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Tommy Theis holsters

Discussion in 'Carry Issues' started by ChadN., Oct 31, 2011.

  1. ChadN.


    Oct 19, 2011
    Howdy all,

    Ordered one of Tommy’s Holsters on 10/18, got an email from Tommy on 10/23 that it was ready to ship out the next day. Holy smokes, that was fast! Had an mtac before that took almost a month to get to me, so I gotta say I was very pleased. On the downside, in my experience, when things are rushed, it’s usually poor quality. I was a little worried about this fact.

    Got my package on 10/26. I ordered a horsehide gun holster for my glock 19 and horsehide mag holster as well to go with it (I ordered those with metal clips and extra kydex clips for when I want to switch). You know that worry I had about rushed products? Well, Tommy proved me wrong. On with my review…

    First things first, get horsehide if you’re in a humid area or if you just plain sweat a lot. With that out of the way, with regards to the mag holster, I recommend going with extended leather version. Trust me on this, putting a mag in there will “pinch” your lovehandles regardless of whether you get an extended version or not, but when you’re reloading, you want the extended leather as the reload is smoother on the draw (for me anyways). Without the extended leather, depending on what you’re wearing, that half-second that you took clearing the mag from the holster could be the difference between life and death.

    The gun holster is pretty much a kydex shell tapped on horsehide. To be honest, while the mtac may “look” better”, it didn’t feel like the holster was made for me personally. The mtac kydex wasn’t as flushed as I wanted it to be. Best test is to run with your gun in your holster; if you have to hold on to your rig while running, you need to check if you need a new belt or passing that, a new holster that you can be confident your piece ain’t gonna fall out. Tommy’s holster was flush as can be; run, jump, hurdled a wall with it, no chance this thing is falling out til I actually draw.

    As for clearing the weapon out of the holster, at first, the shell was pretty tight. Looking at the glass half-full, I like this better than the clearance being loose.

    I’ve been wearing the holster every day since 10/26. It’s as comfortable as the mtac, but it feels more structurally sound. The kydex shell has more or less gotten comfortable with my G19 where it’s snug as a bug but I don’t have problems drawing it any more. I haven’t broken the mag holster too much (pretty rare I carry a mag holster unless I’m wearing a shirt untucked or a jacket) as I don’t want to look like one of those kids wearing those baggy pants up down their knees with their cracks showing.

    Best comparison I can say between the two: the Theis holster (pronounced tice, I think) feels like it was made for me personally, despite never having met Tommy before. Felt like I dropped off my glock and he molded the holster based on my piece (yeah, yeah, I know, the 19s all have the same sizes, just making a point). The mtac, despite being a good holster is more expensive, had a longer leadtime and isn’t offered in horsehide. Tommy’s holsters, even if this is one-man op, looks every bit professional as the mtac.

    This is now my current CC holster for when I go out of Illinois (I live in Chicago and had to go thru hoops to register my gun; what a process, never understood what being livid meant until this and I…excuse me, didn’t mean to go off a tangent here, another topic altogether). I plan on getting another one when I pick up an Xd subcompact for the wife.

    Tommy’s site is Lifetime warranty on the holsters, definitely hard to beat that! His phone number's on the site (and also on the email he sends you as well) so let him know if you have any questions. Never had to call him; the holster was perfect right out of the box.

    Pics hopefully sometime tonight.

    Thanks for your time,

  2. tonyparson


    Jan 20, 2008
    Dayton, TN.
    I liked my MTAC alot better then the Theis holsters. I ended up selling my Theis holsters for a loss. I guess what I didnt like the most about the Theis holsters or the Crossbreed design was after time the kydex shell loosened up and my gun would slide in and out of them to easily. The MTAC allows you to tighten up the kydex shell if needed and you can change out the kydex shell on a MTAC with a differnt model handgun sell..
    Last edited: Oct 31, 2011

  3. cowboy1964


    Sep 4, 2009
    Long lead time on the MTAC? 4 days?
  4. viper144


    Dec 25, 2010
    I first bought an MTAC.....wore it one day and no thanks.
    Got hooked up the Tommy and now have two of his holsters. They are the best, most comfortable and simplest. Only time I don't use my Thies holster is when I wear OWB.
  5. ChadN.


    Oct 19, 2011
    Cowboy, ordered mine a couple of years ago, took more than a couple of weeks to come in. My review was based on my experience.

