Threaded barrel for Glock 23?

Discussion in 'General Firearms Forum' started by jer9vs2324, Oct 30, 2013.

  1. Does Glock make a threaded barrel for the G23? I am looking for OEM not aftermarket.

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  3. Glock does not make any threaded barrels. If you want one you will have to go with an aftermarket company, there are a few of them out there so do your research and decide which is best for you.

  4. Glock did have a limited run of threaded barrels and threaded models last year. So yes there are glock threaded barrels and they come in the factory black color. I own one for my g19
  5. Oh they did? I did not know that, thanks for sharing. Do you happen to have any pictures or know how many they did?
  6. I'm not at home right now but I can take a pic when I do. Have no idea on how many they made but know I jumped on it when they did. Kinda wished I jumped on it when s&w had them available for ~150 for the m&p's. They are threaded 13.5x1 which is fine Bc that's the piston I have for my evolution 9mm
  7. So they are all gone? Were they available only through Glock or distributors?

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  8. If Glock is unavailable - what are some good aftermarket manufacturers?

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  9. Lone wolf and storm lake come to mind. Efk and barsto also make barrels
  10. there are websites that still sell glock threaded barrels. .just keep looking.
  11. DeltaSteve

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    My Glock 23, I've got two barrels for it a Lone Wolf and a factory barrel I had an addapter fitted to. .40 suppressed on a Glock is kind'a tuff to get right.


  12. EFK is crap,to be avoided at all cost. I ordered a SL for my 19 they gave me 4 different dates promising it would be done & shipped. Great barrel we did just not see eye to eye on service. They did send me a $2 knife with their name on it and a couple $.25 targets for my troubles. Even though I told them where they could shove those items and I didn't want them. Really is a great barrel though.
  13. I agree on the EFK barrels, but the OP wanted to know who makes barrels. I had one for my USP compact and could never get it to run 100% on it. But almost all my guns are running some sort of threaded barrel now a days... Mostly factory though.
  14. Gotcha :thumbsup: Was just try'n to warn OP is all. Heard too many stories of bad lock up and threads not being to spec. I looked hard at the as they were the only name in the game that made CZ SP-01 barrels.

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