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Toyota Prius Hybred

Discussion in 'Car Forum' started by earthworm, May 1, 2007.

  1. earthworm


    Aug 23, 2004
    middle Tennessee
    Anyone have any experience with these? Good/bad points,tips,tricks,whatever. All info apprecieated.
  2. RMTactical

    RMTactical CLM

    Oct 7, 2000
    Behind an AR-15
    My in-laws just bought one couple weeks ago. Seems pretty cool, I've heard they are one of the best hybrids out there. They look funky, but they function well from what I have heard.

  3. allhowl


    Dec 16, 2001
    NE Okla.
    I've talked with lots of folks who have them and I've only heard great things about them. I man drove his from Florida to Calif. & said no problems even going through the Rockies though he had to down shift to help out the brakes. The more in town driving the better the MPG as the electrick motor powers it. If roads were better around where I live I'd buy one in a New York minute but our roads cause accidents & damage to wheels. I drive a 98 Jeep Wrangler, talk about bad fuel economy.
  4. ecmills

    ecmills I shoot guns.

    Oct 8, 2004
    Memphis, TN
    Absolutely do not buy one until you find out what the battery replacement interval and cost is.

    Many of the hybrids require over $3,000 worth of batteries every 50 thousand miles, give or take. It's similar in cost to buying a new transmission for your 'normal' car every so often. :(

    Cehck into this, and factor it into your overall maintanence costs before you buy it. Labor costs on the more complicated drivetrain are going to be higher, too... If you plan to keep it until it's out of warranty.

    If it's too high, Toyota has a couple of standard sedans with 30+ MPG, that don't break the bank on maintanence costs. ;)
  5. i have a 2005 toyota prius we bought new,with now 33k on the clicker.its been great and ZERO problems!the batterries are warrented for like 10 years or 100k,so no problem there.they are as roomy as a corolla,and have quite a few package options.they can be had for about 20ish,but get a package with side curtain airbags,as they rate poor in crash saftey w/o them.i do 50 plus mpg city or highway.its not the 60 they advertise but close.i guess if i drove reaaaallllyyy slow i could achieve that but i dont care.the tank is just under 11 far mine is problem free.its worht it if u can afford it.i wish i had a second one!let me know if you have more questions,i'm happy to help!
  6. jurist


    Jul 17, 2005
    I have a friend who had a Prius and has had it for 2 years and has put about 75 thousand miles on it so far with not a single problem.

    He lives in a rural area and has a long commute to work in town so he got it for the gas mileage. I think he said he gets 60 average on the highway and over 100 in town when its running one the electric engine. Apparently if you press the gas to hard it switches straight to the gas engine and only gets about 25mph in that case.

    His only compliant is that he never used to get pulled over and he has gotten pulled over in the country 6 times in the past year and a half. He's only ended up with a ticket on those encounters once and it ended up getting dismissed. His impression is that he's being pulled over because the cops assume that because he drives a hybrid that he's a commie, anti-war homo.
  7. sure you can do 60 -100 if your just cruisng around town or going downhill all the real time mileage is around 52.but i recommend one to anyone.but then againg buying a $20k car,wont help with the gas 2003 r6 does close to the same mileage,and thats if i dont pin the throttle past 90 or so.the models without side impact airbags scored poor in crash tests,and with a family i had to have one with,and i'm glad i do.take one for a test drive,i think you'd be suprised with it
  8. slumpmaster

    slumpmaster Amateur

    Mar 18, 2002
    NE WA
    Bought one new in 2005. I have a shade over 30,000 miles on it now. Love the car. It's ugly, but I get 45mpg with it doing 80+ on the highway, in hill country. Keep it between 65 and 70, and the mpg hits 52. Hard to keep the speed down, though. This thing just begs to hit triple digits. It has more useable power than the Accord I traded for it.

    Had a recall on the steering column (mine is an '05). Toyota took care of it. ZERO other issues with this car. My paticular dealer is a PITA, but that's just because they keep the car for 5 hours for a service, no matter what it is (they have personnel management issues in their shop). Otherwise, they are very courteous, and don't gouge the customer.

    Painkiller's info on the battery warranty is correct, by the way.

    The only negatives I could possibly see are that if you are a big person (like me), you may find the suspension is a bit on the light side. I just get the feeling it was sprung for a load of Japanese coeds .

