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To kill a Cat

Discussion in 'Woof Memorial Critter's Corner' started by noway, Jan 6, 2005.

  1. ------------------ I just heard this on the new-----------------
    EVANSVILLE — Police arrested two Wal-Mart employees on felony animal cruelty charges after they shot and killed a cat that lived in a storage trailer behind the store.

    The men, both assistant managers at the Supercenter, told police they killed the cat after the store’s manager told them to get rid of the animal.

    Christopher Scott Anderson, 29, and Jeffrey Alex Hardin, 21, were released on their own recognizance after a court appearance Wednesday. They were scheduled for a hearing Tuesday in Vanderburgh Superior Court.

    A Wal-Mart spokeswoman said all the managers potentially involved in the incident have been suspended without pay pending an internal investigation. Depending on its results, they could be fired, said spokeswoman Sharon Weber.

    “We were outraged when we learned of this incident. This kind of action is completely inconsistent with the way we do business. Outrage is probably putting it mildly,” she said.

    A truck driver reported the incident to the sheriff’s department after he saw store employees placing what he believed to be a dead animal in shrink wrap, a day after he heard workers joking about shooting the cat.

    Anderson and Hardin repeatedly shot the cat with a pellet gun from the store until it died the next day, a Vanderburgh County Sheriff’s Department report said.

    Store manager Darrel Weitzel told police he had told some of his employees to get a gun and get rid of the cat after repeated attempts to coax it from the trailer failed, according to the report.


    Must be the PC world that we live in.

    When I was a teen I was told to dispatch a dog that kept running into the safeway food store thru the electronic door that I worked at. We threw him in the dumpster for a few hours and then rlease him. the dog never came back and back then we didn't have a true animal control and humane society and rescue, wheren't common. I can't believe that the state would waste their tme dealing wih this.

    DEUCE-DOBE Landshark&Sis'

    Dec 10, 2004
    East to West Coasts
    The two little pricks should get shot with the same gun.

    What do you mean, the state wasting their time?!?!

    First, did you know that people who abuse animals are significantly more likely to abuse/victimize people?!?! An extreme example: Jeff Dahmer. It is a reflection of their value of life for others.

    People who abuse animals like this are weak and cowardly... they chose to injure/torture/kill an animal, who couldn't defend itself. They weren't hunting and didn't plan on eating it... there are more reasonable alternatives that any sane, reasonably intelligent person would have explored.

    That cat wouldn't have been in the trailer for no reason... it was shelter and more than likely, someone was feeding it. Animals don't 'hang' where there's no accessible food supply.

    Its long been my opinion that animals should be treated better than MANY humans, because they (animals) aren't pricks/terrorists/criminals... they just live their lives as best as they can/know how to.

    These baffoons should get locked-up for a long time so they can't reproduce.

    You need to re-examine your take on life. Do you enjoy kicking the occasional puppy?

  3. {What do you mean, the state wasting their time?!?!

    yeap prosecuting 2 store employees for getting rid of a problem animal is WASTING TIME, specially we have speeders,robbers,child abusers and other ssortof individual out their committing REAL CRIMES.
  4. S2nd

    S2nd One happy cat

    Jan 28, 2003
    CA. Yeah, I know...
    That is by far the most disturbing part of it all.

    DEUCE-DOBE Landshark&Sis'

    Dec 10, 2004
    East to West Coasts

    You a cop? Likely not. Why? Because a cop would want these idiots prosecuted for the reasons I stated in the first post I submitted. I'm a LEO and damn well know that I'd take these two fools in.

    You say that you have all these other criminals out there and LEO time would be better served chasing them? These two have no morals and if they don't already have a record they sure will in the future (whether or not they're convicted of the aforementioned offense).

    Also, FYI: if there was a more serious criminal and the patrol units knew of their whereabouts, they'd have saved these two fools for later.

    What would you do if someone shot your dog with a pellet gun until it died a day later from the injuries? Would you want the offenders caught and prosecuted? Would you file a civil action? Criminal complaint? Contact the police? If so, you'd be wasting more of this precious time you say you'd rather have LEO chasing "criminals".

    Please leave your ignorance at your homepage, not this forum.
  6. Miss Maggie

    Miss Maggie

    Aug 12, 2004
    Mayberry, RFD
  7. MrsKitty


    Mar 23, 2003
    Walmart is getting ready to get a nice little email from me :(

    DEUCE-DOBE Landshark&Sis'

    Dec 10, 2004
    East to West Coasts
  9. NYGunman

    NYGunman o.oO0Oo.oO0Oo.o

    Sep 8, 2002
    Albany, NY
    If it was a problem cat then dispatching it should not be an issue. When it comes to “pets” most people lose common sense. Using a pellet gun probably was not the most humane way to kill the problem cat. Leaving the cat to suffer for a full day was criminal.

