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Toyota 4Runner (SUV) extra weapons storage

Discussion in 'Car Forum' started by leadcounsel, Jun 13, 2006.

  1. leadcounsel


    Sep 20, 2005
    I'm looking for ideas and thoughts on the following, all of which is legal in my home state and I have a concealed weapons permit:

    Mounting a handgun holster in the driver compartment, ideally concealed from casual view, where I can easily access the firearm while sitting in the drivers' seat. This is mainly to prevent a would-be car jacking.

    I'm also interested in a lockable box for the rear cargo area, which would take up about 1/3rd of the available space. I'm intending to store your typical roadside emergency gear but want it to be secured and lockable for other items, including a truck gun.

    I built one from plywood and 2x4s and it turned out okay, but it's extremely heavy at about 100 lbs. I'd like something of durable plastic that weights a lot less.


    I once saw a product that replaced the vacant space beneath the rear seats with a drawer. Anyone know of such a product?

  2. Asha'man

    Asha'man eat the eat!

    Jan 13, 2004
    What gen Runner? I haven't thought of a lot of stuff for my first gen, but it's got some nice little compartments where I could keep stuff if I really wanted to. Dunno about the newer ones.


  3. leadcounsel


    Sep 20, 2005
    It would be great if there was a company that made a sturdy SUV lockbox for the rear, something mountable and also lockable and sturdy.

    I've got a list of things I'd like to store inside to keep the rear organized, such as jumper cables, scifon hose, road flares, reflective tape, leather gloves, some auto tools, tire patches, spot light, an empty jug, small gas can, fire extenquisher (probably mount to the box), spare oil, and some survivial weaponry (tire iron, SKS, hunting knife, ammo, handgun, etc.).

    I've built a box and contoured it over the wheel well. It's very basic and sturdy, but very heavy (weighs probably 80 lbs or so). So it's awkward to move and probably reduces gas mileage abit. A plastic one could be as sturdy and weigh probably 1/2.

    My plywood and 2x4 box is lockable and I've drilled a hole and run a cable into the box through an eye screw to secure the box (so a perp can just take it out and smash it on the ground).
  4. yardmonkey

    yardmonkey Only 15 chars?!

    May 16, 2006
    Hi -

    They are trying to get us to buy these to store our company laptops in while they are in the car.

    BPullig (another board member) was like "Hey screw laptop how about handgun" ! I think it might help you.