    Tony, no doubt the mtac is a good holster, the review isn't really a knock on the mtacs, but just to illustrate points for the Theis. Yes, the tightener is there and would be an advantage for some people; I do have a couple of issues with it. One is that in my particular mtac, yes, I can tighten the tension, but it gets "loose" after a day or so. I can try tightening it a little more than usual, but I need to have the confidence that I can draw my firearm quickly when I need to but without worrying about falling out when I don't need to. Second issue is simpler is better for me. More options generally means more points of failure, something I can do without.
    Last edited: Oct 31, 2011
  6. theis

    theis Jake's Papaw Lifetime Member

    Sep 17, 2008
    Tony I am very sorry you sold those holsters for a loss I would have happily given you a refund or fixed them for you. It is easy to tighten the retention on my holsters, you just heat them up a little with a blow dryer and press in on the ejection port or inside the trigger guard. Mtac makes a fantastic holster I own 3 of them and I wore them all the time till I started making my own. I chose not to make the kydex swappable for a couple of reasons. I make them by hand and it is hard to make all those holes line up, really no 2 of my holsters are exactly the same because they are not made on a machine. the second reason was when I bought my first mtac I bought a holster and 2 extra shells and I thought it was a great Idea to be able to swap out the kydex. within 3 months i went ahead and bought two more leather backers because it was a hassle to change them every time I wanted to carry a different gun.Every holster is not made for everybody that's why there are so many. I never want a customer to be unhappy to the point they sell it for a loss. I don't care if it is past the 2 week trial. I am about taking care of my customers and if you have a problem just call me and I will take care of it.
  7. dooga

    dooga 5 year in with Glocks

    Mar 30, 2011
    Arlington, VA
    Happy with mine, plural:


    One for my 26 and one for my 27. Can you tell the difference? Both horsehide.
  8. tonyparson


    Jan 20, 2008
    Dayton, TN.
    I should of said I sold them for a lose becasue around here the only way to sell something is if you take a loss. The holster was fine and I wish I knew about the hair dryer. But the main reason I went with a MTAC was becasue of being able to change out the sells. I have a few Glocks and I carry them differnt times of the year, so being able to change out the sells was a big + for me. I have to agree your holsters are top notch and looks to be made by someone that knows what they're doing when it comes to making quality handmade holsters. Anybody that buys your holsters can know with confidence that they're getting a top of the line holster with a awesome customer service. The design of yours and Crossbreed just wasn't for me. But I would recommend your holsters to friends if they were looking for one designed like the ones you make..
  9. Tommy was the only manufacturer who was willing and able to make a holster for my Smith 1076. Every other one I called wasn't interested.

    He gets my vote. (and my business)
  10. Two Guns

    Two Guns VIP MEMBER

    Nov 4, 2004
    I like all 8 of my Theis holsters.
  11. streakpi

    streakpi Meat on a Steek

    May 15, 2009

    Just got my 4th holster from Tommy. This time I bought a new S&W M&Pc 9mm just so I could have an excuse to buy another holster! (Jk).

    I bought holsters for my G23 w/ CTL and G36 with metal clips and in horsehide. Later, I bought some Kydex clips to ease the scratches on my Beltman belt. When I ordered this last holster I mentioned in my email that I had some concerns with the metal clips scratching my belt. Within 30 minutes Tommy had emailed me asking me to call him to discuss this issue! No s*it! We talked on the phone about modifying the rubber seals, changing cant, and trying out the Kydex again - ya know worked.

    I wear one of these holsters each time I walk out my door. I own others. I've paid a LOT more and waited a LOT longer. If you want a rich-smelling leather holster with clamskin around the opening...this ain't for you! However, if you want something which will get you through a Texas summer and a Kansas winter - get one of Mr. Theis's holsters!

    Thank you again Tommy!
  12. Txnowtn


    Apr 5, 2004
    Sevierville TN
    My THEIS holster was in my mailbox 7 days after I ordered it. My 4" XD fits great and it's so easy and comfortable carrying it around. I got mine with the j-clips. Love that new horsehide smell!
  13. Sooie

    Sooie Wooo Pig

    Jul 12, 2011
    SW Arkansas
    Tommy is a great guy to deal with. always makes it right. however, im only goin on word of mouth since ive never had to call in for "customer service", i know hes genuine and really makes a great product!
  14. MikeLadner

    MikeLadner DILLIGAFF?

    Jul 4, 2001
    South Mississippi
    Tommy makes great holsters (I currently have two, both horsehide, one for G30, one for HK P7) and he's awesome to deal with. I've highly recommended his products to numerous people.

    To each his own, but I'm sold on Theis products.
  15. vista461


    Jul 10, 2006
    S.E. WI
    Love the one for my S&W 4003.:cool:
  16. billkny


    Jan 31, 2010
    KCMO Area
    Another vote for Tom. Tried a MTAC and then one of Toms, now the MTAC is in the drawer and I own 2 Theis holsters. Thanks for a great product Tom.
  17. Thumbs up from me. I wanted to have a little more leather area than what the MTAC offered. I also tried the Crossbreed but I'd rather have my entire slide covered with Kydex. When I e-mailed Tommy asking if he could combine the two features that I wanted for my Glock 19, he reassured me that slide holsters aren't a problem for IWB. Still, he was willing to make the Kydex so that it covered the slide like an MTAC.

    I've worn his holster for a week so far and have done a couple of dozen practice draw strokes. I'm very happy with it. At the 4 o' clock position it's comfortable, and the retention is just right.


  18. cola490


    Sep 18, 2010
    I just want to add my 2 cents about the Tommy Thies holster. I ordered one for my Kel Tec PF9. From order to my mailbox in 6 days, the gun fits like a glove and so comfortable to wear. I will be ordering more.