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Tire mark on my lawn !!

Discussion in 'Firefighter/EMS Talk' started by Tvov, Aug 2, 2007.

  1. Tvov


    Sep 30, 2000
    Okay, we get toned out for a CO detector activation with possible medical symptoms. The dispatcher is not sure about the situation, except for the CO alarm and a person who has medical problems. This sounds like more than a "normal" alarm, so a bunch of people respond. Our rescue truck and first attack engine are already out on an automatic fire alarm, so I take our second attack engine to the scene. The first call is cleared (malfunctioning smoke alarm), and the rescue truck responds to the CO call, followed shortly by the first attack engine.

    The rescue truck gets to the street before I do, because the previous call was closer, and I follow it in. This is in a very "high-end" (expensive) neighborhood on the shore, with narrow roads and difficult to manuever in. The rescue truck pulls into the driveway of the house, I pull slightly off the road to the side of the house trying to allow room for vehicles to pass me. My engine is there basically to provide ventilation equipment if necessary, the rescue truck has all the medical stuff, so there is no need for me to be so close to the house as to block ambulances and everyone else.

    Behind me I notice the first attack engine pull up, a little further back. He also trys to pull over out of the way. He notices a better spot on a side road, so pulls out and over to the side road.

    Our guys manage to get into the house. Turns out to be a malfunctioning detector, and the "person with medical problems" was not home, but is on the info list that the alarm company is supposed to give to the dispatcher. So, the all clear is given, and we proceed to leave.

    After I turn around and start to drive away, a lady with a sour look on her face flags me down. This can't be good. I stop the engine and turn all my emergency lights back on. I get out and ...

    "Look there, one of your trucks left a wheel mark in my lawn! I am not happy about that! What are you going to do about it?? Hmph!".

    The first attack engine, which had pulled slightly off the road due to the narrow road, had it's front right wheel sink a little into the yard and it left a pretty good 8-10' muddy mark.

    ******* sigh ********. Me: "Yes ma'am, you do know we responded to an emergency call?"
    Her: "Yes, but what about my lawn?"
    Me: (with all sorts of things running through my mind about what she could do with her lawn) "The best thing to do is contact the Police Dispatch office, and they will get in touch the proper people to figure this out."
    Her: "Okay. Hmph!" and walks away shaking her head.
    Me: "*&%&(*&*&%%$@$^&%^$^ YOU!!" (well, okay, that was in my mind, not out loud!)

    I was good, got back in the engine, and drove back to the station.

    AAAARRRRGGGHHHH!!!!! Far too many times, people are just idiots, and all they care about is themselves. For chrissakes, someone could have been dying in the house. But that wasn't important. Her Lawn Had A Tire Mark In It!!! She was unhappy and wanted something done about it NOW!

    Okay. I feel a little bit better now. Grrr.

    My pager just went off. Off to deal with some of the wonderful citizens of my town......
  2. Bravo6

    Bravo6 Paramedic

    Jun 13, 2004
    I know its frustrating sometimes, especially when someone calls 911 because they got a bug stuck in their ear (no joke) But at the end of the day we are called to serve the general public, and if a pretty good percentage of them werent complete morons, we might all be out of a job :) Thats the way I look at it.

  3. D25

    D25 The Quick

    Jan 26, 2003
    I just got a "You saved my life" hug at the grocery store. So, the interactions with the public run the full spectrum. ( It seems like it takes a long time to get anything from the good side of the spectrum though!):tongueout:
  4. Tvov


    Sep 30, 2000
    Yea, I know, I know. Thanks for letting me rant for bit there.

    The worst thing about that idiot woman was that the house we responded to was her neighbor, and she didn't even ask if the neighbor was okay (!).

    Actually, that call that my pager went off for was a woman whose leg had fallen through a hole in her deck and had gotten stuck. We got her out no problems and she thanked us.
  5. 4095fanatic


    Oct 12, 2006
    Dispatched for a brush fire at a local golf course... had to drive across the 1st and 2nd hole to get to the 3rd hole... upon FINALLY putting out the rather large brush fire we get "
    Do you mind trying to drive through the same tire tracks you made?"

    Haha... yeah. Right.