Top off your magazines?

Discussion in '1911 Forums' started by G26AZ, Sep 29, 2012.

  1. I use McCormick 8 rd magazines in my Colt Commander. Do most people carry 7 + 1, or do you top off the mag after chambering a round and carry 8 + 1?

    I was wondering if having a full magazine pressing up from below might be condusive to some type of misfeed or jam.

    So, top off or not - that is the question?

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  2. I always carry 8+1.

  3. I never top off. Full mag in, rack, and go.
  4. fallenangelhim

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    I always top off. No problems with 1911, Glocks, Sigs, or M4.

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    `Full mag in, rack, and go` 14 + 1
  6. collim1

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    I always top off. The gun should work with a full mag loaded, if it doesn't it's got a problem.


    Shouldn't matter if it's topped or not if the pistol is built right. Ensure there's no ejector contact....see kneedgr thread for clarification.
  8. I top off and for 1911 pattern pistols I find the 7 rounders less problematic (in a Government model) than I have 8 rounders...

    somewhat recently, I acquired a pair of Tripp Research 8 rounders and they too have been 100% as have the original Taurus 8 rounders in the PT1911 AL...

  9. faawrenchbndr

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  10. This is what I do also. More because I am lazy. But I do (always) carry an extra 8-round mag. Does that count? LOL
  11. Clutch Cargo

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    I normally carry a single stack weapon so I do top off.
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  13. if you can, why limit yourself? that one more round could be.......that round
  14. I top off. Having less rounds in my pistol is a bad thing.
  15. glock2740

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    Changed it up a tad, but that's what I do too. :cool:
  16. I don't top off. When I took my carry class the instructor told a story about a dead LEO who had a jam at a critical
    moment who was topped off. He recommended not topping off.

    These threads sometimes lead to a lot of controversy, and I
    don't know for sure if there is a right or wrong answer. Common sense tells you that there are too many different magazines, too many different guns, and too many variables for a one size fits all.

    Practice however you decide to load and carry.
  17. I always top off the mag, or better yet use a Barney mag to load the chamber.
  18. I got in the habit of topping off all my carry guns and house guns. I KNOW they are done this way so clearing the gun, I drop the mag, rack the slide and leave it locked back until it goes in the safe. I KNOW the gun is empty then. I also do the same if a friend asks to see a gun. Be consistent, be safe:wavey:
  19. This. Never had a problem with good mags through I dunno how many presentations in class and competition.
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  20. that is why manufacturers advertise them as "8+1" capacity..

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