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Transmission fluid leak

Discussion in 'Car Forum' started by funbob, Mar 20, 2006.

  1. funbob

    funbob do a lil' dance

    Dec 13, 2002
    ABQ, NM
    Walked out to my car this morning and was mildly shocked to see a big pool of transmission fluid underneath it. Upon further inspection, I discovered that the transmission pan is dented in on the passenger side and it's slowly dripping out from the seal at that location. I went on a camping trip over the weekend and ran over a big rock which I imagine caused the damage. How easy/expensive of a repair is this? A new gasket is cheap but I'm wondering about the pan also. The car is a 1994 Mercury Sable GS with the 3.8 engine.
  2. TexasGlock23

    TexasGlock23 Salty Collar

    Dec 31, 2005
    Dallas, TX
    no more than $20 bucks for gasket/filter at my store, plus fluid.

  3. Griffin1340


    Feb 28, 2006
    Salvage yard the pan. The boneyards are full of Tauris/Sable's. Probibly get it cheap if you take it off, if they let you.
  4. funbob

    funbob do a lil' dance

    Dec 13, 2002
    ABQ, NM
    Thanks. Picked up the gasket at NAPA on my way home. I'm going to hit the u pull it salvage yard tomorrow for a pan and get it fixed up.
  5. 2 Ways to Change Your Transmission Fluid
    (Loosely Based on 2 True Stories)

    The 1st Way:(Or,” Doing it yourself is the only way to really make sure it's done "Right")
    1.Go to the Auto Parts Store, and spend about $58.91 on 4 quarts of
    Hi-Tech Dextron/Mercron III Transmission Fluid (as recommended in your owner's manual), a filter and gasket set, 1 bag of oil dry (a.k.a. "kitty litter), a bag of shop rags, hand cleaner, a scented tree, and an "Add-on Drain Plug Kit" (How come "they" didn't put a drain plug on at the factory?)
    2.Discover that the used oil container is full. Instead of taking it back to the Auto Parts Store to recycle, dump it in a hole in the back yard.
    3.Spend 30 minutes looking for the jack stands.
    4.Find the jack stands under the kid's pedal car.
    5.Put the car up on jack stands.
    6.Place the oil drain pan under the transmission.
    7.Look for the right size socket.
    8.Give up looking and use a box wrench or pliers instead.
    9.Un-do the pan bolts.
    10.Drop the pan bolts and lose at least one or two of them.
    11.Have some nice piping hot transmission fluid run down your arms, soak your shirt and splash in your face, making a big mess on the concrete driveway. (Why don't "they" put a drain plug in the transmission pan from the factory?!).
    12.Mop up the mess with some rags so you can go back to work.
    13.Now look for a” Phillips head” screwdriver to remove the old dirty transmission filter.
    14.Get back under the car.
    15.Discover that you need a "flat tip” screwdriver to remove the filter, not a "Phillips head".
    16.Get back out from under the car and look for "flat tip".
    17.Can't find a "flat tip" so go into house and get a butter knife.
    18.Scrape knuckles and ruin the butter knife trying to take off the filter.
    19.Begin mild cussing fit.
    20.Give up on filter and leave it.
    21.Un-wrap "Add-on Drain Plug Kit" for transmission pans and discard the directions for installation.
    22.Take out your portable electric drill to drill "pilot hole" in the pan, only to discover that the battery is dead.
    23.Spend at least 30 minutes looking for the battery charger, yell at kids for losing it and find it on the washing machine in the garage (where you left it) under the newly dirtied shop rags.
    24.Put battery in charger.
    25.Buddy shows up, talk til dark, and give up until tomorrow.
    26.Wake up early to finish fluid change.
    27.Battery now charged, drill pilot hole for, "Add-on Drain Plug Kit" for transmission pans, slicing finger on metal "burr".
    28.Install the drain plug (forgetting to put on the nylon sealing washer the 1st time).
    29.Spill more old fluid on the concrete trying to slide the plastic oil container out of the way. Put down more "kitty litter"
    31.Reinstall the transmission pan, strategically picking the right holes to compensate for the missing bolts lost in step 10.
    32.Pour 4 quarts of Hi-Tech Dextron/Mercron III as recommended in your owner's manual.
    33.Hurry to tighten the "Add-on Drain Plug" for transmission pans left loose during step 28 before all the new fluid drains on to the concrete.
    34.Wipe up mess and put down some more "kitty litter".
    35.Take the car off the jack stands to "level out" the vehicle to get an accurate fluid reading.
    36.Accidentally crush one of the jack stands.
    37.Move the car back to apply more "kitty litter" to the driveway.
    38.Discover that the pan is leaking fluid due to the missing bolt lost in step 10
    39.Put the car back on the one remaining jack stand, so you can get under the car to tighten the pan gasket bolts to stop the leaking.
    40.Overtighten the bolts, increases leak.
    41.Start cussing fit. (Why didn't "they" just put a **^!#%&!!!** drain plug on the transmission pan???)
    42.Drive car to Auto Parts Store and get a case of Hi-Tech Dextron III, 2 bottles of "TRANSMISSION STOP LEAK" (from the Voodoo section of the auto parts store) and an extra bag of "kitty litter". Cost, $60.26.
    43.Check transmission fluid at every fill up and add missing amount (Caution Do Not Overfill!!). Always park with the car over the permanent pile of "kitty litter" in your driveway. No need to change the fluid ever again because it is now "self changing" due to permanent leak.

    The 2nd Way:(Timing is everything)

    1.Call your local transmission shop. Make an appointment for a transmission service.
    2.Pull up to your local transmission shop at the appointed time and let them change your fluid and filter.
    3.Write check for $49.95 and repeat procedure every 12,000 to 15,000 miles for properly maintained transmission.
  6. Geeorge

    Geeorge Sarcasm Inc.

    Details,details,details:whistling: :fist:
  7. tehan2

    tehan2 NRA & GOAL

    Mar 14, 2006
    Breaking the law in CT
  8. TexasGlock23

    TexasGlock23 Salty Collar

    Dec 31, 2005
    Dallas, TX
  9. also look in the smart shopper forum under "funbob"
  10. Geeorge

    Geeorge Sarcasm Inc.

    Maybe he slipped and fell in some tranny fluid

    But probably not:upeyes:
  11. Gibbles


    Oct 3, 2006
    Get a filter too, you might as well as long as your dropping the pan.