he guilty of being stupid? You bet. A wise man would have let the Police handle the situation. A wise man would have stayed in the vehicle. Stupidity is not a crime in this case.

    I have been reminded again of how destructive the mainstream media is to our nation. They conveniently fail to remind their audiences that Zimmerman will go before a Grand Jury.

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  3. Anyone have any intel on Zimmerman adminstering aid to Trayvon after he shot him? Eyewitness said he was straddling him with his hand pressing on his back.

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  9. Wasn't there a thread about 'one punch knock out' games a while back? Just asking.
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  11. Looks like he failed his spelling test in school too.
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    Right click on it, save image as (save to desktop), drag into email.

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