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Discussion in 'General Glocking' started by 97harley, Oct 27, 2013.

  1. BTW, I do have a dog who keeps us aware of anyone within 100 feet of the house, I was thinking more of trying to turn off the alarm clock or something like that and the gun on the nightsand, thinking about it I've just decided to keep it on the far end of the nightsand where I can't reach it unless I sit up and reach for it so a mod can just lock this thread and throw away the key :wavey:

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  2. I guess I'd better run out and get a safety installed on my S&W model 19,it's so much like my G 22's. SJ 40

  3. just relocate the alarm clock! we use the old waterbed type frame with the mirror and shelves. gun is on the very bottom, clock is on the very top!!
  4. Agreed 100%!

    One of the best features of a Glock is not having a silly thumb safety. Put it in a holster or drawer if you feel the need for an intermediate step between waking up and shooting.
  5. LOL, I just keep the gun on the far end of the nightstand, I hate to have opened up a can of worms. I don't take things personally but WOW, some people here take a simple thread and turn it into a "pile on top" I"d love to meet some of the keyboard tough guys I"ve run across in forums,,,,shaking head.
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  6. gentlemen/ladies. We have been there and done that!lets all be grownups and stop posting now,and let it die.
  7. This thread will die, but I guarantee there be another thread like is posted in a couple days. :faint:
  8. i agree tony-but as senior members we should not rise to the bait. advise the op and move on.yes?
  9. OldSchool64

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    Don't know, but have ya seen Eric's new avatar?

    No pun implied, just seems kinda fitting to me.

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