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Trailer wiring question...

Discussion in 'Car Forum' started by StockGlock23, Jun 1, 2006.

  1. StockGlock23

    StockGlock23 Hilarious!

    Aug 10, 2004
    Bremen, IN
    I am putting a 7 way plug on my 1997 Suburban and I have a question about some "extra" wires that exist. I have 5 of the 7 wires properly wired and all of them check out via test light and volt meter.

    There are 2 wires that remain and I do not have anything to wire them to. One wire is labeled "Auxilary power source" and the other is labeled "Electronic brakes". The trailers I use, one is a standard 4 prong plug (3 prongs plus ground), the other is a tandem axle bass boat trailer that has hydraulic brakes and has a 5 prong plug (4 plugs plus ground) that is ran into a plug/socket that goes into the 7 way.

    Are electronic brakes those devises that people have mounted in the cab of their trucks to assist in braking? If so I don't have that and what do I do with this wire? Do I just cap it and tuck it way. Same goes for the Aux. Power Source. I don't have this on my truck (that I am aware of) and so do I do just the same and cap it and tuck it away? Thanks for your help!
  2. HAVOC

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    Jun 20, 1999
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    You're putting on a 7-point connector so you can use a 7/5 adapter and a 7/4 adapter? If the trailers aren't expecting to see power on those 2 wires, then yes, you can ignore them. Put a wirenut on them then tape the wirenut on nice and securely. Just remember if you ever do use a trailer that comes with a 7 point connector, that you have 2 dead holes, and you might need to do some rewiring before you go anywhere.