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Tips re pregnant wife

Discussion in 'Band of Glockers' started by Wp.22, Jun 22, 2006.

  1. Wp.22


    Jan 17, 2005
    brother bog's, my wife is preganant for our first baby anung tips ba ang pwede nyong ibigay sa akin?
  2. Chie


    Jul 1, 2005
    try reading and talking to the baby on the 6th month. at wag mo itabi wife mo sa mga pangit para hindi mapag lihihan! he he he :supergrin:

  3. If your wife in her first trimester, she may get very sick at times, as you know. Good if there are people who can stay with her at such times.

    Save up a lot of money.

    Make sure there is someone who can help with the nightly feedings in the first 5 months or so after your baby is born.

  4. 9MX

    9MX Rei!

    Sep 29, 2003
    take a bath after handling guns or coming from a shooting session to wash off lead
  5. mikey177

    mikey177 Remember

    Jan 28, 2003
    Let the baby listen to classical music while it's still in the womb if you want to produce a genius.

    Also, don't let your wife do strenuous physical activities, and avoid giving her stress. If she asks for ripe mangoes in the middle of November, then by golly you'd better find some ripe mangoes :supergrin:

    Even if it's still a long way off, eventually you'll have to talk about what hospital your wife will give birth in, and whether you'll try doing it by natural labor or C-section. Have ready plans regarding how to get to the hospital, who will do what (e.g. leaving a housesitter, having a bantay to relieve the husband at the hospital if he needs to run errands, etc.), stuff to bring, and other small but important details.

    Oh, and congratulations on the new addition to your family.
  6. atmarcella


    Aug 27, 2004
    galing mo naman dre.... ako 4 years na wala pa rin:freak:

    pero na kunan sa sya nung 2nd year namin:supergrin:

    w/c means there's hope:supergrin:
  7. PMMA97

    PMMA97 TagaBundok

    Nov 25, 2003
    Iwasan ng wife mo ang pag upo ng biglaan.

    Iwasan ang pag akyat baba ng hagdan lalo na kung maiiwasan naman.

    Magiging iritable kung minsan ang asawa mo lalo na sa iyo kaya nararapat na pagpasensyahan.

    Mahalin ang asawa at baby ng lubusan.

    Iyan ang mga payo ng byenan ko sa amin...epektib naman. :)
  8. Wp.22


    Jan 17, 2005
    andrew pare, hinubad ko lang yung brief ko kaya nabuntis hehehe
  9. isuzu


    Jul 3, 2005
    North America
    Watch her diet very carefully. That was my mistake when my wife got pregnant. I bought her everything she wanted to eat which is not good. Avoid softdrinks. Attend Lamaze classes. Choose carefully the person who conducts Lamaze classes. Lots of them do it for profit which is is not good. Conducting Lamaze classes is supposed to be non-profit.

    Get your wife to exercise after consulting with a doctor so she won't have difficulty giving birth.

    As Ante said on his post, SAVE lots of money. You'll need it.

    Don't buy baby clothes that are expensive. Your baby will outgrow them after a couple of months. Sayang lang.

    Be patient! You'll also need lots of it.

    Have your wife's blood type checked and look for people with the same blood type and RH factor. You might need them - just in case.

    Talk to your baby.

    Paint the room months before your wife gives birth if you need to have it painted. That way, the paint's odor will dissipate.

    Get a good pediatrician.
  10. Dok

    Dok Rimfire Fan

    Jun 19, 2003
    Durian City, Philippines
    1. Be sure she stays away from people who are sick during the first tri-mester. Specially from those who have German measles (very big chance of having birth defects)

    2. Quit drinking or smoking if she is doing it. Results into small birth weight/retarded infants.

    3. Take vitamins specially rich in or with folate to prevent neural tube defects. Can also use comercially available milk preparation for pregnant women rich in folate. Eat a balance diet.

    4. Rest. Enough rest.

    5. Frequent visits with your OB-Gyn specially during the last trimester so lab work-ups could be done like hepatitis b test (raphadex), urinalysis, blood sugar, etc. depending on the risk factor. Presence of illness few days prior to delivery may result to potential risk for sepsis.