    Also, for a gee-whiz electronic vehicle, you would think a batter stereo would be standard equipment, at least make the thing MP3 compatable. Hopefully they have improved this in the 06 or 07 models.
  9. i too think the stereo'suck,and mine's an 05 as well.i just think the speakers arent that great cor clarity and such,and feel i dont need to have the thing at 30 or 33 to hear the stereo alright.the michelens on there i feel give off too much road noise,when there due i'm going to find a better tire.
  10. five-0


    Apr 21, 2000

    Get tie-dyed seatcovers and splash on the patchouli...

  11. Toxie


    Apr 30, 2004

    Its great at what it is, a vehicle entirely built around gas mileage.
  12. Seafarer12


    May 24, 2007
    Austin, TX
    I wouldnt say that. If it was built entirly around gas mileage it wouldnt have all the luxury options that hurt economy and get better mpg. I was looking at a german car that is built just for mpg and it seats 4 and gets 150 mpg. Too bad it can't meet emissions for the usa. Its cheap too. I think they are going on sale over there this year.
  13. five-0


    Apr 21, 2000

    Al Gore III just proved that Slumpmaster is right.
  14. epsylum

    epsylum Boolit Hoze

    Sep 4, 2004
    Racing Capital, USA
    I wouldn't knock Hybrids on the performance aspect. Electric motors make tons of torque (which is why they power diesel locomotives and not the diesel engine itself) and if the Prius is wired like the Highlander hybrid, when you punch it both the electric and gas motor/engines work together (not just one or the other) and give a good amount of power. I know the Highlander hybrid is the fastest version of that vehicle because of that.
  15. Toxie


    Apr 30, 2004
    I was refering to the extremely soft spring/damping rates ALONG with the combined whopping 110 hp that makes me laugh when someone says something to that effect. The car is limited to 108 in the first place, due to the pizza-cutter, low COF tires and suspension that is tuned for comfort NOT performance. The car has a high center of gravity and does NOT handle well.

    What portion of that begs to be driven over 100 by someone NOT wanting to commit suicide by tin-can? Im not knocking the car. It is a monument to the purpose built car. Much like a Viper sacrifices everything on the altar of speed the prius does for gas mileage. That said - even toyota has to sell cars, so they come with radios, etc. Even a viper has a radio.

    He may have limited experience with actual sporty cars, which is completely understandable. After all, after my 1999 2.4 4cyl. Jeep cherokee - my 2000 4.3 blazer seemed like a rocket ship. Both are slow, plodding vehicles made for a diffferent purpose than speed.

    Toyota prius (Motor trend times):
    0-60 in 9.8 seconds,
    1/4 mile, sec @ mph 17.04 @ 80.83
    Braking, 60-0 mph, ft 125
    600-ft slalom, mph 58.6 (electr limited)
    200-ft skidpad, lateral g 0.73 (electr limited)

    A similarly priced performance car (Dodge SRT-4, again MT times):
    0-60 mph, sec 5.5
    1/4 mile, sec @ mph 13.9 @ 101.9
    Braking, 60-0 mph, ft 112
    600-foot slalom, mph 66.6
    200-foot skidpad, lateral g 0.83

    Let me put it even more clearly: A 2002 Ford expedition does 0-60 in a sprightly 9.3 seconds, or a half second faster than the prius. It (prius) has similar handling numbers to a FJ cruiser (Slalom of 56.0, and 200' of .70.

    For some laughs:
    Which is why I laughed when I read your comment, because these people out there apparently are beating 5.o0 stangs, and vipers in 0-6 (thats right, ZERO to SIX) mph races.
  16. hpracing007


    Jun 16, 2006
    oh that made my night!!! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
  17. earthworm


    Aug 23, 2004
    middle Tennessee
    ... 'cause I lack the cajones to to push it that hard,to say nothing of being unwilling to risk lunching the mill of a vehicle I have less than 5,000 miles & owe $23,500 on.
    & now I have these strange craving for rice cakes,organic peanut butter & Harvey Wallbangers.
    On a serious note I took it on a +/- 400 mile road trip last week.It cruised at 75-85mph no prob:smooth ride,no strain,& I got 48.7MPG.
  18. HalfMoon


    Oct 4, 2005
    I have a 2007 Touring model. It handles alot better than the standard prius, and is nowhere near a comfortable ride. My '04 Z51 Corvette had a softer spring rate at cruising around town. But that's mostly due to progressive springs.