    I understand why they used the pellet gun. They used it because it was quiet. They probably used a cheap one that did not have the power to kill the cat. A live trap should have been used in this instance. They could bring it to the Humane Society. If the trap did not work, then shooting the cat is in order.
  10. MrsKitty


    Mar 23, 2003
    Attorney: Killing Wal-Mart cat legal

    Associated Press
    January 5, 2005

    EVANSVILLE, Ind. -- Two former Wal-Mart employees did not break state law when they shot and killed a cat on store property, said an attorney for one of the men.

    Attorney Michael Keating said Indiana law allows people to kill stray animals on their property.

    "Had they taken a shotgun with a deer slug and blown it into little bitty pieces, no crime would have been committed," he said Tuesday.

    "You can shoot a stray animal on your property; that's been the law in Indiana since the time of the formation of the state," added Keating, who represents former assistant manager Christopher Anderson.

    Vanderburgh County sheriff's deputies arrested Anderson, 29, and another former assistant manager, Jeffrey Hardin, 21, on Dec. 28.

    Anderson told investigators that he shot the cat with a pellet gun after the manager ordered employees to get rid of the animal, which was living in a storage trailer behind the store on the city's east side.

    The cat was wounded but survived, a sheriff's report said, and the next day Anderson and Hardin repeatedly shot the cat with a pellet gun until it died.

    Vanderburgh County Prosecutor Stan Levco said Tuesday that he had decided not to file charges against former store manager Darrel Weitzel after investigators determined Weitzel had not ordered Anderson to kill the cat.

    "They said he never did instruct him to shoot the cat; he instructed him to 'get rid of' the cat," Levco said.

    Anderson and Hardin initially were arrested on felony animal cruelty charges. Those charges were dismissed Tuesday and Levco said he would file misdemeanor charges against the men.

    Wal-Mart said Tuesday that four managers and an hourly employee had been fired for violating company policy following an internal investigation of the incident. Spokeswoman Sharon Weber said she could not release their names because of company policy.

    The Arkansas-based retailer condemned the shooting and pledged to donate $10,000 to be split between pet groups in Vanderburgh County and neighboring Warrick County.

    The Vanderburgh County Humane Society had not been contacted about the donation as of Tuesday, said its director, Kendall Paul.
  11. MrsKitty


    Mar 23, 2003
    Here is my letter :(

    I read on the news where you recently fired four managers after a cat who was living in a storage trailer was repeatedly shot with a pellet gun over a period of two days. Additionally, another employee either resigned or was terminated over the incident. From this, I feel that there was at least five people acting on behalf of Wal-Mart who intentionally subjected this cat to a prolonged and agonizing death.

    I am appalled that such acts occurred on Wal-Mart property. A cat will not be living in a storage trailer if he isn't being fed. Somebody close by must have been feeding the cat for it to feel like Wal-Mart was his home. Maybe a Wal-Mart employee? Of course he could not be coaxed out of the storage trialer--he is a cat! Cats are notorious for such behavior. All the employees had to do was bribe him out with a can of tuna and shut the door to keep the cat from going back into the trailer.

    Reports say that the employees shot the cat the first day and apparently left it for dead. When they discovered he was still alive the next day, they shot it some more.

    How many hours did he lie there suffering, in pain? How bad was that pain? He did not deserve to be tormented in this nature.

    How much enjoyment did these individuals gain from this act? An act that I pay for as a Wal-Mart customer by spending my money which is in turn paid to the employees. I do not approve of my money going toward such acts.

    The proper course of action to dispose of an unwanted cat is to call an animal rescue group, the Humane Society or even Animal Control. Each of these groups is more than capable and willing to assist in humanely trapping and removing a nuisance cat from a location.

    If this was a feral cat, he deserved the dignity of a humane death, not the prolonged death that was rendered by Wal-Mart employees with a pellet gun.

    Right now I am so appalled at Wal-Mart for allowing this cat to be subjected to such pain and a prolonged death that I am unsure if I will ever shop at any brick and mortar Wal-Mart or Sam's location or online.

  12. ATL Peach Girl

    ATL Peach Girl ♥Meezers♥

    Apr 9, 2002
    The Peach State!!
    This story absolutly pisses me off..........

    They tortured that poor cat over the space of 2 days........I am just literally sickened over this all.........

    Simply damned sickened..........I am so sad that some humans find folly and humor in torturing animals........

    :soap: :soap: :soap: :soap: :soap: :soap: :soap:
  13. The Pontificator

    The Pontificator Angry Samoan

    Sep 18, 2000
    That's just wordsmithing, plain and simple.

    And in this case Wal Mart did the right thing.

    Is Indiana a "hire at will" state or a "right to work" state? If it's the former, the fired employees who retained an attorney probably don't have a leg to stand on.

    It appears as if the employees weren't fired because they broke the law so much as they were engaged in what Wal Mart considers to be unprofessional conduct. That's a good thing, because it means that Wal-Mart holds its employees to a higher standard.
  14. Squid.HM2


    Jun 18, 2004
    Letter sent to wally world,im to mad for words at this time.Going out to shop now and there is a WM in mall im going to,think im going to print out news report,fill my cart with items from every part of the store and hand report to manager with suggestion that now his people have something more constructive to do with their time...put all this back
  15. The Pontificator

    The Pontificator Angry Samoan

    Sep 18, 2000

    Perhaps I'm missing something here, but I'm having a difficult time understanding why some of you are pissed off at Wal-Mart.

