Torn between a WC or a NHC, 4" vs 5"

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  1. Hi,

    OK, as my search continues, I found a NIB, (3/2011 build), WC Professional 4" with wide notch rear, tritium FS, carry cuts, round butt, flat wire recoil spring in SS for $2650 shipped. I also found a NHC Falcon fullsize (Nov 2012) build, standard with all billet forged parts for $2740 shipped. I know the NHC is the better deal, as it retails for $3300. The WC retailed at time of the build for $2915. I'm going to use the gun to carry in cooler weather. I think the WC would make a slightly better carry gun, but the NHC is the better deal. At this point I don't know which to jump on. What do you guys think?

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  2. I own a bill Wilson carry and NH falcon. Both are very nice pistols but my falcon is one of my favorites. Full size 1911s are much more fun to shoot as well. Congrats on whatever choose

  3. I prefer full size.

    That said, as much as like NH, I give Wilson the edge overall.
  4. Brian, even with the NH being the better deal? Cheapest price you can find elsewhere on a recently built NHC with the higher grip, Black Nitride (which is supposed to be even stronger than Melonite) and all forged parts is 3K.
  5. IF you keep this gun, who cares what kind of "deal" you got? WC is a better company and builds better guns IMO, and the 4" will carry a bit better.
  6. If you asked me a year ago I would concur that WC builds better guns and had better CS than NHC. Lately though, it looks like NHC has improved with updating all their guns to all Bar Stock parts, a higher grip cut along with a single gunsmith builds (in my case Travis Gregory, a master builder) all their guns now. I agree that the WC will carry a little better, but not by much.:dunno::dunno: I'm still really torn. I think the fact that the WC is 21 months old, although NIB, has me leaning toward the NHC Falcon. How concerned do you all think I should be of this? Thanks
  7. I would personally go with the Wilson. But it is up to you. I think you can't go wrong either way.

  8. Here are pics of both guns. I wish I could buy them both.:crying:
  9. In terms of carry alone, you're looking at a 5" gun with a magwell vs a 4" gun with a slight bob. Brand opinions aside, which do you think will carry better for YOU? I know it would be a no brainer for me.

    As far as your worry about the age of a gun, look at it logically. Do you for whatever reason believe that the age of the gun compromises it's ability to perform? Granted NH may be on the right track NOW.... Wilson has been on the right track for years.
  10. The Falcon has a rounded one piece magwell, so that should help with printing/comfort. The Falcon also has all billet parts which the Professional does not. Not sure how much of a practical difference that makes. I am just so torn........
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  11. I'm just saying I feel Wilson is the better company overall. NH is great and getting better, but I still don't feel they're up to Wilson's quality level. Its close these days though.

    Is it definitely going to be a carry gun? If not, I'd go for the NH just because I so much prefer a 5" 1911. However, a mag well coupled with a 5" barrel will make it tougher the carry concelaed than the Wilson.
  12. glock2740

    glock2740 Gun lover.

    I own Wilson's and NH's. 2 of the Wilson's are the size you are looking at (ULCc and Stealth) and 1 of the NH's is the same one you are looking (Falcon). While I'm loving my Falcon, I'd say that Wilson is the better company and still makes the better gun too. And for CC, I say Wilson all day long.

    Wilson ULCc and Stealth

    NH Falcon

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  13. Not really, my Wilson CQB has a rounded magwell and there's a significant difference between it and my commander. I will say that I don't mind carrying a 5" in cold weather. It all depends on your carry rig and body type.

    From my experiences... none. It's nice and all but I've seen a Wilson go 80K+ rounds with no replacements including the barrel.
  14. glock2740

    glock2740 Gun lover.

    I definately say Wilson after looking at those pics, but DAMN!!!:wow: I gotta get a set of those grips for my Falcon. Those are very cool and very unique. :cool:
  15. Those grips are cool for sure. I wonder who makes them for Nighthawk?
  16. For sure, that just complete's the Falcon. They seems so nice I might even put them on the Pro if I go that route.
  17. glock2740

    glock2740 Gun lover.

    Don't know, but I know NH well enough to know that they're ONLY available through NH. I'm gonna pick up a set for my Falcon. Perfect wooden grips for that gun. :cool:
    Blasphemy! :steamed:

  18. I made the mistake of buying a Nighthawk, and have never been treated worse by any company. Their customer service sucks. The gun (T3) needed to be sent back, and they grudgingly paid shipping one way.
    The service was so bad I called Wilson to see if they would work on a Nighthawk. Wilson would.

    I would RUN from Nighthawk, and buy the Wilson. You might save a few $'s on the Nighthawk, but there is a reason why Wilson's reputation is stellar, but with a little digging you will see that my experience with Nighthawk is not unique.
    Neither 1911 is cheap, and in the long run the Wilson will most likely turn out to be a bargain compared to Nighthawk.
  19. Actually, you have probably complained more about NHC than any other poster. :whistling: At least in this forum. I do feel that your experience was one of the exceptions. I also feel that NHC has improved quite a bit in the past year. I will say and agree with you and others that Wilson is the better company of the two and there have been more complaints regarding customer service with NHC than WC, but less than EB or LB. Based on reading several thousand posts in the last few years on several forums.
  20. Does WC magwell look like NHC? Thanks

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