Trail Cams out?

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    I haven't seen or trail-camed any monsters yet. But it does look promising.

    There are several spikes hanging around, a fork horn, a couple 6-pointers, a couple 8-pointers, a 9-pointer, and a 10-pointer.

    What are you seeing in your area?
  2. Nice picture!

    Anyone else?

  3. This guy showed up for the first time today...


  4. Here is the most promising one I have poking around, too bad he only comes around in the middle of the night. Nice 8 pointer, probably 200-220lbs.

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  5. A dairy inspector told me of dairymen that did their field work at night.
    They told him of seeing huge bucks at 2 AM that they had no idea existed on their land.

    Hopefully, some will show up in the daylight during the rut.

    I quit hunting in December last year after not seeing any antlers for a couple weeks. I was seeing bucks that had dropped their antlers but I won't shoot those.
    Then I got trail cam pictures of 2 very nice bucks in Jan and Feb, in the dark of the night.

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