    Four employees including an assistant manager got fired and two of the four are facing misdemeanor charges. Wal-Mart, facing a PR nightmare, gave 5K each to 2 animal shelters.

    What more do you want?

    I absolutely detest behavior like that displayed by the individuals who were arrested. Personally, I'd like to punch their faces in but that's not going to happen...and the law is the law. Yes, they are hiding behind it and their attorney but they're still unemployed.
  16. glockess56

    glockess56 CLM

    Mar 30, 2004
    Dublin, Ohio
    Here is what I wrote to Wallymart. I wonder why they didn't call animal control? I called the FD about a cat in a tree next door to me. I was afraid it would starve to death being up there for a few days. The FD said they didn't get cats from trees anymore, but they put me in contact with people who deal with this problem. I learned a lot. The lady on the phone assured me the cat wouldn't starve and told me to put food at the bottom of the tree. She said something had tramatized it and that's why it's up there. She said it's system required less food at the moment. To make this long story short, I was relieved when I heard this and everything turned out fine, plus I learned something new in the process. These people at Wal-Mart could have called someone to get the cat or someone could have just chased it away.

    I am concerned how Wal-Mart employees handled getting rid of a cat. They actually shot it with a pellet gun until it died the next day?

    I shop at Wal-Mart all the time and like it, but if this is what is condoned at the store level, I might try elsewhere. The cat probably stayed around because someone was feeding. It suffered if it died the next day. Why didn't someone call the animal control in the community? If you don't have one, call the Fire or Police departments. I did that once for a cat, and while they didn't answer those type of calls anymore, they put me in touch with the agency who helps with that. I called and learned a lot about the situation. Why not give that a try the next time.

    I think Wal-Mart should have some type of statement concerning all of this and in the future be nice to animals.

    . . .Sharon S. Roche :soap:
  17. MrsKitty


    Mar 23, 2003
    How about re-writing company policy so that some idgit doesn't do something similiar in the future? Simply stating that they need to contact animal control/an exterminator in the future.

    I understand the need to remove a problem animal. I have had to remove a few feral cats myself. Although animal control advised me to just shoot them, I chose to trap them so they could HUMANELY be put down. If they had chosen a similar method I would not be riled up.

    Also, I plan to write the DA's office (as soon as I figure out where to contact them at...) to encourage them to pick up the charges since they were dismissed without prejudice ;Q
  18. The Pontificator

    The Pontificator Angry Samoan

    Sep 18, 2000

    The issue has less to do with re-writing company policy than it is with four individuals who demonstrated a lack of decision-making skills. In short, they're jackasses who probably couldn't follow policy if it was delivered in the form of a 2x4.

    My Drill Instructor in basic training called it "The 10% factor": in any given group at least ten percent will screw up no matter what.

    Nothing wrong with re-writing a policy, though. As you read this Wal-Mart's corporate hang-wringers have no doubt already done this.
  19. ronbwolf


    Jan 16, 2004
    West Central Texas
    This type of emotional answer, being mad at Wal-Mart, is exactly why people get so fed up with "animal rights" fanatics. The article does not give enough information for an informed response. First, if this is a feral cat, which is most likely, the individuals made poor decisions in choosing a pellet gun, but little else. I am a LEO, (30 years, and I supervise an investigations unit)and have had some experience dealing with cats. People who dump litters of kittens outside stores, usually late at night, in the dark rear parking lots, are the problem. Sometimes, actually often, the humane traps used are less effective because some do-gooder puts food out and the cats never venture into the cage to get caught. These animals are a real problem. This is not kitty kitty who you feed and pet at home. These animals are wild, will never make pets, and need to be controlled. Just a fact of life. Pellet gun, poor choice. Animal cruelty, not a chance of a filing under normal circumstances, not a chance of a conviction in a reasonable court. Could the animal rights fanatics cause enough PC pressure for a filing, probably, a conviction, not. A TOTAL WASTE OF POLICE,DISTRICT ATTORNEY, AND COURT TIME.

    As for the Jeffrey Dahmer comparison, this "study" is bunk. This was done with "reverse statistics," i.e. you present your hypothesis, and then go out and find statistics. It is a staple of the Animal Rights movement, but has no basis in sound science.
  20. Ender

    Ender ComfortablyNumb

    May 20, 2001
    all other things aside (most of which i agree with you on), a $30 Crosman 760 pumpmaster such as the one i owned 15 years ago has WAY more than enough power (and accuracy) to take out a cat.

    overall, the managers and employees seem to have acted rather cruelly, and deserved to be fired. Wal Mart shouldn't be responsible for the negligence that their employees displayed.

    i'd love to have a few minutes with the employees and my old 760, i'll give ya that much :)