Top off your magazines?

Discussion in '1911 Forums' started by G26AZ, Sep 29, 2012.

  1. I top off my carry pistol and never had an issue. Some people in my department actually get written up for not having the correct amount of ammo (3 mags of 15 + 1 for a total of 46 rounds of 9mm or 18 rounds of .38 special, 6 in gun and 2 speedloaders.)

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  2. fnfalman

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    I don't top off (due to laziness more than anything), but I've seen a common problem with topping off is that the shooter doesn't take the time to make sure that the mag is truly seated back in. Gotta slap the bottom of the mag to make sure that it clicks back in place.

    There are some wives' tales running around about how if you top off, it'd screw up the next round because the new round is fully seated to the back and not moved forward a hair as would the typical next round if you don't top off.

    If your gun can't chamber another round; topped off round or regular round, then your gun sucks and you need to fix it.

  3. Really? 40 years of shooting and I never had an issue with topping off. There are a lot of things to worry about, this is not one of them.
  4. fnfalman

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    Did I say that I was worried?

    I simply stated what I've seen with various shooters when it comes to topping off, which is failure to click the mag back in place.
  5. Only during competition do I not top off my 20rd mags, makes them easier to slam into place.
  6. The magazine says 8, there's room in the chamber for one more and IMHO, 9 holes are better than 8:supergrin:
  7. I would say yes. I probably wouldn't top off a 15 shot Glock 22, but a single stack gun I would.
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    ding! ding! ding! We have a winner!
  9. After reading the OP I instantly asked myself, "why not?" Why would you not go capacity + 1 specially when faced with low capacity in the first place? Honestly I find myself getting lazy from time to time and not pulling the mag to load that extra round but it's a bad habit to get into.
  10. I don't as I'm concerned about compromising reliability. Maybe with the new Wilson ETM Magazines that have a longer magazine body, but otherwise I feel comfortable with 7 plus one in the chamber with at least one reload on the belt.
  11. Explain what would cause a compromise in reliability.

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  12. fnfalman

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    Supposedly the lores or wives' tales from back the days is that when you chamber the first round, the second round also moves forward a hair and positions itself for better feeding after the first shot fired.

    Of course this "logic" (you gotta love gunzine writers for some of the craps they pass on as logic or scientific fact, but hey they gotta make a living) didn't take into account that the first round on top of the mag isn't positioned forward anyway.

    You, I and a host of others who have been formally trained with weapons know that you seat the rounds so that the bases of the cartridges are against the spine of the magazine so that the bullet noses don't contact the front of the magazine and cause feeding issues.
  13. Even so if you really think the round being slightly forward gives you an advantage you can always manually push that top round forward before reinserting the mag. Either way there's no reason to be down a round.

    I have yet to find a gun magazine worth much. The one I had faith in (Recoil) turned out to be a disapointment.
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  14. Short Cut

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    I top off carry guns. I've already chosen to have 9 without a reload rather than 18 or 20no need to go 1 fewer.

    1911s that are loaded in the safe I don't top off because of the gut feeling that it is better for the mag spring when the gun may sit that way for extended periods.
  15. fnfalman

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    Yeah, they can do that if they feel so strongly about the second round being positioned forward.

    No scientific reason to not top off. I don't top off because I don't believe that one round would make or break me, but not because topping off is going to cause a "jam". Personal preference is one thing, wives' tales is another.
  16. Makes sense.
  17. Short Cut

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    Yep that's why you bang the mag on your head like you are packing a box of Marlboros. Helps if you have a helmet.
  18. or you could just bang it against your palm...:supergrin:

  19. Short Cut

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    Hey that might help me to save on aspirin. :rofl:
  20. fnfalman

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    Or bang it on a private's head. That's what they're there for.

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