tnoutdoors9 testing the .45ACP 230gr PDX1

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    This test had the same results as the 9mm 124gr+p, no expansion whatsoever when shot through denim. He tested again with no demin, and the expansion wasn't anything to write home about.

    So far I have not been impressed by this ammunition.

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  2. Yeah this is worrisome. I don't use PDX1 anyway because of the cost. Still Gold Dots for me!

    I had hoped he would have done a second test with the 124+P without denim but he didn't.

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  3. My favorite line in the video was the last one.... "but think about a self defense situation, your aggressor will more than likely be wearing clothing".
  4. I hope he tests some .45 HST and Ranger T.
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    Another great video!... Thank you hickok45 for letting him borrow your 30.

    Also, thanks to DRT for supplying ammo for some of his tests.
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  6. Both of the .40 rounds he tested expanded beautifully.
  7. I've been carrying pdx rounds in my .40's & .45's & am bothered by this. I certainly wouldn't wanna get hit with a 230 grain bullet expanded or not but it's not doing what it's supposed to do. I use gold dots in my .380 & corbon +p's in my 9mm. Looks like i'm switching out my .40 & .45 ammo. Oh yeah, forgot about the critical defense in my .38 (new .38 owner & forgot i had it).
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    The weird thing buddy tested a 180 gr. PDX1 in 40 and had excellent result through denim into water jugs. However, I tested a .38 spl +P out of my .357 snubbie and it failed to expand and passed through all 5 water jugs with denim as well.

    I am very worried about carrying this ammo in anything now that I have seen the results duplicated over several different calibers.
  9. Kinda my thinking... I'm thinking I'll probably switch back to Gold Dot... I'll probably just start looking online for 50rd boxes to save a few...

  10. The 230gr PDX on the right flunked the sheetrock test, 230gr FMJ on left is a lot cheaper;



    Other .45auto/230gr JHP sheetrock tested ammo, l-r;

    Federal Hydrashok, Hornady TAP, Speer Gold Dot;


    Bob :cowboy:
  11. now we see why Ranger Bonded 124gr +P 9mm and Ranger Bonded 230gr .45 are not on this list:

    Note the 147gr Ranger Bonded 9mm IS there, which tnoutdoors9 tested as the PDX1 147gr JHP with successful results.

    Not all PDX1 ammo is bad...the 180gr .40 and 147gr 9mm are particularly good loads.
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  12. We cant let it leak out to the BG's that all they have to do to defeat modern hollowpoints is to wear four layer's of denim:rofl:
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    Yet another reason why I will stick with my 165 40 Ranger T/PDX1. Both of those rounds work very well. The 45 wasn't designed with expanding projectiles in mind. I think 874 fps is on the very low side to expect much expansion. Some rounds are better than others and you can cherry piclk tests to prove whatever point you want, but for me it will remain a 165 40 at 1100fps+.
  14. Penetration to me is #1 which is what this ammo should do well. Accuracy and expansion in a 45 is #2 and #3 for me assuming a good power factor. I carry the 45PDX1 and I also carry 45Ball. Not at all concerned with a lack of expansion.
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  15. Over penetration is not a good thing. I've never seen too many pro opinions that FMJs in large calibers is a good thing for defense shootings. Quite the opposite in fact.
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  17. but NOT 4 layers of denim....:whistling:
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