Top of the line range pistol comparison - LONG READ

Discussion in 'The SHOT ShowCase' started by bac1023, Apr 18, 2010.

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    Job well done= this thread rates a 9 for profesionalism..

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    Thanks for the review, I really will not be able to afford any of these pistols any time soon, but I live looking at your pictures.

  3. true believer


    made the thread a sticky..if it gets out of hand we can close it..thanks for thr research..
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    glock2740 Gun lover.

    Very cool. I bet that did take awhile.
  5. GreyEclipse

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    Great read! I'm not really into the "target/bulls-eye" type handguns, I prefer "combat" handguns but it was still very interesting and I always enjoy hearing your input on a certain or guns. Thanks for taking the time to write it all out! :cool:
  6. No problem. :)

    Thanks for the sticky. :wavey:
  7. ranger88


    Great job on the review, Brian. I always appreciate your perspective on these types of firearms (and 1911's of course).

    So far I only have a few of the guns that you reviewed, but the collection keeps growing. After my upcoming wedding, I'll be back to collecting with a purpose instead of just being a victim of opportunity. Hahahaha..... :supergrin:
  8. Rinspeed

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    Very cool Brian :thumbsup:, thanks for putting this together my friend. I'm going to buy you a ransom rest for Christmas.
  9. Yeah, I need one. ;)
  10. As promised, here are a couple of my best 1911s to add to the mix for comparison.

    Infinity custom

    Frame: Steel
    Slide: Steel
    Unloaded weight: 39.0oz
    Price: $3700
    Action: SAO

    Accuracy: 10
    Trigger: 10
    Ergonomics: 10
    Grips: 9
    Sights: 10
    Controls: 10
    Finish: 9
    Build quality: 10

    Overall rating: 9.8

    This comparison is almost unfair, as the Infinity is a one off custom build being compared to a bunch of production pistols. The Schumann AET barrel is about the best handgun barrel you can buy anywhere. Between this and the incredible tight bull barrel lockup, the Infinity just flat out shoots. The trigger is the patented Tri-glide system at about 1.5 lbs. Its the best trigger on any handgun I own. The Infinicoat finish is impressive and its extremely well built by some very skilled hands.



    RRA Limited Match

    Frame: Steel
    Slide: Steel
    Unloaded weight: 41.4oz
    Price: $2400
    Action: SAO

    Accuracy: 10
    Trigger: 9
    Ergonomics: 10
    Grips: 9
    Sights: 10
    Controls: 10
    Finish: 9
    Build quality: 10

    Overall rating: 9.6

    I've given this 1911 many accolades throughout the years I've owned it. I love everything about the Limited Match and the price includes the Black T finish. Unfortunately, RRA has stopped building 1911s, but they can be found once in a while on the used market. This model comes standard with a 1.5" accuracy guarantee at 50 yards and every feature you could want in a 1911. The Kart barrel also performs very well.


  11. G33

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    Something stickey around here.
  12. Palouse

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    Great write up...thank you for your time you put into this.
  13. wow! that's pretty cool stuff, sir.
  14. GRD67

    Great post Bac, just curious, where would you rate the Glock in there?
  15. NOLA_glock

    NOLA_glock Shrug Life

    That comparative review was awesome! You're always so knowledgeable and helpful on the subject of 1911s, and it's great that you took the time to do such a concise write-up covering multiple platforms.

    I'm a little disconcerted with the lack of carpeting variety, however.:tongueout:

    That gold barrel be gangsta, dawg!!:cool:

    Thanks again! Keep up the good posting, BAC.
  16. Thank you for your time for doing this great review. Being a 40sw fan I really like the write up on the CZ75 Champion .
  17. Glad to hear.

    Thank you. :)
  18. Quack

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    so i was driving home today and i was listening to a podcast, and thought "hmmm...bac1023 should do a podcast about the different guns he owns"
    with 1911's that's about 47 episodes in itself :supergrin:
  19. Great post.
  20. :rofl:

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