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Transplanting a diesel engine into a '91 Toyota Land Crusier?

Discussion in 'Car Forum' started by straightblast, Jul 26, 2006.

  1. straightblast


    Jan 4, 2001
    I have a '91 80 series Land Cruiser that is just about worn out. 250k'ish. I have bought a '96 that the wife drives, so the '91 is mine all mine again. I want this just to take hunting, etc.

    Has anyone transplanted a diesel into one of these? I would love a link if you have one, or can explain what you did. Thanks
  2. DaisyCutter


    Mar 1, 2003
    There aren't too many modern & appropriate powerplants. All the 3/4-ton truck engines are gonna weigh several hundred pounds more than what was in there. It'll trash the handling, and kill the front-end components.

    There are some 25yo non turbo diesel engines from various small trucks (internaltional, Isuzu), but they're small and doggy. Plus they wouldn't be fresh.

    About the only option of a modern, appropriately sized, diesel engine is cannibalizing a European car... like a Volvo, BMW, or Mercedes diesel engine. You'd have major problems attaching it to your tranny/transfer case.

    I'd likely just replace the worn out engine with an identical used or crate motor. You can modify some areas for a bit more pop.

  3. DaisyCutter


    Mar 1, 2003
    If you want a cheap diesel hunting rig, I'd suggest something that was originally diesel. Like THIS or THIS

    The old non-turbo diesels are slower than hell, and IIRC the International used a non-turbo marine engine. (Although, the one seller claims it's turbo diesel).
  4. Diesel Scout

    Diesel Scout

    Sep 22, 2005
    Oregon City
    The Scout has a Nissan SD33 engine, and since it's a 1980 model year it's a turboed motor. The motor isn't a marine engine, but is used in marine applications. It's kinda a do all, from agricultural pumps, forklifts, boat to vehicles. In the rest of the world, the SD33 was used quite a bit by Nissan and has very big following. most of the Scout guys I know get there parts from Austrailia for major overhaul work, becuase it's cheaper then in the states, and they have access to the newer better designed parts.

    I do argee with DC in this statement.
    The SD33 weighs in at just over 600 pounds and while it's heavy it doesn't kill my handling or my front end components. Mercedes has some really great diesels, especially in the 240 or 300 engines. Don't worry about attaching them to your exsisting tranny, just use the Merc tranny and use a divorced transfercase mount. They are lighter then most diesel, great power, easy to tune and will outlast just about anything. Land Cruisers are pretty big in the offroading world, and if it were me and I had your truck I'd do two things. First I would see if anyone had a kit to put a SBC (small block Chevy) into the Cruiser. And two install the 6.2L GM used in place of the SBC. Nothing is going to swap in, but this combination works very well. Parts are plentiful and your intial buy in is about as cheap as you can get for diesel re-powers. If, you have anymore questions in regaurds to the diesel Scout, ask either here or PM. I love talking about my truck!
  5. amd4me

    amd4me Coffee Snob

    Jun 23, 2006
    Santa FE NM
    I would get a Mitsubishi engine for your land cruiser.
    Or browse Ebay Motors and find a Toyota Diesel engine.
    In pretty much every country except the USA the land cruisers are mostly diesels.
    So an original engine shouldnt be that hard to find.
  6. swatemintx


    Nov 20, 2005
    it's been done. guy I know put a cummins in one.
  7. CPJONES1231


    Sep 3, 2005
    you should check out IH8MUD.COM

    its a really informative Landcruiser site
  8. It's not that difficult to pull 500ft/lb of torque from a 383 SBC and you should be able to buy the adapters online instead of fabricating everything. The two Landcruisers I had were basically metric Chevies.

    Diesel changeovers are a Royal PITA and you'll probably need to take the body off the frame to make all the necessary frame/suspension modifications.

  9. Search the JDM(japanese domestic market)shops and importers like