Top of the line range pistol comparison - LONG READ

Discussion in 'The SHOT ShowCase' started by bac1023, Apr 18, 2010.

  1. Wow, that would be something to see. :supergrin:

    Seriously, I hear you on the groups. I was just at the range, but only brought the CZ Champion out of this bunch, since I just got it.

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  2. Hines57

    Hines57 Simple Member

    Now if you just had a 229 sport to throw in the mix....

  3. ...its on my list for later this year. ;)

    I also want an HK P7M13 and a Walther P88 Compact for the collection.
  4. :rofl:

    1 and 2 for sure. :supergrin:

    ...not sure about 3 or 4. :wavey:
  5. Excellent post, a great read :thumbsup:
  6. Thanks for that! It was a delight even though I doubt I'll ever be able to afford any of those.
  7. Thank you, very interesting review of some very interesting pistols. Concise, consistent and faithful to its premises, a rarity these days.
  8. Wow! Great job, bac! Well-written, concise, and informative. This is exactly the kind of information that is so fascinating to me.

    I say make this thread a "stickie".
  9. Deleted; double post
  10. No, thank you actually. :wavey:

    You know, that's what gave me some pause before writting this thread.

    I've been truly fortunate to own these fine pistols, but I certainly didn't want the thread to be taken the wrong way by anyone.

    So far, so good, I think. :)

    However, other than the simple fact that I'm a collector, there is no reason even an avid shooter would need more than one or two of these. I look at this thread as a way of helping somebody choose the best one for them. Like I said, if anyone would like more detail about a particular pistol, feel free to ask.
  11. Complete target pistol beauty. Very well done. I want your Pardini. Bad.

    Honestly, I'm just a little... little... tad curious how some of your high end 1911's stack up, but I'll trust your judgment in excluding them from the rankings.

    Ok, I'll take your Mark 23 as well... really any of your HK's.
  12. Thanks.

    In my opinion, 1911s should be tested against each other, but I certainly understand your curiosity.

    I'm going to put together some sort of 1911 buyers guide at some point, but the format will be a bit different than this thread.
  13. shucks, I didn't trick you into it. :tongueout:
  14. I'll tell you what, I'll try to add a few of my best 1911s into this thread over the next few days. :cool:

    Being that the 1911 is my favorite platform and that I own some full custom models built to the most minute detail, they should mop up these target pistols. A few of best semi customs will score very well also.

    As good as they are, these are all production pistols, so going up against some of my 1911s isn't really fair.
  15. Great post. It was definately an education! Thanks.
  16. Cole125

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    :yourock: Thanks for taking the time to post the comparison. Just finished reading it all. Very helpful as I am in the market for a high end target type pistol myself. :wavey:

    You should start your own youtube channel, you would be a big hit! Think about it at least.
  17. That's awesome Cole. :cool:

    Feedback like this from you and many others makes writing threads like this worth the time.

    Let me know when you're ready to make a purchase.

    DEADLYACCURATE Senior Member

    tagged :wavey:
  19. Couldn't have gotten a better review in any as well, and prices.....

    I smell a sticky.....if not, then I simply smell..........



    I am out.......:cool:
  20. If not, a search will easily bring it up. :)

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