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Training Children

Discussion in 'GT Voting Booth' started by byearlymonk, Sep 12, 2008.

  1. byearlymonk


    Sep 11, 2008
    At what age do you think that children should start learning about the proper way to use a gun? I ask because I will soon have a child, and I know too many parents who teach their children wrong on the topic of gun safety, and gun use.
  2. Parasite

    Parasite Resident Cynic

    Jun 17, 2008
    Port Saint Lucie, FL
    regarding use, i think the child needs to be old enough to safely handle the gun, and that age is probably really up to you. i would have no hesitation showing a 5-8 year old how to shoot a .22 rifle, but would probably leave the handguns for an age where they can properly control them. and after they've demonstrated proper firearm handling with a rifle.

    regarding safety, how long do you wait to teach your new one that the stove is hot? or that the street is dangerous?

    That's the stance i took with mine. Just teach them as soon as they can comprehend that guns are dangerous, just like so many other things in our world. And that no, they won't jump up and kill you, but they should be respected for what they could do. Ever since my daughter could talk, she could tell me the basic rules of gun safety. Good luck with yours, congrats!

  3. JimBianchi

    JimBianchi Da Da CLM

    Feb 15, 2006
    Las Vegas
    BB gun 3 or 4

    22 5 or 6

    Safety first, last and always.
  4. Gun Shark

    Gun Shark

    Aug 25, 2005
  5. mitchshrader

    mitchshrader Deceased

    Jun 14, 2005
    i got a .22 rifle & revolver when I was 7, in rural texas.

    45 years later, i bought my kids personal firearms (rifles) when they turned 15, living in Tulsa. Handguns @ 18.

    One's local customs are relevant. So is the maturity of the individual.

    Training does not require ownership.

    Given adequate oversight, training may begin whenever the novice is able to learn.
  6. papasmurf77


    Aug 17, 2008
    My son is 5 and he is learning basic gun safety with his bow and arrow and crossbow sets. nerf toys but they are never pointed at people. He told me yesterday before I headed to the range to make sure no one was in front of me when I pointed at the target. :supergrin:
  7. Gun Shark

    Gun Shark

    Aug 25, 2005
    lol good job taching your son.
  8. Uzi4U

    Uzi4U NRA Life Member

    Apr 17, 2007
    It depends on the maturity level of the child. I started my kids on basic gun safety when they were around 5 yrs old.


    Sep 18, 2008
    Gainesville, FL
    Basic gun safety (like don't touch, get away, tell an adult) as soon as they can understand it.

    Then, as they get older, introduce them to basic shooting safety with BB guns, pellet guns, etc. Eventually (based on your evaluation of their maturity & readiness) move on to .22's, etc.

    Take them shooting with you when you think they are ready so they can learn proper procedures firsthand, even if they are not ready to shoot the gun themselves.

    Good luck and congratulations on expecting your first child.
  10. d3athp3nguin


    Aug 7, 2007
    Another thing of note, and just a personal opinion-

    Depending on the community you live in, it may be prudent to tell your kid not to brag/tell their friends about your firearms. I'm not saying your son/daughter should hide the fact that they target shoot, but their friends may be tempted to see your firearms if they know there are guns in the house. Peer pressure is extremely hard to resist when you are young, especially if it is so innocuous a request as "can I see X?" Of course, locking up your non-carry firearms (and not giving the kids the codes) is an easy fix for that.
  11. meshmdz

    meshmdz OBAMA 2012

    Mar 12, 2006
    Fort Knox, KY
    Very good thought.
  12. Glockin21


    Feb 12, 2011
  13. Glenriven


    Mar 16, 2011
    If you are going to have a weapon and ammunition in your house, I think it’s never too early to start teaching them. Sooner or later curiosity will kick in and the child will go behind your back to satisfy it if you haven’t already satisfied it for them. When I was 6 or 8 my stepfather filled a plastic milk jug with hot water and put the cap back on. We went outside (we lived in rural Idaho at the time.) and we shot it. It sort of blew up. He explained to me that this is what would happen if I pointed it at my little brother. Those kinds of lessons stick with you. Showing a kid a hole in a target doesn’t get the point across as well.
  14. Basic gun safety as soon as they can understand it.

    actual shooting, BB gun at 4, .22 rifle at 5, .22 hand guns at 8, shotguns, and larger rifles as they can physically handle them.

    that's how I taught my 4 kids. oldest is in college on a rifle team and holds 5,NRA national records.
  15. Mrs.Cicero

    Mrs.Cicero Wayward Member

    Aug 13, 2004
    far from home
    Gun safety - as soon as they have the attention span to watch the Eddie Eagle video

    Gun handling - as soon as they have the maturity to follow rules and directions

    In the case of my daughters, that was 3 years for Eddie Eagle, etc. For gun handling, my kids started taking air rifle, and shooting single shot .22s at 6. They are 7&9 now, and I will start them on pistol next school year, when they are 8&10. Unless they choose archery. We don't have time/$ for all three, and I want them to keep up the rifle.

    Appleseed is family friendly, and a great way to introduce your kids to marksmanship.

    Last edited: Mar 29, 2011
  16. Kith


    Jan 18, 2010
    About safety, as soon as possible.

    Whether or not they have any interest in firearms over the course of their life is not as relevant as being educated on the dangers the world presents.

    Even if they don't go on to enjoy shooting, knowing how to safely handle a firearm, and when to avoid someone who isn't provides your child with a skill that could very well save their life one day.

    Someone mentioned nerf guns as a tool to practice these skills, which is a good one.

    Also think of water guns too.

    When old enough, BB guns are a good way to further illustrate and train safe handling procedures, without using a 'real' firearm.

    That you posted this shows good parenting skills, bravo!
  17. Daughter + Rifle = College Tuition :supergrin:
  18. Mrs.Cicero

    Mrs.Cicero Wayward Member

    Aug 13, 2004
    far from home

  19. Thrill


    Mar 31, 2011
    I have 5 children,... all children are different,... depends on the child's individual maturity and interests.
  20. Maine1


    Jul 20, 2007
    daily, from the beginning, he or she will be learning from your every move. if you take handling and use of weapons seriously so will they. Then when they get old enough, they will not think that you do not practice what you preach. I started my boy on safety and such when he was 4. I just bought him a 22, and he is 6. He knows the rules, and why they are important, as we discuss them often, and he is allowed to ask questions and handle guns- and clean gun parts- under supervision. He also knows that the family guns are family business, and he does not need to tell anyone about it. It has come up ONCE in public, and all i had to say was 'we do not need to say anything, do we" and he said "no, we don't' and we shared a knowing look. That bonding over guns- or anything else, is priceless.
    I also teach him to take care of tools, and i feel this relates, as guns are tools.