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Discussion in 'Introduction Forum' started by mrjc23, Jan 16, 2013.

  1. Hi GlockTalk!

    After a lot of research and reading, I settled on a Gen3 G23.

    It replaces a larger frame WW2 relic Hi-Power that was OK for home defense but not for conceal carry.

    Also wanted to update to a modern pistol platform. The G23 fit the bill for ammo prevalence and performance, conceal-ability, price point, safety and usability.

    From what I gather the top upgrades for a Glock are sights and a trigger job of some sort.

    I'm open to other suggestions, too.

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  2. :welcome: Enjoy GT....................

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    Howdy pahdnah
  4. :welcome: and replace sight only, if needed, get used to the trigger, enjoy that 23 when I carry a Glock is a 23.
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  5. Welcome to the forum!
  6. Welcome to GT!

    Why not play with your G23 awhile to get used it? Then, see what "upgrades" you want.
  7. welcome aboard enjoy your stay & your new rig from a fellow 'BUCKEYE'.
  8. Good idea. Thanks for the suggestion.
  9. Just seems there ought to be a reason for a mod. Not cuz so-and-so did it. But cuz YOU feel it's what YOU need. Only way you can figger that out is to throw a few hundred rounds at a target.

    Good luck with it. G23 is a nice gun.
  10. mrjc23,

    Welcome to Glock Talk and the wonderful world of Glocks.
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    :welcome: From Michigan!
  12. Greetings from a fellow Buckeye. this forum is the best. Use it, enjoy it!:cool:

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