    6. Have your baby given Hepatitis B vaccine within 12 hours after birth. And have the baby enrolled on Newborn Screening for early detection of metabolic disorders.
  11. s.g


    Mar 13, 2003

    The book 'What to Expect When Expecting' available for 500+ Php at National Bookstore is a very good reference. Halos lahat ng sinasabi sa amin ng Ob-Gyne ni Misis ay nandoon pala! It covers a month by month discussion of what to expect and how to prepare for it.

    I agree about the delicateness of the first 3 months. Super-ingat dyan pre. In addition to what's been said already, check also if your wife has a history of diabetes as blood sugar tends to rise during pregnancy, and some women develop pregnancy induced diabetes which disappears naman after pregnancy, but might have an effect on the baby.

    On your commander's 28th week she might be asked to undergo a glucose tolerance test to check her blood sugar, earlier if diabetes is in her family background.

    Congrats and take care!!!

  12. isuzu


    Jul 3, 2005
    North America
    This worked for me. It took us three months to get her to conceive. I was seriously considering having myself checked if my wife didn't get pregnant on the fourth month:

    Didn't drink alcoholic beverages for a month.

    Ate healthy foods and avoided pork and meat. Ate lots of protein-rich food; ate mostly vegetables, shellfish, fresh fish, no MSG and slept a minimum of eight hours a day.

    Avoided contact with my wife until the 13th to the 15th day of her cycle (those were the days when she was fertile, according to her OB Gyne).

    Ate lots of bananas to increase my potassium level, that's why I have a son. Helps kuno.
  13. batangueno

    batangueno Shock Resist

    Oct 1, 2002
    Congrats Pot. :thumbsup:

    Regarding how to get pregnant, according to gundog "tequila lang ang kailangan". :supergrin:
  14. Taurus


    Jan 10, 2003
    Area 51
    1)Do not buy too many baby clothes and baby things during pregnancy and in anticipation of that day. Instead, have the wife hold a baby shower before birth and then have the baby baptized as early as possibly (my children were baptized a week after birth). The reason is family relatives, godparents and friends ALWAYS give baby clothes and things like bottles, etc. during showers and baptismals. This prevents duplication of items. Take stock of what was given to determine what else is needed. Compute the money saved and use it as down payment for your next gun.

    2)Husbands are understandably eagerly awaiting the birth of their first child. Bear in mind however that most first-time mothers are terrified of giving birth. My wife used to wake up at night crying and telling me that she was deathly afraid of the impending event. Take pains to comfort her. If she is still afraid of childbirth after the first baby, get someone else pregnant.
  15. ppts799

    ppts799 Daisho

    Oct 12, 2002
    gimmick as much as you can and shoot as much as you can while the baby isn't out yet :) oooops, joke lang po yun.

    be very very patient with her because mood swings are common. tell her and show her how much you love her all the time :cool:
  16. Chie


    Jul 1, 2005
  17. Wp.22


    Jan 17, 2005
    helpfull talaga kayo yung mga tips and suggestion nyo nakakatulong talaga.
    bago ako ikasal nagtanong din ako inyo (remember boy pindot) tapos ngayon pregnant ang wife ko, ano kaya ang susunod na itatanong ko?
  18. One or two BOGs above asked about how to get pregnant.

    My experience = after 2 years of no baby, went to one of those doctors who specialize in fertility. Basically just had to monitor and record body temperature (for the Mrs.)- low or high temperature (I forget which) indicates ongoing ovulation - and there were some shots for the Mrs. Then rest for both of us and some vitamins. Presto! In 3 months.

    Consider going to one of those docs. And wear loose jockeys - heat is bad for sperm. I understand sometimes guys are asked to soak their balls in icewater, thankfully I didn't get that far.
  19. Eye Cutter

    Eye Cutter Moderator

    Nov 21, 2002
    Dr. B. Eye
    congratulations pot! sino ba ob-gyn ng wife mo? and what hospital ninyo balak?
  20. Wp.22


    Jan 17, 2005
    sa our lady of lourdes hospital kami (major stock holder na kami doon paid close or more to 2 million for my niece medical expenses) malapit lang sa bahay since i lived in san juan mas accesible than cardinal plus the nun at lourders are a close friend of ours.

    our OB is Dr. Rowena Sese